Gbowee Drops 3 ‘Pregnant Scholarship Students’

first_imgThree out of the 63 female students benefitting from the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) scholarship programs, have been dropped due to pregnancy, the 2011 Liberian Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee announced over the weekend.Madam Gbowee, founder and president of the GPFA, told newsmen that the “pregnant students” violated a contract  clause, which prohibits female students from getting pregnant while on the GPFA scholarship.Madam Gbowee stated that two of the students are from the Cuttington University in Suakoko, Bong County and the is from the Star Institution of Professional Studies. Their names have been withheld.Happily, all is not over for those students.  Madam Gbowee stated that after they shall have delivered their babies, they may reapply for the scholarships and would be reaccepted if there are available spaces.“We are not against girls and women getting children, but these scholarships are intended to empower girls and women to promote their holistic transformation,” she said. “Someone can’t spend their hard-earned money to pay your fees and you get pregnant instead of focusing on your studies? Families, who are sponsoring these scholarships, want to see value for their money.”Another female student from the Tubman University has also been dropped because she failed to reach the minimum GPA of 3.0 after four semesters of hiring instructors to prop her up.Madam Gbowee, an educator and peace activist, hailed six of their scholarship students who have successfully passed all the required courses in their various institutions of learning.She named Madam Vaiba Flomo, Grace Jarson and Gwendolyn Myers, who earned Certificates in Conflict Transformation from the Eastern Mennonite University in the USA; Korto S. Johnson, BSc in Public Administration, UL; Welmu Ewu, AA in Nursing, Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences; and Ernestine Vulue, a high school diploma, Effort Baptist Church School.Accordingly, Madam Gbowee said Eastern Mennonite University scholarships provided the GPFA and the United States Agency for International Development  (USAID) and cost about US$90,000 for the three students; while the other three students’ tuition amounted to US$5,000. “We thought to highlight this to the media because when you journey with a group of people, it’s important to stop and take a note of your progress to let the public know what you have done,” Madam Gbowee said. “It’s also good to pat yourselves on the back,” she added. She disclosed that a Belgium University has offered a scholarship to GPFA for a  Master’s candidate; while a US university a scholarship. A Scottish university has signed a 3-year scholarship program with GPFA and owing the  failure of Liberian females to meet the requirements, Ghanaian and Nigerians have been selected.Madam Gbowee further indicated that the GPFA, for the second time, has awarded a full scholarship to a male student to attend any university or college of his choice because of his constant high averages from 9th to the 12 grade classes.She has meanwhile expressed  satisfaction that her foundation has sent out 18 students on internship at  hospitals and other institutions. She disclosed that each of interns is given a monthly per diem of US$100.Madam Gbowee uses her global platform to build partnerships with institutions of higher learning all over the world to provide women and young girls opportunities to acquire undergraduate and graduate degrees.The GPFA identifies young women who have achieved academically but lack the financial resources to study abroad. The foundation provides support through the application process, secures required health exams, passports and documents. GPFA hopes that qualified candidates in need of support will commit themselves to use their education for the development of Liberia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Brand South Africa & CNBC Africa Special on the Thought Leadership Breakfast at WEF Davos

first_imgOn the morning of 20 January 2016, Brand South Africa together with CNBC Africa hosted an exclusive Thought Leadership Breakfast in Davos – Switzerland, under the theme “Will the 4th Industrial Revolution Benefit South Africa and Africa?”This discussion aimed to contextualise how industrialisation plays a crucial role in achieving the economic growth and social development visualised in South Africa’s National Development Plan and the continent’s Agenda 2063. This gathering saw international government leaders as well as global CEOs deliberate on the role that industrialisation can play in growing South Africa and Africa, in a CNBC Africa hosted panel.That being said – kindly be advised that the Brand South Africa and CNBC Africa Special on the Thought Leadership Breakfast at WEF Davos will air this afternoon (Thursday 28 January 2016) at 13h00 on CNBC Africa Channel 410.The key note address was delivered by the Minister of Trade and Industry – Dr Rob Davies, and panellists included Nicky Newton-King – the Johannesburg Stock Exchanges’  (JSE) CEO; Vasi Naidoo – the Chairman of the  Nedbank Group; Ben Kruger – the Joint-Chief Executive of the Standard Bank Group; as well as Geoffrey Qhena – the CEO of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).Team South Africa concluded a successful programme in Davos assuring investors of policy certainty and economic stability:Team South Africa led by President Jacob Zuma – leveraged the presence of international business, analysts and politicians in Davos to assure the global community of the country’s commitment to maintaining policy certainty, fiscal discipline, macro-economic stability and the promotion of inclusive growth and development.  South Africa reiterated that the National Development Plan, the 9 point plan for economic recovery and Operation Phakisa were being implemented with a view to ensuring economic and social growth and development.ABOUT WEF:For over four decades, the World Economic Forum’s mission – improving the state of the world – has driven the design and development of the Annual Meeting programme. The theme of the Meeting this year was ‘Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution’The Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters remains the foremost creative force for engaging the world’s top leaders in collaborative activities focused on shaping the global, regional and industry agendas. Over 2,500 leaders from business, government, international organisations, civil society, academia, media and the arts participated in the 46th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland from 20 to 23 January 2016.last_img read more

