Americans Conclude an Election Like No Other, and It’s a Tight One

first_imgEven as they have suffered through the pandemic, most working-class white voters saw Mr. Trump as a trustworthy pugilist who would take their side against any adversary — whether China or Mexico, the national news media or Black Lives Matter protesters, or the Democratic Party.Even aside from the pandemic, the 2020 campaign unfolded against a backdrop of national tumult unequaled in recent history, including the House’s vote to impeach the president less than a year ago, a remarkable wave of racial justice protests in the spring, spasms of civil unrest throughout the summer, the death of a Supreme Court justice in September, and the hospitalization of the president in October.As a result, Election Day arrived with the nation on edge, confused in some places about new voting systems and court battles over the electoral process, and worried about flare-ups of violence in the aftermath of a disputed result. – Advertisement – How to Follow the Election ResultsHere’s a guide to The Times’s election night coverage, no matter when, how or how often you want to consume it. Mr. Trump, by contrast, was relying on a far narrower base of support: rural and less educated white voters, and especially men, who continued to embrace his message of hard-edge nationalism and cultural grievance even as the economic downturn deprived Mr. Trump of the chance to campaign on several years of comfortable growth.- Advertisement – Election 2020 ›- Advertisement – Mr. Biden’s candidacy had the potential to create a history-making moment for his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California, who is of Indian and Jamaican descent; she was seeking to become the first woman on a winning presidential ticket. And Mr. Biden would be only the second Catholic president, along with John F. Kennedy. According to recent polls, Mr. Biden appeared to have succeeded in making himself a kind of safe harbor for a wide array of voters unhappy with Mr. Trump, including women, white voters with college degrees, people of color, young people and seniors. But Mr. Biden’s coalition was more impressive for its breadth than its depth, and despite its size and diversity, most voters supporting him appeared more excited to reject Mr. Trump than to install Mr. Biden in his place. If you just want results… There will be a results map on The Times’s home page, and yes, the infamous needle will be back — but only for Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, the only states providing granular enough information for our experts to make educated projections of uncounted votes.If you want constant updates… Times reporters are live-blogging all day and night. This will be your one-stop shop for minute-by-minute updates: race calls, on-the-ground reporting from swing states, news about any voting issues or disruptions, and more.If you want to check in every so often… Times journalists are also producing a live briefing from roughly 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. ET, with an overview of what’s happening in the presidential race, the Senate and House races, and the voting process itself. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Biden’s Win Means a Demotion for Netanyahu and Less Focus on Israel

first_imgMost immediately, analysts and officials said, Israel will feel the transition to a Biden administration as a shift of focus away from the conflict with the Palestinians. With a pandemic, a battered economy and deep societal fissures demanding his attention, Mr. Biden, to the extent he looks abroad, is expected to place greater emphasis on tensions with China and Russia, climate change and repairing the frayed trans-Atlantic alliance.Looming large, however, are questions about Iran. Mr. Biden has spoken of showing Tehran a “path back to diplomacy,” offering to re-enter the Obama administration’s nuclear deal if Iran returns to strict compliance. Mr. Netanyahu crusaded against the agreement and cheered Mr. Trump’s withdrawal from it.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – In contrast to Mr. Trump’s favoritism toward Israel, Mr. Biden has promised a return to a more balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.That could mean, analysts and former officials suggested, that if Arab states like Morocco, Oman or Saudi Arabia express willingness to normalize ties with Israel, a Biden administration might encourage them to insist on Israeli concessions to the Palestinians in return.Still, Mr. Biden is under few illusions, his advisers say, that a settlement is achievable with Mr. Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas, the longtime Palestinian president, still in their jobs.- Advertisement –center_img Instead, the new administration is expected to exert a calming influence. That could mean reopening the American consulate in Jerusalem, which Mr. Trump disbanded, as a quasi-embassy to the Palestinians; reopening a Palestinian diplomatic mission in Washington, and restoring U.S. funding for East Jerusalem hospitals, aid projects on the West Bank and Palestinian refugees.last_img read more

