John Bell Confirms Widespread Panic’s Decision To Stop Extensively Touring

first_imgAfter a telling interview with Widespread Panic keyboardist JoJo Hermann, news quickly spread that the group was planning to greatly reduce their performance schedule after this year. Hermann said, “We’re really wearing it out this year because we’re basically going to call it touring-wise after this year; we’re not going to tour anymore.” With WSP fans wanting to know more, guitarist John Bell spoke about the news to the Charleston Post and Courier. He said, “The plan now is just to dial it down a little bit in the future. Not do as many shows, but still be out there from year to year.” He said that the group wanted “a little breathing room to enjoy our families and pursue any other non-Panic things that any of us feel drawn to.”The article says that the band will still play “the big blowouts at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, or Jazz Fest in New Orleans, for instance.” The remainder of the interview spoke about the band’s love for their fanbase, as well as their newest member, Duane Trucks. “We’re having a great time with Duane. He’s young, but he’s extremely professional and knowledgeable,” said Bell. He also declined to comment on Todd Nance’s retirement from the band, calling it “private business.”We wish Panic all the best on their journey ahead.last_img read more

Rising Appalachia: Ever-Widening The Circles, And Slowing Down The Music In Spring 2016

This weekend finds Rising Appalachia getting back on the road for their Slow Music Tour, bringing a revolution in song and an empowering brand of neo-activism to the masses across this great nation. After a quick jaunt that took them along the eastern seaboard and through the Northeast, then across the border to several Canadian stops in the great North, the band is heading down to their beloved Bayou, reigniting the Spring tour with a high-profile performance at The Parish at the House of Blues in New Orleans. The prior afternoon, Rising Appalachia is teaming up with the Permaculture Action Network and dropping in on CRISP Farms in the Upper 9th Ward for an action day; both events take place during the second weekend of Jazzfest in New Orleans.    An activist group with a cornucopia of styles, the sister tandem of Leah Song and Chloe Smith are a dynamic force of nature, both onstage and off. A righteous hodgepodge of influences are reimagined as powerful, feminine medicinal hymns. Conceived and conceptualized in Atlanta, GA, and spending seven years embedded in the art and music communities in NOLA, the group finally decamped to Asheville, NC. Beginning with a promising debut album Leah & Chloe, all the way up through their most recent masterpiece Wider Circles, they’ve released six albums as modern-day musical troubadours. The sisters’ refusal to be pigeonholed in a genre, sound or scene finds them harking back to old-timey mountain tunes, New Orleans parade melodies, Bulgarian, Congolese, and Cuban influences galore, juxtaposed with sweet and emotive crooning and timeless, riveting poetry.  On the live circuit, Rising Appalachia has been steadily mesmerizing sold-out audiences from sea to shining for nearly a decade. During a brief but productive touring hiatus, the girls returned to their treasured Crescent City for over a month this passed winter. During that time, the sisters could be found soaking in the sin and scenery, the beauty and horrors, the parades and promise, that define the banks of the Mississippi River and color so many Cajun and Creole traditions.  The band’s music is a melting pot of influences, marrying the simple approach of folk music with deeply textured compositions.  With the able assistance of multi-instrumentalist David Brown and masterful percussionist Biko Casini, the Rising Appalachia cannon is brimming with fantastic songs; afghans of different indigenous sounds and instruments, as one can hear banjos, fiddles, double bass, acoustic guitar, congas, djembe and a myriad of percussion, among so many other implementations. The grooves can employ everything from mid-90s R&B and hip-hop to melodic, chanting reggae vibes; the vocal harmonies emanating from the siren sisters are tear-jerking and grandiose.  Alongside an opening set from The Lost Bayou Ramblers, a wide swath and potent dosage Rising Appalachia’s now-patented medicine music will be on display at their Jazzfest second Sunday hoedown, May 1st at The Parish at the House of Blues.  Chloe Smith spoke about their soulful, spiritual connection to NOLA (in Providence Journal):  “As for soul, I think the entire world knows New Orleans as the champion of spirit, music, and dance. The voice and songs of New Orleans will knock you off your feet and strike you quick with an almost obsessive heartache and love. Leah and I went down to the city after Katrina to work with an amazing theater troupe on a post-storm art collective piece and basically never left. We lived for in NOLA for 7 years and cut our teeth busking in the streets of the French Quarter and soaking in the jazz and brass of its people. Naturally, and in its own way, those sounds seeped into our music as well as into our identity as southerners. We are always sort of pointing our compass and our calendars to a time when we can go back to that wild and messy city.”  