Female long-term work is easy to make health network female breast ptosis

gynecological experts remind, like many women know that the chest can make female breast looks more beautiful, bra can help keep our chest curve, and inverted exercises can help female breast against gravity and age to droop. However, the inverted breast care method is difficult to do this, not all women can do, and in daily life, pay attention to some of the details you can always relax and sagging breasts fight.

[picture center] 5 step hand massage makes big chest small chest tight UPUP

5 step hand massage makes big chest small chest tight UPUP read more

The enemy back mastitis health network

life inevitably encounter accidents, more likely to hit.

When a new

were immersed in the joy of birth, we can often encounter some new moms and babies will bear important damage conditions, such as acute mastitis is one who plays a hangman.

how to eliminate it to harm us? That can start from the understanding of causes of suffering from acute mastitis……

milk siltation, bacterial invasion of pathogenic acute mastitis is a lot of new mothers are likely to encounter the situation, the main symptoms include breast pain, skin burns, swelling etc.. Because of the major issue of breastfeeding, everyone who has just done or is about to become a mother should learn more about it in order to be better prepared. read more

The woman opened the chest 24 little secret health network

my breasts don’t look exactly like

this problem does not seem so serious, there are probably a lot of women seriously look at their breasts will find that the left and right sides of the breasts do have so little asymmetry. The left and right face like people can not be perfectly symmetrical as. A little harder, do more exercise will change. It is worth noting that the size of one side of the breast suddenly changed. This often means big trouble. Once found, immediately seek medical treatment! Taking birth control pills increases the risk of breast cancer by read more

We fix the problem of breast health network

modern medicine has long been proved that women’s breast development and food has a great relationship.

you know, is rich in fat breast glandular tissue, in addition to part of the population because of the relationship between the genetic and its endocrine cause of breast development will be more rapid than peers, to strengthen the acquired breast development, is very important to eat some help to stimulate endocrine food is.


cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, walnut, is a good breast vegetables, rich in vitamin content they can effectively promote the secretion of estrogen, so as to achieve the purpose of breast growth. Of course you are familiar with the papaya + milk, pour the milk into the empty papaya steamed after eating, which is simple and magical oh. read more

Why would a woman’s breast and a small female health network

woman’s breast is actually a big small really very normal, almost no one said that both sides of the breast are consistent, there is always a little too large or too small, why would this happen? Why do women’s breasts appear a big one small condition?

why breast asymmetry 1, estrogen and progesterone in vivo.

Due to the development of

in vivo estrogen and progesterone sensitive side breast buds, and grow faster and become larger; on one side of the breast bud is less sensitive for growth retardation, growth appears to slow and small read more

Princess not inferior woman chest has 3 small network health benefits

1, small chest will make you younger and longer

‘s full breasts can attract male attention, but the reason is not what you think. Long, long ago, during the time of the cave men, men sought a way to determine the age of a woman.

experts say: men to determine the age of the woman is the symbol of the breast, women’s breasts will sag over time, which is the biggest sign of the age of women. It is difficult for a woman with a small chest to judge her actual age, and their breasts will not be affected by gravity, they will always be strong. read more

Touch the chest 200 times daily can improve the immunity of ‘s health network

[introduction]: breast cancer occurred in 45-70 years old women. Breast cancer is also a manifestation of breast mass, mostly cobblestone shape, round or oval. They are as hard as stone, and the surface of the tumor is not smooth, the activity is poor, and it is easy to adhesion with the skin and surrounding tissues.

daily chest 200 times immunity can enhance

first, from 21 PM to 23 when the lights. People have 5 sleep peaks a day. The first peak is at 23 in the evening. After missing, only in the second peak – at about 2 in the morning sleep, more importantly, when the arrival of the peak of sleep, the immune system’s ability to repair the strongest. If you can not fall asleep before 23, easily lead to decreased immunity to induce disease. Second, the morning barefoot or wear shoes in the grass on the Loess take 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Daily contact with a large number of electrical appliances, the body of electromagnetic waves. Walking barefoot or wear shoes, the electromagnetic wave can be excreted by the body Jiaoban conduction. read more

What are the benefits of breast massage health network

breast is a very noteworthy female body, if you can have a pair of tall and strong breast will let the charm of women increased a lot, breast health is not only related to the women’s beauty, but also related to the health of women, often on breast massage is a lot of benefits, are described below what are the benefits of a breast massage.

, can make the breast more smooth and delicate

often on breast massage not only for breast health is very strong, but also can make the breast skin tender and smooth, when massage can be coated with some olive oil, lotion, can very good massage effect, but also can make the breast skin more elastic, feel more good oh. read more