Pete’s Puzzle: What Exactly is a Vapor Perm?

first_img[Author’s Note, June 21 2019: I’d like to leave this story as is for the time being, even though–as my wife is wont to point out–I only got the story about half right. So, please read on but ONLY if you include the comments, certainly those of the ever-wise and kind (particularly to the author), Bill Rose.]This is a story. Much of this story I believe to be true, but I can’t document much of it either. It all just makes sense, particularly as parts are conveyed by Bill Rose, our industry’s heralded building-science historian (see #2 in Bill’s to-do list for the building industry). Some of the story is based on one or more conversations I have had with Bill, which usually started something like this:“Bill, where the hell do the units 1 grain of water and 1 inch of mercury vapor pressure come from in our unit of measure for water vapor permeance?”Of the four units of measure in the perm, two are familiar and reasonable—1 sq. ft. and 1 hour (OK, let’s ignore the fact that the entire rest of the world thinks—and rightly so—that the foot, and therefore the square foot, is nuts as a unit of measure). The other two—1 grain of water and 1 in. of mercury—are just plain bizarre.What’s a grain of water?A grain of water is 1/7000 of a pound of water. Yes, there are 7000 grains of water in one pound of water. There, that’s helpful, right? What about this: With a very fine dropper, such as this micropipette, one drop of water is equal to about 1 grain of water (see the image below).The drop coming off of the end of a very fine dropper (or micropipette such as this one) weighs about 1 grain. Photo: Steve Spangler ScienceWell, that makes more sense, using a liquid or volume measure for water instead of weight. But that’s not what we use. Why weight and why grains instead?Agriculture cares about grains of water, particularly in terms of grain elevators and the moisture content of the grains stored in them. The water content of grains affects their weight and size. It affects dust and fire safety. And when grains get too wet, water content can lead to degradation.And here is a key to the story of how we arrived at the perm: It was wood scientists at the Forest Products Lab who first cared about how vapor moves through building materials. Why? Because paint peeling off of clapboards on walls that were insulated turned out to be caused by vapor and condensation (See this GBA blog by Alison Bailes).Well, the Forest Products Lab is part of the Department of Agriculture. I can just imagine one of their building geeks chatting over the water cooler with an agriculture science buddy about really small units of measure for water. Believe it or not, we are pretty sure that is why we use grains of water. The Forest Products Lab needed a small unit to work with and their agriculture colleagues obliged.Author’s Note, June 21 2019: The paragraph above is flat out wrong and quite embarrassing. Not just because I got the story completely wrong here, but more importantly because I confused a fictitious counting convention–a number of irregular particles per pound–with a true unit of measure, the grain.“grain – 5. the smallest unit of weight, in most systems, originally from the weight of one plump grain of wheat. In the U.S. and British systems, as in avoirdupois, troy, and apothecaries’ weights, the grain is identical. In an avoirdupois ounce there are 437.5 grains; in the troy and apothecaries’ ounces there are 480 grains (one grain equals 0.0648 gram).” From Random House Unabridged Dictionary, 2nd Edition.Okay, so what’s one inch of mercury?There are a slew of units to choose from for vapor pressure including atmospheres, pascals, and pounds per square inch (PSI). But how much vapor pressure is 1 in. of mercury?Let’s go to the amazingly friendly psychrometric chart so we can see the air temperatures and relative humidities that correspond to a 1 in. of mercury water vapor pressure difference (see the image below).The vertical axis on this psychrometric chart includes a scale for inches of Hg (Mercury). The blue circle is 1.1 in. of Hg, corresponding to approximately 85°F and 85% RH. The red circle is 0.10 in. of Hg, corresponding to approximately 35° F and 35% RH, 1 in Hg less than the blue-circled vapor pressure. Chart adapted from Coburn’s College of HVAC EducationThe blue circle in the upper right calls out 1.10 in. of mercury water-vapor pressure. You can follow the blue horizontal line to the left to reach about 85% relative humidity and then down to 85°F. That is roughly hygrothermal conditions inside a hothouse for growing tomatoes.The red circle on the lower right calls out 0.10 in. of mercury water-vapor pressure. You can follow the red horizontal line to the left to reach roughly 35% relative humidity and then down the vertical red line to 35°F. That’s about the hygrothermal conditions inside a typical refrigerator.So a vapor pressure difference of 1 in. of mercury is not common or representative in building environments at all. And typically in building science we use pascals to measure pressure. So why, in the case of perms, are we concerned with inches of mercury?It’s all driven by the common numericYup, it’s all about the “ones.” Bill told me (and I am paraphrasing): “I’m pretty sure they chose the units so that everything was a “one” and the perm represented a rate of vapor transmission that they thought retarded vapor movement enough to control wintertime interstitial condensation for certain walls in cold climates.”So, perms are screwy units. But what a great story we get to tell. I mean, all those poor building scientists from the rest of world having to hail “nanograms H2O per square meter per second at 1 pascal” (1 perm = 1 gr / (ft2 × hr  × in Hg) = 57.4 ng / (m2 × s × Pa). Sure, it’s way less archaic, but is there as good a story behind the units?Peter Yost is GBA’s technical director. He is also the founder of a consulting company in Brattleboro, Vermont, called  Building-Wright. He routinely consults on the design and construction of both new homes and retrofit projects. He has been building, researching, teaching, writing, and consulting on high-performance homes for more than twenty years, and he’s been recognized as NAHB Educator of the Year. Do you have a building science puzzle? Contact Pete here.last_img read more

