Steelers bracing for improving Browns

first_imgJacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles (5) scrambles to picks up a fumble as he is pressured by Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker Lawrence Timmons (94) during the second half of an NFL football game in Jacksonville, Fla., Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)PITTSBURGH (AP) – Lawrence Timmons sounded like a changed man.It’s not that the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker took the Cleveland Browns lightly when they faced off in the opener last month. It’s just that after spending most of his eight-year career helping the Steelers turn their longtime rivals into little more than fodder for the win column, Timmons has grown used to a certain level of dominance.That notion shifted when Pittsburgh needed every last second on the clock to escape with a 30-27 victory five weeks ago, a game in which the Steelers squandered a 24-point halftime lead. Having watched Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer and an inexperienced running game push Pittsburgh’s defense around for 30 minutes – then see Cleveland do the same last weekend in a thrilling comeback win over Tennessee – Timmons became a convert.The Browns (2-2), yes the Browns, look like they’re for real heading into Sunday’s rematch in Cleveland.“I think they’re serious this year,” Timmons said. “You can’t take them lightly.”No chance of that. If anything, Cleveland provided the Steelers (3-2) with a much-needed wakeup call after using an uptempo no-huddle in the second half. Pittsburgh rarely looked ready as the Browns reeled off 24 unanswered points behind unheralded rookie running backs Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell. Cleveland averaged 6.3 yards per carry while piling up 191 yards on the ground to nearly pull off a stunning upset even with hyped rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel spending the entire afternoon on the sideline.“They have a running game now,” said Timmons, who is 11-2 against the Browns. That’s the change for us. As we played them before they never really got a 100 yards rushing on us. So now that they did that, that’s the game changer so we have to really be on our Ps and Qs.”Cleveland’s approach forced the Steelers to make some minor adjustments to the way they get the defensive calls on the field. Rather than rely on Timmons to relay the information, the secondary often looks to the sideline for hand signals to find out where to line up.“LT can’t tell everybody at the same time, he’s got a job to do too,” cornerback Brice McCain. “We sometimes know before he tells us.”The early returns have been promising. The Steelers have limited opponents to 165 yards rushing and 3.6 yards per carry over their last three games. Yet those numbers come with a few caveats. The Panthers played without starting running back DeAngelo Williams. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were working Doug Martin back into the mix following an injury and the Jacksonville Jaguars are, well, Jacksonville.“It’s only been a couple weeks,” linebacker Arthur Moats said. “We know we have to get better.”On both sides of the ball. While Pittsburgh managed to escape north Florida with a 17-9 win over the Jaguars last Sunday, the Steelers needed a fourth quarter interception return for a score by Brice McCain to provide the win.It’s not exactly the way to build momentum. Pittsburgh has alternated wins and losses through the first five weeks, looking competitive at times and confounding at others. The Steelers have been inconsistent. It needs to change if they want to make any kind of run for a playoff berth.Scoring more points would help. Pittsburgh is fourth in the NFL in total offense but only 18th in points scored, averaging 22.4 points a game, a good field goal less than Cleveland’s average of 25.8. Finishing drives has been a problem. The Steelers are only converting 43 percent of their trips inside an opponent’s 20 into touchdowns. Pittsburgh only did it once in four trips against the Jaguars, kicking a field goal to end one possession and having Roethlisberger fumble to end another before ending the game with knee downs at the Jacksonville 18.“We just need to continue to work, correct and rectify it and make sure it’s a strength for us,” coach Mike Tomlin said. “I know when we are playing well we are putting points on the board with seven.”NOTES: Rookie LB Ryan Shazier will test his sprained right knee in practice this week. Shazier hasn’t played since injuring the knee in a victory over Carolina three weeks ago. … S Shamarko Thomas (hamstring) will also practice in a limited capacity. … Tomlin defended the decision to make a short pass to Antonio Brown in the waning moments last week, a pass that extended his streak of games with at least five receptions and 50 yards receiving to an NFL-record 21. “We had a low-risk play that had an opportunity to get the ball in his hands and we wanted to assist him in that,” Tomin said. “I think the guys were just as excited about doing that for him as he was.”___AP NFL website: and read more