Rising Appalachia has always been a conscious conglomerate, focused on environmentalism, sustainability practices, and causes progressive in nature and ideology. So it comes as little surprise that the team has joined hands with the Permaculture Action Network for an action day in their former home city. Their long-time commitment to the “slow music movement,” and continuing focus on community roots has indeed proven them a “cultural influence and catalyst of justice.”   The Permaculture Action Network is not new to this kind of collaboration. The non-profit organization linked up for a groundbreaking US tour with The Polish Ambassador in 2014, the aptly-named Permaculture Action Tour. It was during this impactful, first-of-it’s-kind sojourn that the fertile seeds for Rising Appalachia’s involvement with the PAN were sewn.  This new project is a mission to promote sustainable touring, to bring in local outreach to each and every event, to reduce single-use waste at the shows, and source farm-to-table food for backstage areas and catering, and so much more. Their unifying goal is to live, breathe and implement the permaculture principles as best they can, leading by example and utilizing the tools for an era of change.  Ryan Rising, a founder of the Permaculture Action Network, had this to say about the beginnings of this movement: “It’s incredible to see the number of folks who came to a Polish Ambassador show or a Permaculture Action Day last year, and first discovered this world of ecological and social transformation, and are now making this part of their everyday lives, dedicating themselves to this movement, living at land trusts and in intentional communities, joining urban farms. It shows how incredible music and arts can be to making the world a better place, and inspiring people to take hold of their lives.”  We asked Chloe Smith about their plans for this forthcoming New Orleans action day at CRISP Farms: “We are so excited to come out of this winter’s hibernation season with some new action steps towards making this touring musician thing a sustainable reality both for ourselves as well as for the communities we visit. Recently, we made public our Slow Music Movement platform, which has been in the cooker for years as a sort of set of ideas and practices aimed towards slowing down this fast paced business so as to remain rooted and active in the real work of bringing together community through music.  There are many different layers to the movement, including alternative transportation (train, horse, sailboat!), local based food and lodging support, local nonprofit partnerships, as well as “action days” before and after shows; where folks can come out and volunteer with members of the band. This year we have three dates where we are teaming up with an incredible organization based in the Bay Area called Permaculture Action Network, and our first action day is set to be at CRISP Farms in the Upper 9th Ward in New Orleans, on April 30th.”You can find out more information about the event here.Smith continued, “Crisp Farms was established in 2013. With the help of some neighbors the once blighted property is now a thriving community garden that focuses on research into sustainable permaculture and exploring alternative growing practices for an urban environment. The farm hosts various events on its stages including the well known 9th Ward Festival.)  This day will be focusing on cobb-building, installations, and planting together. Crisp is already a thriving garden and now wishes to be more of a space for neighbors to spend time together and create deeper relationships- true resilience.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to get dirty and connect with CRISP during the busy Jazz Fest Season and begin to explore the ways we can recycle some of the energy we build up at concerts BACK into local communities.  This is the first step of many!” Read more about CRISP Farms here.Rising Appalachia’s David Brown, with the final word on Permaculture:   “Permaculture (permanent – culture :: “culture of permanence”). Permaculture is a framework for designing sustainable (arguably regenerative) food systems and communities through building webs of relationship, both social and biological. Picture how a healthy forest or marsh works: everything under the sun is getting reused, repurposed and recycled by its diverse inhabitants. As the creatures living there go about their lives, they are building soil and cleaning the water and air, and each creature is contributing to it’s environs in numerous ways. When we talk about permaculture, we are talking about trying to make our neighborhoods, gardens, homes and lives more like one of these ecosystems (and perhaps even part of one). How can we put to use what’s immediately available, and how can we direct what we generate towards something needed? Oftentimes, valuable resources – everything from rainwater, to food, to our money and time – are going down the drain, and much of what we are consuming is coming from far, far away. Permaculture is an attempt to ‘connect the dots’ of our lives, and thereby create stronger, wiser and more sustainable relationships and communities.- David Brown   Rising Appalachia/Permaculture Action Network events will continue in Denver (to coincide with their performance at Red Rocks on May 22), as well as in the Bay Area. Several other Action Days are planned for summer.  Rising Appalachia’s tour dates can be found here.[Photo by Jill Trashley for Upful Life] read more