Crawford vs Brook: Understanding the brutality of Terence Crawford | Boxing News

first_img Crawford stopped Brook's rival Amir Khan Crawford stopped Brook's rival Amir Khan

Wayne Mardle eager to see more doubles darts after entertaining World Cup | Darts News

first_imgWayne Mardle is keen to see paired darts become more prominent on the back of another highly-entertaining World Cup campaign over the weekend. An inspired duo of Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton whitewashed England’s Michael Smith and Rob Cross in the final as Wales became World Cup of Darts champions for the first time in their history.Mardle believes alterations to the doubles format could add even more drama to a tournament that continues to improve each year.- Advertisement – Gerywn Price bigged up his partner Jonny Clayton in a great team effort to claim the World Cup for Wales “And the story will be that he kind of picks himself up off the ground after missing three darts to put his country through and still has the strength of mind to beat whoever it may be to go through. It doesn’t muck around with the time constraints of broadcasting and that’s the problem.“Imagine you’ve just missed darts to put your country through and you’ve got to stay up there. We want pairs and we would get it in every single tie.”Non-stop darts as truncated season comes to a closeOver the next four weeks, a relentless schedule will close the PDC and finalise the field for this year’s World Championships which remain scheduled for Alexandra Palace in mid-December.The final five days of Pro Tour action continue on Wednesday with Grand Slam places still up for grabs as well as the last chance for many to secure their Tour card for next season. You can follow the Grand Slam action on Sky Sports with all nine days from Coventry getting underway on Monday, November 16. Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton life the trophy 2:40 Gerywn Price bigged up his partner Jonny Clayton in a great team effort to claim the World Cup for Wales Players Championship FinalsNovember 27-29 – Advertisement – Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton life the trophy
Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton life the trophy

Nagorno-Karabakh: The families burning down their own homes

first_imgAccording to the agreement, Armenia must cede control of several districts by 15 November.Some ethnic Armenians are even destroying their own homes so no Azerbaijanis can move in. Thousands of ethnic Armenians are fleeing areas around Nagorno-Karabakh that are to be handed over to Azerbaijan as part of the recent peace deal.The disputed region is internationally recognised as Azerbaijan’s, but has been run by ethnic Armenians since 1994.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Coronavirus: Elon Musk ‘likely has moderate case’

first_imgThe tech entrepreneur says he has minor cold symptoms but test results have been “wildly different”.- Advertisement –last_img

