Bonsignore: If anybody can help D’Angelo Russell it’s Kobe Bryant

first_imgIf not, well, the already dark road the Lakers are traveling might take a sharp turn into a ditch so deep it’ll be years before they safely emerge.Russell, all of 20 years old, thought it would be a funny prank to tape teammate Nick Young while asking him some leading questions about his personal life. Young, unaware he was being filmed, fell into the trap. And in the process, disclosed some titillating tidbits about his life off the court.Two major problems: First, Young is currently engaged to be married. Second, the video ended up surfacing on a gossip site for everyone to see.Including Young’s fiancée, pop star Iggy Azalea.And of course, Russell’s teammates are reacting as anyone might after such an egregious breach of trust occurs among friends, family members or co-workers.By throwing up the one-finger salute in Russell’s direction and telling him to take a hike.His Lakers teammates want no part of him, and have sentenced him to isolated confinement in the locker room and everywhere else.This goes beyond just anger and dislike.Russell broke all sorts of rules — and not just professional athlete rules, either.No matter what you think about a co-worker or friend’s lifestyle, you simply don’t publicly air their laundry. It’s not your business, place or duty. Period.And no matter how innocent or funny you might think a prank is, you damn sure better be careful enough keep it between you and the intended target.Russell is wrong on all levels. And he deserves the repercussions.But there is another issue in play, and it has to do with making sure the stupidity of youth doesn’t derail the future of the Lakers.Which is where Kobe Bryant comes in.It would be different if Russell was some seasoned veteran who should know better. The reality is, he’s just an immature kid.That doesn’t excuse him for what he did, but it should buy him a little bit of wiggle room as he attempts to regain some of the trust he’s lost.No one knows more than Bryant the fine line that exists in the confined work environment of a professional locker room. He’s been both the victim and the culprit of breaches of trust — both in airing a teammate’s infidelities and having his own laundry exposed by his head coach. But he eventually survived the locker room rift he created by disclosing some details of Shaquille O’Neal’s personal life to a couple of Colorado police officers — and won back the trust of his teammates in the process.He forgave Phil Jackson for throwing him under the bus in an infamous book and went on to win two more NBA titles under Jackson.These are life lessons Bryant can point to in paving a path of forgiveness, on which Russell can walk back into the good graces of his teammates.Bryant can’t entirely squash what happened — it’s much too soon for that — but he can call upon the young Lakers to see the bigger picture. Russell is a huge part of the Lakers’ future, as are at least three of his teammates. They need to move past this. They need to coexist. On and off the court.They don’t have to like each other. But they do have to function with one another.Russell made a stupid mistake, but if it was one of pure ignorance in a silly attempt for a laugh, it shouldn’t be his Lakers death sentence.Only one person in the Lakers family has enough clout and respect to deliver that message, and make sure it’s heeded.If Kobe has one last big shot in him, it has to be this. At the risk of interrupting Kobe Bryant’s touching and nostalgic farewell tour, or heaping one last assignment on his desk before he dribbles into a blissful retirement, it looks like we have to lean on him one final time to save the day.If the stakes weren’t so high or the long-range implications not so daunting, we wouldn’t bother him so close to the finish line.Kobe should be eyeing some private island right now. Or a lush golf course. Or his beloved Italy.Not being asked to clean up the mess of the bunch of adolescents with whom he shares the Lakers locker room. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorcenter_img But I’m not gonna lie, Mamba. The Lakers need you in the worst possible way.So if you have one last big shot in you, right about now would be the time to launch it.The would-be future face of the franchise dove head-first into a vat of hot water, and the seething eyes of every one of his teammates stare angrily at him hoping he boils in his own ignorance.At this point, you are probably the only person in the Lakers family with enough clout and respect to reach an arm out and pull D’Angelo Russell from the mess he’s created.• RELATED: D’Angelo Russell losing Lakers teammates’ support amid video controversylast_img read more

