In wake of attacks UN calls on Libyans to support legitimate institutions

In a news release, UNSMIL called on all Libyans “to rally around their legitimate institutions, both civilian and military, to enable them to carry out their duties of ensuring security and stability.”According to media reports, Libyan special forces clashed with gunmen outside a military base in the country’s second largest city during overnights attacks on Saturday, killing six soldiers and injuring at least five others.Earlier this month, some 20 people were killed and nearly 80 wounded when a militia, also in Benghazi, opened fire on a group of protesters.UNSMIL condemned the attacks, expressing deep regret for the loss of life, and urged Libyans to “reject violence in all its forms and all acts of retaliation. The Mission reiterates the necessity of resolving disagreements peacefully and through dialogue.” read more