Mars Annually Pops Its Polar Cork

first_imgA unique geological phenomenon has been found on Mars.  Every year, when the southern polar cap heats up, carbon dioxide gas forms underneath a layer of translucent ice.  This gas levitates large portions of the ice cap until it finds weaknesses, and bursts out at over a hundred miles an hour in spectacular fumaroles (see artist’s rendition at Jet Propulsion Laboratory).  The escaping gas carries fine particles of soil and sand upward, that get splayed outward in fan-shaped deposits hundreds of meters long, all pointing in the direction of the prevailing wind.    Planetary scientists studying the images from the THEMIS infrared camera aboard the 2001 Mars Odyssey had long been puzzled by the dark spots, fans and spider-shaped markings around the vents till they came up with this model.  The findings were published in Nature this week.1  The authors noted that this model will have an impact on the way polar cap deposits are interpreted:The erosion and vertical stirring of surface materials under seasonal slab ice may have significantly altered the metre-scale sedimentary structures in the polar-layered deposits in a manner similar to bioturbation on the Earth.  This erosion and redeposition of the surface material on vertical scales of a few metres may have produced sedimentary structures that reflect this modification process, rather than the initial depositional environment.  If so, this process may present major complications to the interpretation of the sedimentary record observed in upcoming Polar Lander observations, and must be considered in relating this record to the climate history of Mars.What this means is that in this case, layering does not represent a time sequence.  Since every year the same layers are eroded and redeposited, they cannot be used to infer either geological or atmospheric history.1Kieffer, Christensen and Titus, “CO2 jets formed by sublimation beneath translucent slab ice in Mars’ seasonal south polar ice cap,” Nature 442, 793-796(17 August 2006) | doi:10.1038/nature04945; Received 4 April 2006; Accepted 30 May 2006.Yellowstone, eat your heart out.  What a sight it must be to look out over the south polar cap and see jets of dirty gas roaring upward hundreds of feet into the atmosphere every few hundred yards.  It might be even more dramatic to see the geysers of Enceladus, discovered last year (see 11/28/2005).    Imagine if scientists for the upcoming polar lander mission measured these layers carefully, correlated them with other Martian strata, and came up with a detailed model of the climate history of Mars.  They would be wrong, according to this model.  Interpretations of data are not the same as data.  Sometimes, weird processes can be at work to scramble the data, misleading humans that were not present when the formations were made.  These authors mentioned bioturbation on earth, wherein underground organisms, with their burrowing and tunneling, carry fossil material upward or downward from its initial location (see 05/21/2004).    Many times, scientists can recognize these effects and account for them in their models.  This new Martian process, apparently unique in the solar system, however, was unrecognized till now.  In this case, the effects take place in the present and can be observed.  (One wonders, offhand, whether this process could continue for billions of years.)  On Earth, much of the history cannot be reconstructed except by fallible inference from complicated data.  Peter Sadler said in the aforementioned 2004 article that cryptic signatures of bioturbation or reworking can go unrecognized by scientists, yet have significant effects on deposits – and by extension, on their interpretations.    Undoubtedly different physical effects take place on Earth deposits used to infer past geological and climate history.  But by definition, one cannot know all the unknowns.  Let this instance be a lesson that new discoveries can blow holes in the best of scientific models.(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Lightning Fries Impact Theory