Global Citizen Announces Stacked Lineup For Their Free Festival In NYC

first_imgEvery year, the charity group Global Citizen recruits an incredible array of performers for their NYC festival. This year is no exception, as Global Citizen Festival has just announced a stacked lineup. Thrown in Central Park on September 24th, the fest will see performances from Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Selena Gomez, Major Lazer, Metallica, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Usher, Ellie Goulding, Yandel, and Yusuf/Cat Stevens.Additionally, celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Hugh Jackman, Deborra-lee, Seth Meyers, Salma Hayek Pinault and Neil Patrick Harris are all scheduled to appear as hosts.To get tickets, one must earn points on the Global Citizen website through interactive questionnaires, videos, and more. Though it takes time to accumulate the points, there is no charge for the tickets themselves. Find out more information here. There will also be special VIP tickets, and those do cost money.Check out the full lineup below.last_img read more

The Motet Will Play Two Nights At Colorado’s Mishawaka Amphitheatre

first_imgFresh off an exciting performance headlining at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO, beloved ensemble The Motet will continue their funky assault on Colorado with a series of shows at the Mishawaka Ampitheatre. Nestled in Bellvue, CO, The Motet will funk out from August 26-27 at the beloved outdoor venue. With support from Mikey Thunder and Vibe Street, these shows are sure to be unforgettable!It’s been a great year for The Motet, as they just released their first album with new frontman Lyle Divinsky. Dubbed Totem, the new album sees The Motet getting funkier than ever; one listen and you’ll be hooked!Check out the band’s full tour schedule below.The Motet Tour Dates7/28     Aspen, CO     Belly Up Aspen7/30     Canton, MA     Festival at the Farm8/4 – 8//6     Thornville, OH     The Werk Out Music Festival8/5     Salt Lake City, UT     Sky Bar8/11 – 8/14     Scranton, PA     Peach Fest8/13     Fairfield, CT     The Warehouse8/18 – 8/20     Bartow, WV     Camp Barefoot8/26 – 8/27     Bellvue, CO     Mishawaka Amphitheatre9/1     San Rafael, CA     Terrapin Crossroads9/2 – 9/3     Calpine, CA     Camp Wakka Chikka w/ Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe9/4     Seattle, WA     Bumbershoot Festival9/7     Tulsa, OK     The Vanguard9/8     Fayetteville, AR     George’s Majestic Lounge9/9     St. Louis, MO     The Ready Room9/10     Urbana, IL     The Canopy Club9/17     Deadwood, SD     Deadwood Jam10/28 – 10/30     Live Oak, FL     Suwannee Hulaween1/20 – 1/25     Miami, FL     Jam Cruise 15last_img read more

‘Harpua’ From Missing 1992 Phish Recording Surfaces On YouTube [Listen]

first_imgAs Phish grew in popularity, the band began adopting a similar principle to show recordings as their jam predecessors, the Grateful Dead. Phish allowed their fans to tape the shows, and soon these tapes took on their own life in creating and supporting the band’s loyal fan base.While most of the shows from the early 1990’s have been preserved this way, there was interestingly one set from a 1992 spring tour that was always missing. Phish played a show on April 4th, 1992 at University of Colorado in Boulder, hitting C.U.’s Balch Fieldhouse and treating fans to a classic performance. Subsequently, the second set from that performance had been lost for years.Though the full set has yet to re-surface, a new post on YouTube has given us some hope. The recording of “Harpua” from this 4/4/92 show has just surfaced, complete with some serious antics from the band we all know and love. Listen in to this great footage, courtesy of GeoffGeoffYGeoff.[H/T JamBase – Big props to ScottyB for finding this!!]last_img read more

Bassnectar, Datsik, & More Impress At Global Dance Festival [Gallery]

first_imgLoad remaining images Global Dance Festival is a one-day festival at Rawhide in Chandler, Arizona. In true Arizonan fashion, festival-goers boogied on down in the middle of Rawhide’s 18th centric Wild West downtown galloping about the three stages. A wide variety of EDM music was played from the soft sounds of Louis the Child, to the dirty wubs of Bassnectar and Datsik. If there is a genre of EDM music that interests you, you will definitely find a good fit for you at Global Dance.Global Dance Festival lived up to its name, bringing together the crowd to dance every bit of the night away. Mat Zo, Valientino Kahn, Heroburst, and Datsik were bestowed life in the on tombstone stage. Nero, Bassnectar, Galantis, and Alison Wonderland are some of the artist that turned up the bandit stage. There were also some smaller artist like Lee K, Prok & Fitch, and Lee Foss that brought life to the Hideout.Enjoy the full gallery below, courtesy of photographer Sage Thomas:last_img read more