No World Cup hooligans? Russia says told you so

first_imgViolence became a leitmotif of British and the broader media’s coverage and a foil used by critics of President Vladimir Putin’s rule.Few things insensed Moscow more than another retelling of the chairs thrown and punches landed in Marseille.Now the group stage of matches is over and little has disturbed the peace besides the all-night singing of happy fans in the streets.Some things have gone wrong.Russian hooligans clashed with England fans in Marseille during Euro 2016 © AFP / LEON NEALArgentina got fined after its supporters pounced on a Croatia rival and kicked him while he was down in Nizhny Novgorod Stadium.Three England fans were banned for performing an anti-Semitic song in a Volgograd pub.And several female TV reporters have been groped and sexually harassed while doing their job.But the host nation has emerged largely unblemished and the naysayers are being proven wrong.This is Russia’s “told you so” moment — and state media are relishing every minute of it.“The British press used ‘those scary Russians’ to frighten its fans so much ahead of the World Cup that most of them decided to stay home,” Channel One television said in a typical evening news broadcast.“Now it looks like the fans who did come are no longer reading the English papers.”Vesti television said all the good news coming out of Russia “is probably especially difficult for Western politicians to hear.”– Carrots and sticks –Plenty of European media had actually stopped predicting a World Cup bloodbath by the final months of preparations.Security experts say hooligans may flex their muscle again when the police presence relaxes after the World Cup © AFP / Mladen ANTONOVVarious hooligans told Western reporters that the Kremlin had been using a carrot-and-stick approach to ensure Russia was not embarrassed with the world watching.The feared FSB security service locked up several hooligan leaders to signal they meant business after decades of doing little to counter football fights.Others were interrogated in night raids on their apartments and given two options: either vanish for the duration of the World Cup or face years in jail for the most minor offence.“From what they told me, Russian fans never intended to start anything during the World Cup,” said Moscow Echo radio sports commentator Alexei Durnovo.Security analysts said the bigger danger is probably coming from supporters of other teams with flourishing football underworlds.Experts said these include countries in the Balkans and the traditional powerhouse Germany. England is always a menace and the Nordic states are starting to make noise of their own.Russia says it is managing to avert violence by deploying a so-called Fan ID system that requires each ticket holder to undergo a security background check.Those who passed are only allowed stadium entry with a card featuring their photo and a personal identity chip.“There is little question that the Fan ID system has played its role,” said independent Russian security analyst Alexander Golts.Less certain is what happens to the Russian hooligan culture once all the tourists clear out and the much less glamorous domestic football season kicks off in September.Russian hooliganism monitor Robert Ustian said authorities were all but certain to relax the rules because they had been collaborating with far-right movements for years.The “firms” that hooligan leaders run are highly hierarchical and can be mobilised at any moment should the Kremlin require a show of support on the streets.“Let’s ask ourselves why Russia can’t always be like it is during the World Cup,” said Ustian.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Brazil fans cheer on Nikolskaya street in Moscow which has become the scene of a daily street party © AFP / Vasily MAXIMOVMOSCOW, Russian Federation, Jun 27 – Hooligans have been conspicuously absent from the World Cup and Russia’s sense of vindication is palpable.The beating muscle-bound Russian thugs inflicted on England supporters in France during Euro 2016 was still a major talking point in the run-up to the biggest event in sport.last_img read more

Mailbag: did the Sharks make a mistake by not acquiring a goalie?

first_imgBOSTON — With a new twist in Erik Karlsson’s injury saga, Gus Nyquist’s addition and the passing of the NHL’s trade deadline, it’s a perfect day to turn the stage over to Sharks territory.The Sharks entered Wednesday’s action trailing the Calgary Flames by five points for first place in the Pacific Division with just 18 games left on the schedule. In the meantime, several of the Sharks Western Conference rivals — the Vegas Golden Knights, the Winnipeg Jets and the Nashville Predators — …last_img read more

a month agoChelsea midfielder Mason Mount: We must do better at set-pieces

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount: We must do better at set-piecesby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea midfielder Mason Mount admits they need to do better at set-pieces.Chelsea were undone by Liverpool due to set plays.Mount said: “It is set-pieces that are causing some trouble. Liverpool scored two and when you go 2-0 down then it is quite tough to get back into the game. I thought we were at the end but if you switch off at set-pieces at this level then you get punished.“It happened twice so that’s something we will look at and we have been looking at. We need to keep working on it.“I thought they didn’t create much in open play. So I think we just need to be concentrated when the ball goes out of play so we are switched on and ready for anything to happen.” last_img read more

Video: Urban Meyer Calls Out NJ Recruit For Not Making Eye Contact With Him

first_imgmeyer calls out campermeyer calls out camperWhen Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is speaking, you better have your eyes on him. Thursday, Meyer spoke briefly at a satellite camp in New Jersey, giving recruits advice on how to conduct themselves in front of coaches to impress them. Meyer wasn’t thrilled with one camper, who he claims was “looking all over the place” while he was talking.Here’s video, via NUC Sports. Meyer also pitcher his program, boasting about the team’s 50-4 record the past few years and its impressive NFL Draft. Meyer is one of the most respected coaches in the nation, so the players would be wise to listen.last_img read more