first_imgA signature in rock that was thought to come from extraterrestrial impacts could have been caused by plain old lightning.“Impact Geologists, Beware!”Manicouagan Crater in Quebec, believed to be an impact craterThat’s the headline of a short paper in Geophysical Research Letters by H. J. Melosh of Purdue. His subtitle is, “A Cautionary Tale for Impact Geologists.”  Why the alarm? Another “proxy” for an unobserved event has come under fire – literally. Lightning fire.For decades, geologists have looked at shocked quartz as an unambiguous sign of an asteroid impact. Only the pressure and heat of an impact could shock quartz sufficiently to produce what was seen. Geologists clung to this notion even when there was no evidence of an impact. There are places in Argentina and in Australia like that, Melosh says. But since the shocked quartz was an “infallible” sign of impact, what else could they conclude?On Earth, meteorite impacts are among the most rare of geologic events. On our planet, lightning strikes more often than meteorites. Things just got tougher for impact geologists.There are now evidences that ordinary lightning can produce pressure waves and temperatures sufficient to shock quartz. Fulgurites are peculiar “fossils” of lightning that form when bolts strike the ground. Studies of fulgurites show that they, too, can exhibit “planar deformation features” (PDFs) that were considered diagnostic of impacts. Both pressures and temperatures achievable by lightning overlap into the ranges thought only possible from impacts. So what’s the upshot? Melosh concludes,The overall consequence of this important paper will be to increase the workload on impact geologists: In the future, it will not be enough to find PDFs in quartz to demonstrate the presence of an impact event, but impact proponents will also have to rule out lightning strikes as well. Given the other peculiarities of fulgurites, this should not be impossible, but it will serve as a reminder that on Earth, meteorite impacts are among the most rare of geologic events. On our planet, lightning strikes more often than meteorites. Lightning storms from Earth orbit (NASA)Astronauts commonly see lightning from earth orbit, but there are no accounts of astronauts witnessing a large impactor coming in. Even if few bolts actually create shocked quartz crystals, the sheer number of lightning storms taking place all the time on the planet seems a much more likely source for the phenomenon.Geologists may develop new, unequivocal methods for distinguishing lightning-caused shocked quartz to that from impacts. What’s instructive here is another case of misplaced trust in an “infallible” proxy for unobserved past events. For decades we have heard geologists invoke impacts to explain everything from climate changes to the death of the dinosaurs. What other proxy measurements have you run across? (See “Geology Fail: The Problem with Proxies” from 6/25/2015). Proxies are extremely common in climate science.Another noteworthy take-home lesson from this article is the quote that “meteorite impacts are among the most rare of geologic events.” Thank God for that. Earth would not be the beautiful, habitable place it is if extinction-level events were common. Scars of impacts do exist (e.g., Barringer Crater in Arizona), but most impactors burn up in the atmosphere. Descriptions in the book of Revelation, though, seem to suggest some big ones are coming in the last days of judgment (Revelation 8).(Visited 716 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Starcrossed Beauty Yellow Large Rose Flower Hair Clip or Brooch Vintage 1950s Bridal Prom Rockabilly j99 – she was happy with it

first_imgshe was happy with it Posted on July 16, 2019Author Nathalie DuboisCategories Clips & BarrettesTags Starcrossed Beauty Arrived quicklybought for my sister , she was happy with it. Lovely bright yellow , looks lovely in hair. Hot Pink comes with a brooch pin and a clip attached SummaryReviewer Nathalie DuboisReview Date2019-07-16 13:46:24Reviewed Item Yellow Large Rose Flower Hair Clip or Brooch Vintage 1950s Bridal Prom Rockabilly j99Rating 4.2 / 5  stars, based on  2  reviewscenter_img Features of Yellow Large Rose Flower Hair Clip or Brooch Vintage 1950s Bridal Prom Rockabilly j99Stunning rose flower hair clip (Red, Ivory White, Peach, Deep Red, Medium Sized Red, Pink also come with a brooch!) – available in several different colours!These look amazing on and look more realistic than most rose flower hair clips! Perfect for adding vintage glamour to any outfit. Red, Ivory White, Peach, Deep Red, Medium Sized Red, Pink come with a hair clip AND a brooch fastening so they’re a great multi-purpose item and are velvet-feel fabric.Red, Ivory White, Peach, Deep Red, Pink and Black all measure 10 centimetres across. Medium Sized Red measures 7 centimetres across. Turquoise Blue Camellia, Pale Yellow Camellia, Ivory Camellia, Light Pink Camellia, Peach Camellia, Hot Pink Camellia are fabric, measure about 9 centimetres across and come with just a clip attached. Ombre Cream and Pink, Cadbury Purple Ombre, Orange, Vintage Teal measure about 10cm across and come with just a clip attached.Hot Pink comes with a brooch pin and a clip attachedStunning rose flower hair clip (Red, Ivory White, Peach, Deep Red, Medium Sized Red, Pink also come with a brooch!) – Red, Ivory White, Peach, Deep Red, Pink and Black all measure 10 centimetres across. Medium Sized Red measures 7 centimetres across. Turquoise Blue Camellia, Pale Yellow Camellia, Ivory Camellia, Light Pink Camellia, Peach Camellia, Hot Pink Camellia are fabric, measure about 9 centimetres across and come with just a clip attached. These look amazing on and look more realistic than most rose flower hair clips! Perfect for adding vintage glamour to any outfit.last_img read more