10 months ago​West Ham star Nasri: I cried for first time in my career

first_imgAbout the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your say ​West Ham star Nasri: I cried for first time in my careerby Ansser Sadiq10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveWest Ham United star Samir Nasri has admitted that he cried when he thought that his career was over.Nasri was banned from football for 18 months for violating a drug policy, due to taking an intravenous drip for hydration.Now he is back in the Premier League and he cannot believe how things have turned around for him.”I’m a guy who, mentally, I’m really strong, but for maybe the first time in my life, I cried about my career because I thought it was over,” Nasri told West Ham’s official website.”I had some really tough moments when I was really down.”But now, coming back to the most competitive league in the world, with a team full of ambition with a manager that I know, and with a stadium like this… Man! It’s the best job in the world!”The competition, the dressing room, and to be back on the pitch, that’s what I was waiting for, for a whole year.”I’m looking forward to the next game, a derby against Arsenal so I’m sure the atmosphere will be even more crazy.” last_img read more

Teachers report to school in Kashmir students dont

first_imgSrinagar: Teachers reported to work in many schools in Kashmir as restrictions were eased further on Monday but not many students were seen. Officials said the government has made necessary arrangements for opening of 190 primary schools in Srinagar city as security forces remained deployed in most of the Valley. But all private schools in the city remained shut for the 15th consecutive day as parents were apprehensive about the security situation in view of violent protests over the past two days. Only Police Public School at Bemina and a few Kendriya Vidyalayas saw a handful of students turning up. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details “There is so much uncertainty in the situation that sending kids to school at this stage is out of question,” Farooq Ahmad Dar, a parent, said. Officials in Baramulla district said schools in five towns remained closed. In the rest of the district, schools were opened, they said. “There is no relaxation in restrictions in Pattan, Palhalan, Singhpora, Baramulla and Sopore towns. Primary schools in the rest of the district are open. We are collecting details about the number of students who have reported at their respective schools,” an official said. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday A senior Srinagar district official said a few schools on the periphery were opened but in the old city and in civil lines areas, they remained shut due to violence over the past two days. Authorities had planned to open schools up to primary level and make all government offices functional from Monday. In Srinagar city, barricades were removed from areas where the situation has remained peaceful since the Centre announced the scrapping of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated it into two union territories on August 5. Markets in the Valley were shut while public transport remained off roads. The movement of private vehicles in the city increased after restrictions were eased.last_img read more