Phish Follows The Lines Going South To A Great Second Night In Mexico [Videos/Recap]

first_imgPhish returned to the Barcelo Maya Beach, playing the second of three nights along the Mexican shores. The band continued their pace of strong performances, keeping the mood energetic as they wove in big jams, fan favorite songs, and an all-around effort to cater to the beach location.Wasting no time, the band opened up the show with the classic Trey Anastasio composition, “The Curtain With.” The song set the pace for a great first half, as Phish executed the technically challenging song with ease. The lyric “we follow the lines going South” certainly influenced the decision for Phish to play this relative rarity, as they also performed it in Mexico last year.Watch the official video of “The Curtain With” below, courtesy of LivePhish.They kept the energy up high with “AC/DC Bag,” before bringing out their first Big Boat song of the weekend, “Breath and Burning.” The choice was all too appropriate, considering that Trey wrote the song with inspiration from last year’s Mexico trip. A short but sweet “Poor Heart” followed, before a pair of Fuego tunes in “Halfway to the Moon” and “The Line” came next. The band kept up the 3.0 originals with the Mike Gordon original, “Waking Up Dead.” The funky number was played for only the fifth time, and it’s certainly finding its footing within Phish’s setlists.The set continued with the funk rocker “Tube,” a song that has been delightfully jammed out ever since the Chula Vista performance last summer. This was tight and groovy, a perfect dance-athon for the first set. Phish then pulled out the ballad “Fast Enough For You” for the first time in 33 shows, before bringing back “Ocelot” after its inclusion in the Madison Square Garden New Year’s performance. The real stand out of the first set was its finale, as Phish left the crowd speechless with a noteworthy version of “Chalk Dust Torture.” Where most first set “Chalk Dusts” are short and to the point, this was a patient, extended version that dropped into deep space before returning with its powerful ending. What a great end of the set!The band got right to work in set two with a cover of Talking Heads’ “Crosseyed And Painless.” The Jon Fishman-led song always indicates a big second set ahead, and this was no exception. The band locked into a great jam that mostly worked off the song’s driving melody. They continued the jamming by bringing out “Blaze On,” and the song’s island rhythm was a perfect fit for the shores of Barcelo Maya, keeping everyone smiling throughout the jammed out version.Watch the official video of “Crosseyed and Painless” below, courtesy of LivePhish.Right as “Blaze On” ended, Trey started up the chord progression for the fan favorite, “Meatstick.” The song has been played at the band’s last three multi-night runs now (Mexico, MSG, and Vegas), but its always a welcomed addition to any show. The band took their time throughout the song, giving this version a little more oomph with some tight funky improvising that teased “Crosseyed and Painless”. They followed that up with a lengthy “Winterqueen,” bringing the slower ballad for a cool down moment within the second half.The set continued with “Mercury,” a welcomed addition in the middle of the set. The song has been a favorite among fans since its 2015 debut, and it’s been nice seeing the band incorporate it into more of their shows despite not putting it on the newest album. This was a great “Mercury” that was played well, and jammed even better. The song’s final movement definitely has a lot of room to explore, and the band unleashed a funk-fueled dark jam to close out “Mercury.”Phish then brought some “Light” to Mexico, as they showered the beaches with the uplifting number. This was a great “Light” jam that mostly stayed in uplifting territory, as the band took the song for a 16-minute journey. They ended the set with “Wading In The Velvet Sea,” a nod from Page McConnell to the ocean-wading members of the audience.After a second set that mostly touched on nature themes (Blaze On, Winterqueen, Mercury, Light, and Velvet Sea), the band brought their show to a close with a cover of The Who’s “Drowned.” The band included some teases of “Crosseyed and Painless” in “Drowned” as well, as the band started singing the “Still waiting” refrain as they jammed out. With just a little more time, Phish brought out “Rocky Top” for a lighthearted finale.Phish’s last scheduled performance will occur tomorrow night, as they close out the three night run in Mexico. Check out the setlist, posted below. All photos taken on night one, and appear courtesy of Chad Smith.Setlist: Phish | Barcelo Maya Beach | Riviera Maya, Mexico | 1/14/17Set 1: The Curtain With, AC/DC Bag > Breath and Burning, Poor Heart, Halfway to the Moon, The Line, Waking Up Dead, Tube > Fast Enough for You, Ocelot > Chalk Dust TortureSet 2: Crosseyed and Painless > Blaze On > Meatstick > Winterqueen, Mercury > Light > Wading in the Velvet SeaEncore: Drownedlast_img read more