London Olympics opening ceremony hours away

first_imgThe last few hours before the world’s biggest sporting spectacle begins is always filled with tension and suspense. And as the city of London gives final touches to its seven-year-long preparation for the Olympics opening ceremony, everyone wishes the Games are peaceful and each of the 304 sporting events is conducted in the right spirit.Glitz, glamour, light and sound; all that will go into the opening ceremony being directed by Danny Boyle has already been detailed. But 10m there can still be a huge suspense as what the world finally gets to see on TV can be different.The weather in London has been pleasant after an incredibly wet summer. The sun has been shining for the last few days, which means the locals can wear bare minimum clothes.Four years ago, when Beijing wanted to show the world its sporting might and ability to organise a high voltage opening ceremony, they wanted to fire ‘rockets’ in the air to disperse the clouds!In London, no such thing has been planned and whatever nature decides will be accepted. The big problem for LOCOG, organisers of the London Olympics, is who will light the Olympic flame.Lord Sebastian Coe, head of LOCOG told Mail Today on Thursday a decision is yet to be made as to who will light the torch. Five-time Olympic gold medallist rower Steve Redgrave and decathlete Daley Thompson are touted as favourites but Kelly Holmes, winner of the 800m and 1500m in Athens, 2004, could also get a look in.advertisementAfter the opening ceremony, it will be 15 days of pulsating action where rivetting rivalries in track and field and swimming have already attracted attention, aroused interest and instilled desire.Usain Bolt vs Yohan Blake in the 100m and 200m and Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte in the swimming pool are events which the world is waiting for.Looking at the global rivalries, the way China has grown as a sporting giant will be watched with interest. In the Beijing Olympics, China topped the medal tally with 51 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze for an aggregate of 100 medals. The United States of America was second with 36 gold, 38 silver and 36 bronze, while Russia was third.As the hosts, Britain will look to enhance its image as a serious sporting superpower. In Beijing, their tally did swell to 19 gold, 15 silver and 15 bronze for an aggregate of 47 medals.But there have been a few goof-ups already. At the women’s football event, the South Korean flag while introducing the North Koreans, causing the match against Colombia to be delayed by an hour. Even though the organisers apologised to the North Koreans, it has already left people wondering what more gaffes are in store.But what about India’s chances at the London Olympics? There is an air of expectancy that this time around, India can win more medals than the three in Beijing.In archery, shooting, wrestling, badminton and boxing, there are medal chances.The feats of Abhinav Bindra, Ronjan Sodhi, Deepika Kumari, Saina Nehwal, Vijender and the new boxing breed plus the wrestlers raise our hopes. So does MC Mary Kom, who represents India as women’s boxing makes its debut.With adequate government funding and the corporates also chipping in well, Indian sport should do well.(Opening ceremony on ESPN from 1am)Security is a huge nightmare for organisers of any big sporting event. The London Olympics are no different as the city has roped in even the Army to ensure everything is peaceful over the next fortnight. What type of security personnel will be guarding the Olympic Stadium and areas near it on Friday are not known, but cops in plain clothes will also be there in large numbers.For those who will need to use cell phones, be prepared for signals being jammed. “Wi-fi will also most probably not be working inside the stadium for the media,” said an official. The advice for public is come in early for the opening ceremony and be ready for an elaborate ‘search’.last_img read more

11 days agoLeicester goalkeeper Schmeichel proud to reach 50 caps with Denmark

first_imgLeicester goalkeeper Schmeichel proud to reach 50 caps with Denmarkby Paul Vegas11 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLeicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel is proud to have reached 50 caps with Denmark.Schmeichel produced a stunning performance on Saturday night to record a clean sheet on his 50th outing for his country, an appearance that saw him match Andy King as City’s most-capped player.The 32-year-old stopper made four high-class saves to keep Switzerland at bay, Yussuf Poulsen’s goal in the final 10 minutes sealing a 1-0 victory that boosts Denmark’s chances of reaching the Euro 2020 finals. “I don’t know if it was my best international match – but at least it was important,” Schmeichel said after the win.“It was a fantastic and really, really important victory. It wasn’t our best international match, but we fought and fought all the way through, and it’s incredibly important.“It was a big motivating factor that I was not involved in the national team earlier in my career, but I am grateful to be part of it now and it makes me proud to play 50 games for my country. Now I just hope for 50 more.“If I don’t last five years, then I will be disappointed.“You can’t plan for football. Anything can happen. You can get hurt tomorrow and not have the opportunity to come back, so you have to be grateful every time you are teamed up with the national team.“Every match I get to play in front of such a crowd, I am incredibly grateful for, because it happens so rarely. We must be proud of all the matches we can fight on the national team.”Asked if he’s improved over recent years, Schmeichel joked: “I always think I’ve been so good.“I don’t know if I’ve progressed so much. A goalkeeper’s game is very much about routine and about playing lots of matches. I have been doing this for a number of years and it has borne fruit.“I am also surrounded by good teammates and good coaches with the national team and at my club, where my strengths are utilised.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Campus Insiders Projects College Football AP Top 25 Poll