Samson Cree residents searching for answers after another deadly shooting

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe people of the Samson Cree First Nation in Alberta are once again in shock and in mourning.Another member of their community has been killed in a late-night shooting believed to be gang related.The victim is the aunt of a little boy who died after being shot in an unsolved drive-by two months ago.APTN National News reporter Keith Laboucan has the details.last_img

DolphinsBills Is The Game To Watch In Week 16

AFFECTED TEAMCURRENTIF DEN WINSIF KC WINSSWING Only teams with a playoff swing of at least 2 percentage points based on the game outcome shown CHANCE OF MAKING PLAYOFFS Baltimore28%67%14%53– 1. Miami (9-5) vs. Buffalo (7-7) — 129 total ‘swing’ points Washington25163215– Denver1772417– Pittsburgh9388968– Miami55%92%29%64– Only teams with a playoff swing of at least 2 percentage points based on the game outcome shown CHANCE OF MAKING PLAYOFFS Houston5855605– Tennessee4542474– Tampa Bay42%74%15%60– Denver17%42%7%35– 4. Tennessee (8-6) vs. Jacksonville (2-12) — 83 total ‘swing’ points Tennessee45%59%19%40– Kansas City>99_981002– AFFECTED TEAMCURRENTIF TEN WINSIF JAX WINSSWING That’s right, Carolina’s path to the playoffs requires a tie. It could happen in either Week 16 or 17, but a final record of 7-7-2 for Washington is the same as 8-8 for standings purposes, and a five-way tie between Carolina, Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Minnesota and Washington would break to the Panthers due to their 7-5 NFC record.3It goes without saying that this probably isn’t going to happen. We currently give Washington a 1 in 1,000 chance of finishing with a loss and a tie, and that’s just part of what Carolina needs. A four-way tie where Washington finishes 7-8-1 would eliminate Carolina, as would a six-way tie where the Saints also go 8-8 or a five-way tie that included the New Orleans but not Washington.So there’s a chance! The Colts, Vikings, Bills and Saints are also near elimination but still have less-outlandish paths to the playoffs — go explore them for yourself on our NFL predictions page. The five biggest games of Week 16 are below. Baltimore28203111– Pittsburgh9396924– 2. Tampa Bay (8-6) vs. New Orleans (6-8) — 121 total ‘swing’ points Atlanta9694973– The NFC playoff picture basically splits into four groups. The Cowboys and Seahawks have clinched. The Giants and Falcons have all but clinched. The Vikings, Saints and Panthers, while not mathematically eliminated, are done. That leaves four pretty good teams — Detroit, Green Bay, Washington and Tampa Bay — competing for two playoff spots. The playoff chances of all four will swing dramatically based on the results of this game. Houston5857592– Kansas City>99_971003– Denver1716192– Only teams with a playoff swing of at least 2 percentage points based on the game outcome shown Miami55416019– Week 16 is a multicultural NFL blowout, with 12 games scheduled for the 24th — the first night of Hanukkah1Hanukkah starts at sundown, which varies by location. The 4 p.m. slot of games will overlap with the start of the holiday for most U.S. viewers (save the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii), while the Bengals-Texans game will take place at least partially at night for all U.S. viewers. — two games scheduled for Christmas Day, and Monday Night Football scheduled for the first night of Kwanzaa. But which of these festive games actually matter?For the last month, we’ve been using the model behind our 2016 NFL predictions to calculate how much each team’s playoff chances “swing” depending on the outcome of each game. For example, we currently give Washington a 25 percent chance of making the playoffs. If they beat Chicago this week, we project those chances will increase to 40 percent (independent of other games). If they lose, their chances drop to 1 percent.2Our NFL predictions are based on 100,000 simulations of the rest of the season and are updated after every game ends. In the simulations in which Washington beats Chicago, they make the playoffs 40 percent of the time. In simulations where they lose, they make the playoffs 1 percent of the time. But it’s unlikely that Washington’s playoff probabilities will be exactly 40 percent or exactly 1 percent at the end of Week 16, because the team’s chances depend on the outcome of several games, not just their own. That’s a 39 percentage point swing! By doing this same math for every matchup and factoring in how each team’s resulting record will affect others’ playoff odds, we can find out which games are the most impactful.But before we get to this week’s key matchups, let’s take a moment to acknowledge the Carolina Panthers’ preposterous playoff path. At 6-8, the defending NFC champions are still technically alive. Using the game-selection feature in our NFL predictions, we figured out what they need to have happen to snag a wild-card slot: Pittsburgh937410026– Baltimore28143824– Minnesota3066– CHANCE OF MAKING PLAYOFFS Tennessee4543462– AFFECTED TEAMCURRENTIF TB WINSIF NO WINSSWING Only teams with a playoff swing of at least 2 percentage points based on the game outcome shown 5. Denver (8-6) vs. Kansas City (10-4) — 80 total ‘swing’ points Indianapolis3176– What’s up with Miami? The Dolphins have an average offense and an average defense, and they’ve outscored their opponents this year by a single point (315 to 314). And yet, at 9-5, they’re just a few game outcomes away from the playoffs. If they win in Buffalo, their chances rise to 92 percent; add a Denver loss in Kansas City and they clinch a wild-card spot. If the Dolphins lose this game — and they’re currently 4-point underdogs — their playoff probabilities plummet to 29 percent. No team has a larger potential swing this week. Denver1782113– AFFECTED TEAMCURRENTIF MIA WINSIF BUF WINSSWING Detroit77658722– Tennessee4542465– Playoff longshots going into Week 14, the Titans have pulled off huge back-to-back wins over the Chiefs and Broncos. But the Texans have kept pace — eking out narrow victories against the mediocre Colts and Jaguars — and still would win the AFC South if the season ended today. This isn’t a must-win game for Tennessee, but if they lose to the Jaguars and the Texans beat the Bengals, a division title will be out of reach, and their playoff chances would drop to just 3 percent. Buffalo1022– 3. Baltimore (8-6) vs. Pittsburgh (9-5) — 108 total ‘swing’ points AFFECTED TEAMCURRENTIF BAL WINSIF PIT WINSSWING Green Bay57506313– Pittsburgh has won five straight, which makes this AFC North matchup not quite the “win or go home” Christmas blockbuster it was shaping up to be a few weeks ago. A loss is very survivable for the Steelers, who face the currently winless Browns at home in Week 17 and would likely improve to 10-6. The Ravens are much more in need of a win, and this will become an elimination game for them if Miami beats Buffalo on Saturday. Buffalo1022– Only teams with a playoff swing of at least 2 percentage points based on the game outcome shown Houston5856593– CHANCE OF MAKING PLAYOFFS The Broncos are close to blowing it. The defending Super Bowl champions started the season 4-0 but have fallen victim to an underperforming offense and a hard schedule, losing every tough matchup (Raiders, Chiefs, Titans and Patriots) they’ve had since Week 9. They get a rematch with the Chiefs in Kansas City on Christmas Day. If either the Dolphins or Ravens win, this becomes an elimination game for Denver.Check out our latest NFL predictions. Houston58487729– CHANCE OF MAKING PLAYOFFS read more

