Turkey Police Arrest Eight Moroccans Over Suspected ISISLinks

Rabat – Turkish police have arrested eight Moroccans suspected of having links to the militant Islamic State group, Turkish authorities said this Wednesday.Turkey’s official news agency Anadolu reported the suspects were detained at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, upon their arrival from Casablanca, Morocco.Istanbul Police said the eight suspects were allegedly planning to sneak into Europe posing as refugees claiming one of them had a hand-drawn picture of a planned route from Turkey to Germany, via Greece, Serbia and Hungary. The hand-written map showing the refugee route to Germany seized from suspected ISIS militantsThe eight told police during the interrogations they were just tourists who had been planning to spend a few days in Istanbul and had booked rooms at a hotel. But authorities found no reservations under their names.This follows a similar incident earlier this month when Turkish authorities denied entry to 40 Moroccan nationals trying to come into Istanbul with the apparent intention to join the Islamic State.Multiple Turkish media reports claimed Turkish police sent the Moroccan nationals back home, after finding evidences that they were being guided by a Syrian national into Syria to join IS.Meanwhile, the Moroccan General Directorate for National Security (GDNS) issued a statement on Monday, saying that these reports are “false.”The statement said the 40 people were deported because they were illegal immigrants who tried to cross into Europe via Turkey, rather than jihadists willing to join the Islamic State.According to official data released to AFP last week, in the first half of 2015 more than 700 foreign suspected jihadists were detained and deported from Turkey whereas for all of 2014 the figure was 520. read more

UK weather Heatwave to return with highs of up to 33C as

A northwest/southeast split across the country today. Windier 🍃 and cooler in the northwest with spells of rain 🌧️, whilst eastern Scotland, England and Wales will have a fine ☀️ afternoon with one or two showers 🌦️ pic.twitter.com/oEtydFx5gY— Met Office (@metoffice) July 31, 2018 The hot weather is not far away and will make a comeback as we reach the end of this week 🌡️ #HeatwaveUK #HeatwaveReturns pic.twitter.com/3o2pMllVSo— Met Office (@metoffice) July 30, 2018 A Met Office spokeswoman said: “In terms of the weekend just gone, they were the first two days this month where temperatures haven’t reached 25C (77F) but we have got back to that point today, it hit 25.3C (77.5F) in Cavendish in Suffolk so it’s already starting to warm up again.”Over the next few days there will be something of a north and south split – high pressure is already starting to build up in the south, bringing dry, fine and weather.” Currently, July this year is the 13th driest on record, the Met Office said.The driest ever July was in 1955, when an average of 30.6mm rainfall was measured across the UK. Comparable records for rainfall date back to 1910. The UK is facing a north/south split this week, with parts of the country bracing themselves for another scorching spell after a brief respite from the heatwave over the weekend.While sun worshippers will rejoice after heavy downpours over the weekend and on Tuesday morning, those facing commutes will probably wish they lived at the other end of the country as the heatwave returns with a vengeance.Weather forecasters have warned that the mercury is likely to hit 30C (86F) across the south of England by Friday, instead of being concentrated solely in the south east.The thermometer will carry on climbing over the weekend, reaching highs of 32C (89.6F)and possibly 33C (91.4F).–– ADVERTISEMENT ––While the south sizzles, northern parts of the UK will continue to see showers with temperatures sitting in the mid 20s. “This is likely to include quite a wide area across the southern part of the UK – it will widely hit 30C (86F) across southern England and Wales, and the very hot weather will return as we approach the weekend.”Video: Summer getaway hit by weather transport chaos She warned: “Southern England and Wales are going to turn quite hot by Friday – temperatures will probably reach 30C (86F) by that point. An average 49.9mm of rain fell across the UK from July 1 to July 29, according to provisional figures from the Met Office, and with further rain expected this week, the final total could be higher.The total for the whole of July 1976 was 43.3mm. The UK suffered a long heatwave during the summer of 1976, which helped make July 1976 the joint ninth driest on record. The north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland can expect outbreaks of much-needed rain on Tuesday, Wednesday and in to Thursday.The spokeswoman said: “It’s a more varied picture across the north but it’s an improving situation – sunshine with some showers and a similar story across the weekend.”By Friday the temperatures could get into the mid 20s, so warming up, just not as hot as it is in the south.”The weather broke on Friday, treating the parched landscape to a deluge of rain. It meant this July will be wetter than the blistering heatwave of July 1976.Weather map for Tuesday and week ahead Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Graphite producer developing fast charging batteries

first_imgElcora Advanced Materials Corp is developing graphene infused Lithium-ion batteries for fast charge applications. Graphene among other applications has exceptionally high electrical and thermal conductivity. Currently li-ion battery technology is restricted by recharging time which Elcora plans on addressing through the application of graphene properties. Given these characteristics graphene could significantly improve the performance of lithium-ion battery technology and result in a major impact in the future of Li-ion applications.Elcora is uniquely positioned to develop graphene infused Li-ion batteries for several reasons:Elcora produces high quality graphene in its advanced graphite processing facility on-demandElcora produces high purity Lithium-ion anode battery powder from the same facilityElcora’s supplies the feed-stock for both graphene and anode powder fabrication processesElcora has expertise in graphene and Lithium-ion battery technology and is presently working with strategic partners in development of applicationsElcora has its own in-house Lithium-Ion R&D Battery Lab.Elcora may improve Lithium-ion battery performance by optimizing thermal and electrical conductivity of the electrodes. Battery electrodes use carbon black as a conductivity promoter. The carbon black used in traditional electrodes may be replaced/supplemented with graphene produced using Elcora’s environmentally friendly processing techniques. The highly conductive graphene should influence charge transfer kinetics, allowing for faster charging times compared to conventional electrode formulations.Unlike carbon black, high-quality graphene has a relatively short shelf life (weeks if not days) and requires understanding of proper dispersion techniques. Elcora can produce its own graphene, that can be used in electrode formulation experiments immediately after fabrication. This synergy ensures that the graphene is of the highest quality before being infused into the battery electrode.Elcora’s goal is to develop proprietary battery technology that can store more capacity and deliver more power at lower cost.CEO Troy Grant: “We believe Elcora’s production of both graphene and anode powder along with our expertise and strategic relationships with third parties is a perfect fit to our end goal of addressing the energy storage market.”Elcora was founded in 2011 and has been structured to become a vertically integrated graphite and graphene company. Elcora mines, processes, and refines graphite. That graphite is converted to graphene or graphite powder for Li-ion batteries. As part of the vertical integration strategy, Elcora has secured high-grade graphite from its interest in the operation of the Ragedara mine in Sri Lanka, which is already in production. Elcora says it “has the tools and resources for graphite and graphene vertical integration.”last_img read more