FCC votes along party lines to end net neutrality

first_imgThe Federal Communications Commission repealed the Obama-era “net neutrality” rules Thursday, giving internet service providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T a free hand to slow or block websites and apps as they see fit or charge more for faster speeds.In a straight party-line vote of 3-2, the Republican-controlled FCC junked the longtime principle that said all web traffic must be treated equally. The move represents a radical departure from more than a decade of federal oversight.The big telecommunications companies had lobbied hard to overturn the rules, contending they are heavy-handed and discourage investment in broadband networks.“What is the FCC doing today?” asked FCC chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican. “Quite simply, we are restoring the light-touch framework that has governed the internet for most of its existence.”The push to eliminate net neutrality has stirred fears among consumer advocates, Democrats, many web companies and ordinary Americans afraid that the cable and phone giants will be able to control what people see and do online. But the broadband industry has promised that the internet experience for the public isn’t going to change.The FCC vote is unlikely to be the last word. Net neutrality supporters threatened legal challenges, with New York’s attorney general vowing to lead a multistate lawsuit. Some Democrats want to overturn the FCC action in Congress.“The fact that Chairman Pai went through with this, a policy that is so unpopular, is somewhat shocking,” said Mark Stanley, a spokesman for the civil liberties organization Demand Progress. “Unfortunately, not surprising.”On Thursday, about 60 demonstrators gathered in the bitter chill of Washington to protest the FCC’s expected decision. Just before the vote, the hearing room was briefly evacuated and searched for unspecified security reasons.The FCC subscribed to the principle of net neutrality for over a decade and enshrined it in rules adopted in 2015.Under the new rules approved Thursday, the Comcasts and AT&Ts of the world could slow down or block access to services they don’t like or happen to be in competition with. They could also charge higher fees of rivals and make them pay up for higher transmission speeds. They just have to post their policies online or tell the FCC.Such things have happened before. In 2007, for example, The Associated Press found that Comcast was blocking or throttling some file-sharing. And AT&T blocked Skype and other internet calling services on the iPhone until 2009.Thursday’s rule change also eliminates certain federal consumer protections, bars state laws that contradict the FCC’s approach, and largely transfers oversight of internet service to another agency altogether, the Federal Trade Commission.Angelo Zino, an analyst at CFRA Research, said he expects AT&T and Verizon to be the biggest beneficiaries because the two internet giants can now give priority to the movies, TV shows and other videos or music they provide to viewers. That could hurt rivals such as Sling TV, Amazon, YouTube or startups yet to be born.However, AT&T senior executive vice-president Bob Quinn said in a blog post that the internet “will continue to work tomorrow just as it always has.” He said the company won’t block websites and won’t throttle or degrade online traffic based on content.Internet companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook have strongly backed net neutrality.Netflix said in a tweet it is “disappointed in the decision to gut #NetNeutrality protections that ushered in an unprecedented era of innovation, creativity & civic engagement. This is the beginning of a longer legal battle.”White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the Trump administration “supports the FCC’s effort to roll back burdensome regulations. But as we have always done and will continue to do, we certainly support a free and fair Internet.”FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, a Democrat appointed by President Barack Obama, lambasted the “preordained outcome” of the vote that she said hurts small and large businesses and ordinary people. She said the end of net neutrality hands over the keys to the internet to a “handful of multibillion-dollar corporations.”With their vote, she added, the FCC’s Republican commissioners are abandoning the pledge they took to make a rapid, efficient communications service available to all people in the U.S., without discrimination.But Michael O’Rielly, a GOP commissioner appointed by Obama, called the FCC’s approach a “well-reasoned and soundly justified order.”The internet, he said, “has functioned without net neutrality rules for far longer than it has with them.” The decision “will not break the internet.”New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat, has been investigating what appear to be large numbers of fake public comments submitted to the FCC during the net neutrality comment period. He said 2 million comments were submitted under stolen identities, including those of children and dead people.___Associated Press Writer Chris Rugaber in Washington contributed to this story.last_img read more