Recombinant vaccines protect poultry from avian flu, Newcastle disease

first_imgJun 2, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – Two vaccines protected chickens against Newcastle disease (ND) and avian influenza and may provide approaches for producing human vaccines against the H5N1 avian flu virus, according to two studies published in the May 26 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.The new vaccines relied on recombinant methodology to create chimeric viruses containing portions of both ND and avian influenza virus (AIV) genomes. Recombinant viruses were employed as bivalent, live-virus vaccines to immunize chickens against avian influenza. Immunized chickens were later challenged for both diseases and also tested for viral shedding.Both vaccines protected animals from ND and AIV. One vaccine also had the advantage of allowing serologic discrimination between vaccinated and field-infected birds, an important aid for controlling spread among poultry flocks. Because of concerns about potential recombination between the vaccine strain and native viruses, vaccinated chickens were also tested for recombinant viruses. Analysis did not reveal any evidence of vaccine-derived recombinant viruses or enhanced virulence.Vaccine combines Newcastle, H5N2 virusesJutta Veits and colleagues cloned a full-length copy of a low-pathogenic ND strain and then inserted the coding sequence for the hemagglutinin of a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N2) between two ND virus genes. The resultant product was an ND virus that expressed the hemagglutinin H5 (HA) of avian influenza. The team synthetically modified this virus to enhance production of HA transcripts and protein and to minimize potential viral recombination.Twenty-five 3-week old, pathogen-free chickens were immunized by oculonasal administration of the modified virus. Chickens tested 3 weeks after inoculation had ND- and AIV-specific antibodies and were also protected against clinical challenges with lethal doses of either virus, the report says. No AIV was shed from vaccinated chickens. Recombinant viruses isolated from chickens that had been inoculated with the vaccine at 1 day old were found to be benign rather than virulent.Enhanced virulence and viral shedding from vaccinated animals, two concerns about recombinant vaccines, were eased by these findings, according to the article. Recombination events among vaccine and wild viruses may produce more virulent strains, and propagation of AIV among vaccinated birds might mask such events, making control more difficult. In addition, shedding of virus could promote spread of disease.An important characteristic of this vaccine, the authors write, is that it allows serologic discrimination between vaccinated and wild virus–infected animals. Testing detected antibodies against the nucleoprotein of AIV. This antibody is absent in vaccinated chickens but present and identifiable in vaccinated chickens that are infected with AIV.Such a vaccine would allow identification and culling of birds infected after vaccination. It thus circumvents the problem of undetected circulation of virus among vaccinated birds and represents a potentially important tool for controlling AIV. The authors state that this vaccine “is suitable as a bivalent vaccine against ND and AIV and may be used as a marker vaccine for the control of avian influenza.”Another recombinant approachA second group of researchers used reverse genetics to produce vaccines for negative-stranded RNA viruses that also protected chickens against a highly pathogenic AIV (H5N1) and a highly virulent ND. Man-Seong Park and colleagues constructed an AIV vaccine that substituted the “a” portion of the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase gene of ND for the neuraminidase protein gene of the H5N1 avian influenza virus as one approach. These constructs were used to test modified viral sequences aimed at reducing potential spontaneous conversion to virulence and for making an effective bivalent vaccine.The resultant bivalent vaccine (rNDV/F3aa-chimeric H7) was based on expression of part of H7 AIV hemagglutinin in a truncated and attenuated ND background. The chimeric virus enhanced the incorporation of the foreign protein into virus particles and reduced concerns about the other vaccine’s potential for spontaneous conversion to virulence.Twenty white Leghorn chickens were vaccinated with the bivalent vaccine by eyedrop application, with half receiving one dose and half getting two doses. Vaccinated chickens were challenged with both diseases. A single immunization induced 90% protection against H7N7, a highly pathogenic AIV strain, and complete immunity against a highly virulent ND virus.The authors suggest that chimeric constructs might serve as the basis for developing convenient, affordable, and effective vaccination against these diseases in chickens and other poultry. A similar approach might also be used to produce human viral vaccines, provided suitable viral vectors can be found for humans. Humans are not susceptible to Newcastle disease, so developing such a vaccine would hinge on using a virus that easily infects people to get a safe and effective immune system response.Veits J, Wiesner D, Fuchs W, et al. Newcastle disease virus expressing H5 hemagglutinin gene protects chickens against Newcastle disease and avian influenza. Proc Natl Acad Sci 2006 May 23;103(21):8197-202 [Abstract]Park MS, Steel J, Garcia-Sastre A, et al. Engineered viral vaccine constructs with dual specificity: avian influenza and Newcastle disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci 2006 May 23;103(21):8203-8 [Full text]last_img read more

