Moroccos 1st Water Birth Takes Place in Safi

By Ahlam Ben SagaRabat- A mother gave birth immersed in a pool of warm water in Safi on April 11, marking the first “water birth” of its kind in Morocco.Water birth is a birthing method in which the birthing mother spends the final stages of labour and delivery in a birthing pool filled with warm water. The method is said to ease stress and pain during labour, mimicking the amniotic fluid sac, where the baby has developed for nine months. The Safi patient successfully delivered her newborn in a birthing pool in the women’s clinic “Mère et Enfant Nour,” thanks to the guidance of gynaecologist, Ghita Sabra Es-souiti who shared information on this experience with Moroccan news site Media24.“Patients have always been hesitant about trying this little-known method, particularly in a small city like Safi,” she added, “this [water birth] was the first in a Moroccan hospital.”Es-souiti explained that the patient was very excited about trying water-birth, though the success of this practice warranted regular exercise, special diets, and medical follow-ups.The first documented water-birth in the world took place in France in 1805, when a mother who faced difficulties during her labor was taken to a warm bath where she soon gave birth.Today, water-birth offers many advantages to both the mother and baby: buoyancy promotes more efficient uterine contractions and improved blood circulation, reducing labor pain and increasing oxygen flow to the baby. It also allows the mother to shift and change positions smoothly. The warm water provides an environment similar to the amniotic sac for the baby, smoothing the child’s transition into the world.The water birthing method slightly raises risk of water inhalation for babies who experience stress in the birth canal, according to the British Medical Journal. Despite its minor risks, the method’s safety rate is 95 percent.Es-souiti remains a strong advocate for the water-birth method, as it reduces labour pain by 60 to 70 percent and ensures a faster delivery.The medical fee for water-birth in Morocco ranges from MAD 3,000 to MAD 6,000. read more