BCE sells AlarmForces western home monitoring customers to Telus

first_imgTORONTO – BCE and Bell Canada formally closed their $182-million purchase of AlarmForce Industries on Friday, and immediately announced that the home monitoring company’s western operations and client base will be sold to Telus Corp.Vancouver-based Telus (TSX:T) will pay about $66.5 million for about 39,000 customer accounts in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan — nearly 40 per cent of the total AlarmForce customer base in Canada.That’s equivalent to what Bell paid, per subscriber, to acquire Toronto-based AlarmForce and its 100,000 customers.Bell said AlarmForce customers — who pay monthly service fees — won’t see an immediate change and that Bell will work with Telus to ensure a smooth transition for the AlarmForce subscribers in the three western provinces.“For the time being, I would say that it’s going to be status quo for quite some time,” Rizwan Jamal, president of Bell Residential and Small Business, said in an interview.But eventually, he said, AlarmForce’s existing customers in the Bell territory will benefit from its investments in new, innovative services as well as the ability to bundle home monitoring with other services, particularly internet.“There is a good synergy between internet and the connected home,” Jamal said.“We continue to invest in our internet network and we’re making big investments in fibre (optic networks). We think this goes hand-in-hand with the connected home of the future.”He said Bell has “taken a couple of cracks” at the home monitoring business in the past but the timing is better now.“We really believe that monitoring is going to be an anchor of the solutions that we’re going to offer in the connected home. We feel (AlarmForce) is going to accelerate our position in that market,” Jamal said.IDC Canada researcher Emily Taylor said communication service providers hope to generate revenue from the proliferation of internet-enabled devices for homes — such as home-assistant speakers introduced to Canada last year.“And I think that’s ultimately why communications service providers across Canada are obviously striving for more ownership and investment in these services,” Taylor said. “More devices (means) more revenue, really.”She added that the connected-home services will help telephone, cable and wireless companies to retain their subscribers and help differentiate themselves from their competitors.Rogers got into the home security business in Ontario years ago and the AlarmForce acquisition is seen as a way for Bell Canada — its competitor in many industry segments — to become a more significant player.Jamal said BCE (TSX:BCE) was willing to sell such a large chunk of the AlarmForce customer base to Telus — a key rival in wireless networks — because most of Bell’s landline residential customer base is east of Saskatchewan.Telus — which has the majority of its residential lines in Alberta and British Columbia — has been quicker to push its home security services than Shaw Communications (TSX:SJR.B), its biggest competitor in the home market.“Telus has piloted technology in this space for a few years as part of our expanding home solutions services beyond internet, TV, and home phone as more products and services are connected to our network,” the company said in an emailed statement.last_img read more

Renault keeps Ghosn as CEO despite arrest in Japan

first_imgTOKYO — France’s Renault says it has decided to keep its CEO Carlos Ghosn on despite his arrest in Japan on allegations that he misused assets of partner Nissan Motor Co. and misreported his income.Renault’s board of directors announced late Tuesday that the No. 2 at the company, Thierry Bollore, would temporarily fill in for Ghosn.The French automaker said it would further consolidate its alliance with Nissan. The two automakers have a partnership, also, with smaller automaker Mitsubishi Motor Corp.There was no update Wednesday in Tokyo from prosecutors on Ghosn’s case, and no public word from Ghosn himself. It was unclear where he was being held.The Japanese and French governments have confirmed their support for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, the industry leader with 10.6 million vehicles sold in 2017.The Associated Presslast_img read more

General Motors product development chief named president

first_imgDETROIT — General Motors has promoted product development chief Mark Reuss (Royce) to company president.The longtime GM engineer replaces Dan Ammann, who is now CEO of GM’s autonomous vehicle unit called Cruise Automation.Reuss will continue to lead product development and the Cadillac luxury brand, which he took on last year. In his new job, he’ll also head the company’s quality organization.Reuss has been with the company for his entire career starting as an intern in 1983. In the past he has run operations in North America and Australia as well as GM’s engineering unit.GM says he has been leading a transformation of the company’s product development workforce to improve quality and speed up bringing new vehicles to market.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Israel to Acquire a Large Quantity of Sheep Horns from Morocco

first_imgCasablanca- Who knew our Moroccan sheep’s horns had an international value! Well, it hasn’t been the case until recently! According to the Moroccan daily Al Massae, the Israeli army intends to acquire a large amount of sheep and gazelle horns from Morocco to be used during both Roch Hachana and Yom Kippour celebrations. Daily Al Masaa was first to report this news after it appeared in Israeli news paper Yediot Aharonot. Based on it, Israeli secretary of defense expressed his intention to acquire a considerable amount of sheep corns from Morocco for both Jewish celebrations.He also reportedly stated that there would be no need for intermediates during the acquisition, and that army representatives would get the needed amount of horns themselves. Getting the horns from Moroccan traditional souks would allow the Israeli army a decrease of 50 % compared to the prices suggested by international intermediates. The Israeli Secretary of defense also reportedly stated that he was particularly interested in gazelle horns coming from the Middle Atlas. That is why Eid El Adha celebration in Morocco represents an excellent opportunity to get enough supply of horns for the upcoming Jewish celebrations. Sheep’s horns constitute one of the sacred, Jewish objects called “shofar.” During Jewish, religious rituals, the corn symbolizes the trumpet whose sound reunites Israeli tribes during the exodus. Since antiquity, the horn has been used as a symbolic, Jewish instrument of music played during religious rituals.last_img read more