Officials call Asia-Pacific pandemic drill a success

first_imgJun 9, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – Australian officials who coordinated an exercise Jun 7 and 8 on pandemic influenza response among Asia-Pacific nations called the drill a success, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) story today.Meanwhile, in Vienna a 2-day international meeting on avian flu that adjourned yesterday called attention to the urgent need for substantial funding and preparedness, especially in Africa, and announced plans for an international meeting in Africa later this year, according to news services.The pandemic exercise included the 21 countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). It began in New Zealand and ended yesterday with calls to the United States, according to AFP.The test scenario involved a new avian flu strain—dubbed the “Malacca Straits Flu”—sparking a pandemic in the region after several infected fishermen were rescued by a cruise ship, AFP reported. APEC countries then needed to respond to the mock crisis and communicate with each other.”The scenario successfully achieved the goal of testing communication responses during the exercise, which lasted 26 hours across eight time zones,” Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said in a statement, according to AFP. They said the exercise “attracted credible responses.”Neil Head, director of development with Emergency Management Australia, which coordinated the exercise, told AFP he found the level of cooperation among countries encouraging.”The things that make [a pandemic threat] preventable are early detection, close cooperation and information sharing, and the rapid sourcing and the development of appropriate antibodies and medicines,” Head told AFP. “The fact that these [countries] seem willing to do all these things, we would have to say, is a very positive outcome.”Detailed results of the drill will be presented at an APEC leaders conference in November, according to the AFP story.In addition to Australia and New Zealand, APEC countries that played a major role in the drill, according to a Jun 7 Reuters report, were Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.Africa needs more money, conferees sayOfficials at the donors meeting in Vienna this week discussed funding efforts and said Africa now needs $760 million for avian flu preparedness, far more than previously discussed, according to news reports.The Influenza Partners’ Senior Officials Meeting was cosponsored by the United States, the European Union, and China and involved the World Bank, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), and representatives from African countries.The meeting, said US Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs Paula Dobriansky in a Jun 7 Reuters story, was a “strong . . . appeal to those who have not fulfilled their commitments.” Dobriansky, the top US official present, was referring to the $1.9 billion pledged worldwide last January in Beijing to fight avian flu, only $286 million of which has been paid (see link to earlier story below).The donors meeting determined that Africa now needs $760 million, or three times the funding allocated at the Beijing conference, according to the Reuters report, because in January the H5N1 virus had not been detected on the continent. Since February, at least seven African nations have reported outbreaks, with human cases confirmed in Egypt and Djibouti.”In Beijing the cost was calculated only for prevention,” OIE Director-General Bernard Vallat told Reuters during the Vienna conference. “But when a country is infected, the cost is multiplied by at least three or four.””We need money to be moving into Africa in support of countries very quickly indeed,” added David Nabarro, UN senior coordinator for avian and pandemic influenza, in a Bloomberg report today.Amid increased concern about Africa’s plight, meeting officials announced a follow-up meeting to be held on that continent later this year, according to the Bloomberg story. Host city and specific dates are to be determined, but the story said Bamako, Mali, might be the site.In other conference news, the European Commission announced it has pledged $58 million to a new trust fund to help developing countries prepare for a possible avian flu outbreak, according to a Reuters report yesterday. This is separate from money already promised during the January Beijing conference.China, Hungary report poultry outbreaksChina has reported its first avian flu outbreak among poultry since February, AFP reported today. China’s Ministry of Agriculture said the H5N1 outbreak occurred on a farm in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, but the number of birds killed by the virus was not specified.More than 17,100 poultry were culled to contain the outbreak, and the area has been disinfected, Xinhua reported Friday, quoting Ministry of Agriculture sources, according to AFP.The affected farm is in Hetian County, which is on a flight path for birds migrating between eastern Africa and western Asia, today’s AFP story said.The last reported outbreak in domestic poultry in the country occurred in February in the eastern province of Anhui, AFP reported. The latest incident brings the total of officially reported outbreaks on Chinese farms to 35 since October 2005.Also today, Hungary reported an outbreak of a deadly strain of H5 avian flu in a flock of domestic geese, according to news accounts. “The suspicion is that it is highly pathogenic H5,” Agriculture Ministry Deputy Chief Veterinarian Lajos Bognar told Reuters today.Hungary detected H5N1 in wild swans in February, but it has reported no H5N1 outbreaks in domestic birds.An AFP report today said Hungarian officials have slaughtered all 2,300 geese on the affected farm and were also culling poultry and ducks within 1 km of the site in Bacs-Kiskun, in southern Hungary.Samples have been sent to the European Union’s reference lab in Weybridge, UK, to determine whether the H5N1 strain is the culprit.Also, authorities in Niger have begun culling poultry in the southeastern part of the country to stop H5N1 spread, according to an AFP story today. The slaughter focused on the area of Boko Mai Gao, where avian flu was detected for the first time last week.Last week’s outbreak in Boko Maigao village, 434 miles east of the capital of Niamey and near the Nigerian border, was the first among domestic birds in Niger since February, the AFP report said.Officials said the culling operation would last one day and that bird owners were being compensated on the spot, according to AFP.See also:Jun 5 CIDRAP News story “Global avian flu pledge money slow to arrivelast_img read more