first_imgNational Championship in Tampa Bay for 2017.Who will win enough games to compete for this?College football expert Phil Steele projected what the preseason AP top 10 will look like yesterday. You can see that here. Another outlet has done the same, but expanded to the complete top 25. Pete Fiutak of Campus Insiders and has projected what the first AP poll of the 2016 college football season will look like. Who will enter next season No.1 in the AP [email protected]‘s Post-Spring Projected Top 25:— Campus Insiders (@CampusInsiders) May 11, 2016Here’s his projected top 25:1. Clemson  2. Alabama  3. Michigan  4. Florida State  5. Oklahoma  6. Ohio State  7. LSU  8. Notre Dame  9. Tennessee  10. Georgia  11. Michigan State  12. Baylor  13. Oregon  14. Houston  15. Florida  16. USC  17. TCU  18. Wisconsin  19. Oklahoma State  20. Stanford  21. Iowa  22. Ole Miss  23. Louisville  24. UCLA  25. Nebraska You can view his full explanation for the rankings here.last_img read more

Russell Simmons Attends National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives 40th Anniversary

first_imgRussell Simmons attended the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) 40th Anniversary Annual Training Conference last week.Russell Simmons, co-founder of RushCard, addresses 1,200 law enforcement executives at NOBLE’s 40th Annual Training ConferenceCredit/Copyright: Griffin Smith for Griffin Vision PhotographySimmons addressed 1,200 Law Enforcement Executives at the luncheon and spoke at NOBLE’s 15th Annual Youth Leadership Conference.Russell Simmons addresses attendees at NOBLE’s 15th Annual Youth Leadership Conference Credit/Copyright: Griffin Smith for Griffin Vision PhotographySimmons also met privately with NOBLE’s Executive Board and police chiefs from across the country.last_img read more

North American markets fall into the red loonie down half a cent

first_imgTORONTO – The loonie lost more than half a cent on Tuesday as Canada’s main stock index fell and U.S. stocks ended a six-day winning streak following a long holiday weekend.The Canadian dollar closed at an average trading value of 79.23 cents US, down 0.51 of a cent US from Friday.“The dollar is at levels not seen at a while. We’re closing in on 79 cents,” said Luc de la Durantaye, managing director of CIBC Management.De la Durantaye said a decline in gold prices — the April bullion contract fell US$25.00 to US$1,331.20 an ounce on Tuesday — helped give the greenbank a leg up on several global currencies.“Gold had rallied along with the decline of the U.S. dollar. There’s always been a bit of a negative correlation between gold prices and the U.S. dollar,” he said.In currency markets, Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index was down 13.20 points to 15,439.44, weighed by losses in the gold, base metals and materials sectors.South of the border, a sell-off Tuesday afternoon led by technology companies wiped out early gains in New York.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 254.63 points to 24,964.75. The S&P 500 index was down 15.96 points to 2,716.26 and the Nasdaq composite index gave back 5.16 points to 7,234.31.Market commentators say some of the broader issues on investors’ minds right now are looking across to the bond market and seeing the U.S. 10-year Treasury starting to approach the 3 per cent level. Bond yields, which move opposite price, are rising on concerns of higher inflation.Worries about inflation sent stocks falling on Feb. 2 after reports of greater U.S. wage growth increased the likelihood that the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates more rapidly, making it more expensive for businesses and individuals to borrow money.Elsewhere in commodities on Tuesday, the April crude contract was up 24 cents to US$61.79 per barrel and the March natural gas contract was up six cents at US$2.62 per mmBTU.The March copper contract was down six cents to US$3.19 a pound.last_img read more

Fort St John Hospital Foundation to celebrate 25th Anniversary

first_imgTours will start at 4:00 p.m. and run until 5:00 p.m., with the ceremony taking place from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.The Hospital Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Celebration is taking place on February 21 at the Fort St. John Hospital Lobby.For more information, you can call the Foundation at 250-261-7564. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Hospital Foundation will be holding an evening of celebration in honour of the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary.The evening will include speeches, music performances, and tours of the Hospital.Light refreshments and cake will be served.last_img read more