THAT IS FAIR PLAY Kielce finish 1010 in Ukraine after 9 on

TEXT: MARTYNA USNARSKA 4. Dunkerque HB Grand Littora…9306228:238(-10)6 3. HC Motor Zaporozhye10307283:284(-1)6 6. Kadetten Schaffhausen9225239:268(-29)6 1. KS Vive Tauron Kielce101000312:271(41)20 5. Aalborg Handball9225233:246(-13)6 2. MOL-Pick Szeged9603253:241(12)12 Vive Tauron Kielce beat Motor Zaporozhye 28:27 and finished group phase with 10 victories.For the Polish team this game couldn’t change anything, they already had the first place secured, while for Motor a victory was a chance to qualify for the Last 16. The circumstances were better than ever because Kielce were still very short-handed.And in the first half hosts seemed to use it perfectly. Poles, in their experimental squad, had problems in both attack and defence. Motor took the lead and kept making the gap bigger and bigger. After 30 minutes they were better by 9 goals (19:10) and were pretty close to getting their 2 precious points.In the second half Kielce took the better start and tried to reduce the gap. It took them 10 minutes to make 5 goals up (21:17) but they couldn’t get much more closer for the next 10 minutes. However, despite a few misses, good performance of Šego and unsuccessful attempts of Ukrainian team allowed Kielce to come from behind. Having missed opportunities to draw, Poles managed to equalized not before 60. minute (27:27). Zaporozhye had 30 seconds to score a winning goal but they didn’t even get to try because Mateusz Jachlewski stole the ball and made use of fastbreak scoring for 27:28.STANDING: Vive Tauron Kielce ← Previous Story DRAMMEN CALLING: Kristian Kjelling goes home after 14 years abroad! Next Story → Dmitri Torgovanov is new Russian head-coach! read more