Verudela Underwater Park – a new great tourist attraction in Pula

first_imgIn Pula, on the Verudela peninsula, on an area of ​​about 200 square meters, there is the Verudela Underwater Park, an excellent tourist attraction and quality tourist content that offers tourists a unique and different experience – literally a walk under the sea.Namely, with the help of a special helmet weighing 40 kilograms, tourists can literally experience the sea world at a depth of four meters, without being divers or having any diving experience. Rubber tubes are connected to the helmets, through which oxygen comes, which enables normal breathing as well as free movement. How to describe it in words, hard, best see for yourself what this video is about.Fantastic, isn’t it?Verudela Underwater Park is an excellent innovative and attractive tourist content, exactly what our tourism lacks the most. The sun, the sea and the beaches as a motive for arrival are no longer enough, nor do they encourage the development of a tourist destination or tourist consumption.The reaction of tourists is excellent, they are literally delighted, says Dean Počeko, owner of the Verudela Underwater Park, and adds that this year the underwater park was visited by over 200 tourists. ” At first, it is a little strange for tourists when they put helmets on their heads and enter the sea, but they quickly relax and there is no end to the enthusiasm in the end. The biggest attraction is the fish, they literally swim next to you, you can touch and feed them, and for visitors it is an amazing experience.”Počeko points out and adds that the price of the service is 200 kuna per person, and in the end everyone gets a picture and video for free as a lasting memory of this unique experience.”I certainly have plans to expand, ie add new attractions to the park, but let’s go step by step, my biggest problem is the storm, which last year destroyed almost everything I set up.”Concludes Počeko and adds that he has excellent cooperation with the Pula Tourist Board, through which most guests find out about him, but he also advertises himself through leaflets and internet advertising.The motive for the arrival is not accommodation, but quality, diverse and authentic content of the tourist destination, and the Verudela Underwater Park fits perfectly into this story.Tourist workers, both hosts in family accommodation and hoteliers, must sell and introduce guests to such excellent content, as well as many others, even if they have no commission, ie earnings, because walking on the seabed and moving among the fish is sure to be unforgettable. experience. It is this experience and the destination experience after seven days of guests is crucial, because if we delighted him he will come back and promote us for free, if not the effect is the opposite, and we all know how dissatisfied guest is three times harder to return. And yes, it will return to your accommodation. It is that “magical” rounded tourist product where everyone has an interest and benefit, and if it is the opposite, there is no long-term and quality development.Content, content and only quality and authentic content.last_img read more

Blue Lagoon has signed 311 indefinite cooperation agreements with employees

first_imgThis year, the Blue Lagoon and Istraturist employed a total of more than 3.000 workers, of which about 1.100 permanent or permanent seasonal workers and almost two thousand seasonal workers.The average gross salary in the Blue Lagoon is HRK 8.779, which is 9,5% more than the average salary in the Republic of Croatia and 14,2% more than the average salary of accommodation providers. “The company’s strategic commitment is stability and job security, so preparations for 2018 in terms of employment have already begun in early September. At the level of the Plava laguna group, a total of 311 new contracts on permanent cooperation for an indefinite period of time were offered, 439 contracts for permanent seasonal jobs lasting three years, as well as 862 letters of intent on employment at the group level for 2018.”, Emphasize the Blue Lagoon Administration.Thus, these are permanent employment contracts, permanent employment contracts for permanent seasonal jobs (minimum 9 months of work each following season), three-year employment contracts for permanent seasonal jobs and employment certificates in the next tourist season. Thus, Plava laguna and Istraturist have already offered jobs to their employees for the next season, ie for an indefinite period of time. Also, these days the workers of the season have been announced, where the best employees could be nominated by their colleagues, and as many as 600 workers have been nominated, and the reward for the announced workers of the season is a bonus of 2.000 kuna.When we look at it, plus the fact that this year the basic salary of all workers has been increased by 3 percent, and that the previously agreed permanent payment of Christmas in the Blue Lagoon of 2.500 kuna net, seasonal incentives and recourse, but also free accommodation and three hot meals seasonal workers who are in accommodation, we can say that these are above-average conditions for Croatian conditions, conclude from the Blue Lagoon.last_img read more