Tedeschi Trucks Band Announces Live CD/DVD Release, “Live From The Fox Oakland”

first_imgTedeschi Trucks Band has a treat in store for fans this morning, with the official announcement of a brand new live album and concert film. Dubbed Live From The Fox Oakland, the film and audio were recorded on September 9th during the band’s two-night stand at The Fox Theater in Oakland, CA. The concert film and audio will capture seventeen live tracks from that evening’s performance at the Fox, mixed to perfection using a vintage Neve console for full 5.1 surround sound.This album has been in the works for a long time coming, as Derek Trucks had mentioned it on several occasions in interview conversations. Trucks explains in the new press release, “we’ve been wanting to properly document the progress of this band for a while and it really felt like we were hitting our stride and firing on all cylinders last fall.” Susan Tedeschi adds, “it was special capturing the live performance from Oakland. The audience was great and the band played with passion. I am thankful we captured the band at this moment in time.”The movie itself, in addition to presenting the glory that is Tedeschi Trucks Band live in concert, will also contain behind-the-scenes footage from the band and interviews with Marc Maron and David Fricke. Clearly, we are not the only one’s excited about this new project, as David Fricke noted that Live From The Fox Oakland is “an authentic, widescreen group portrait . . . simply the truth of what happened, in all of its shared glory” within the liner notes.Live From The Fox Oakland is due out on March 17th. You can watch the band’s performance of Derek and the Dominos’ “Keep on Growing” from The Fox to get stoked on this upcoming live release.The full trailer for the release can also be watched below.Pre-order information can be found here, and the full tracklist and album artwork can be seen below.Live From The Fox Oakland Tracklist1. Don’t Know What It Means2. Keep On Growing3. Bird On The Wire4. Within You, Without You5. Just As Strange6. Crying Over You7. Color Of The Blues **Film only8. These Walls (featuring Alam Khan)9. Anyhow10. Right On Time **CD only11. Leavin’ Trunk12. Don’t Drift Away13. I Want More (Soul Sacrifice outro)14. I Pity The Fool15. Ali ** CD only16. Let Me Get By17. You Ain’t Going Nowhere **film onlylast_img read more

Bob Weir & Phil Lesh Perform Together At Terrapin Crossroads [Videos]

first_imgPhil Lesh’s legendary venue, Terrapin Crossroads, has become a meeting ground and mecca for jam musicians and fans alike. The Grateful Dead bassist consistently invites old friends and new to join him at his intimate San Rafael venue to join in on the fun. On Wednesday night, the venue held a special event dubbed Sunshine Daydream: A Very Special Songs to Phil The Air. The band consisted of Grahame Lesh, Jason Crosby, and Scott Law, along with the legendary Bob Weir.The bandmates played through Grateful Dead classics and covers, including a beautiful rendition of the Beatles’ “Dear Prudence.” Thanks to Deadhead Films, you can watch the full backyard performance in the videos below: Setlist: Sunshine Daydream | Terrapin Crossroads Backyard | San Rafael, CA 5/4/17Playing In The Band bwThe Wheel allBig River bwFeel Like a Stranger bwUncle John’s Band allLiberty bwMountains of the Moon plCassidy bwDear Prudence bwlast_img read more

Organ Freeman Shares First Single “Don’t Eat Your Fingers” From Upcoming Album

first_imgOrgan Freeman is the funk of the future. The band mixes a jazzy disposition with a healthy dose of funk, and they sound like a combination of Soulive and The New Mastersounds, with a dash of Vulfpeck thrown in for good measure. Their passion for the music is clear each time they pick up their instruments, with every show a unique musical adventure. Today, the band has released a new track “Don’t Eat Your Fingers” (via The Poke Around) from their second studio album, Respect My Art, which is reportedly due out September 12.Road To Canyon Jam: Organ Freeman Is Ready For Their First-Ever Colorado PerformanceFollowing the band’s 2015 self-titled album, Organ Freeman’s 2017 sound has emerged with new life. Made up of Rob Humphreys (drums), Erik Carlson (guitar) and Trevor Steer (organ/keys), the group is moving in a new direction, as they meld EDM electronics with traditional organ trio instrumentation, to create something new and unique. Listen to the first taste of Respect My Art below with the record’s first single “Don’t Eat Your Fingers.”Organ Freeman will perform the Mishawaka Amphitheatre this weekend for the highly anticipated Canyon Jam, alongside Spafford, The Main Squeeze, Aqueous, and more. Tickets for Canyon Jam are currently on-sale and can be purchased here. For event updates and additional information, join the Facebook Event page.last_img read more