Ohio State mens soccer drops third straight game in overtime

OSU sophomore midfielder Abdi Mohamed dribbles the ball against UC Santa Barbara at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. Credit: Ohio State AthleticsThe Ohio State Men’s Soccer team remains winless on the season, losing a tough match 2-1 against Oregon State on the road in double overtime.The Buckeyes first goal of the game, and first of 2016, came from forward Nate Kohl. The junior was able to work his way around a defender to net his first career goal in the 28th minute.Ohio State entered the half with a 1-0 lead. Oregon State, however, would not go quietly into the night.In the 64th minute, freshman midfielder David Norman Jr. had a driving run into the box, where he was able to play the ball to junior forward Jordan Jones who put it into the back right of the net for the equalizer, at 1-1.The game winner would not come until double overtime, where the Beavers would come out on top.Just 17 seconds into the second overtime period, Oregon State sophomore forward Don Tchilao was able to surpass multiple defenders in the box and find the back of the net for the win.The Buckeyes again were outmatched on the offensive side of the ball, being outshot 19-7, despite having the advantage in corner kicks at 12-5.Foul calls were a trend throughout the match for both teams — 13 issued to Ohio State and 12 to Oregon State.The Buckeyes are still looking for their first win, falling to 0-4-0 on the season.It is the second year in a row that the team is off to a slow start, after beginning last season with a 1-4 record. OSU would eventually bounce back and rattle off eight straight victories to get back on track en route to a Big Ten Championship season.Coach John Bluem’s squad hopes to turn things around at home this Friday at 7:30 p.m. as they take on their first Big Ten opponent in Northwestern. read more