Belize Deputy PM confirms detainment in US

first_imgThe Deputy Prime Minister of Belize Patrick Faber, has confirmed that he was “detained for about three hours” last month when he visited the United States because police thought he fitted the description of a man who was about to launch a gun attack on a school.Faber, who appeared on a television program in Belize on Thursday night, confirmed the incident occurred on April 20 in Henry County telling viewers “there was an incident in the United States with the Henry County Sheriff…”. Faber said he had gone to the school where his two children are studying and was welcomed by the principal.Detained by police, held to gunpoint“I had called the schools to say that I would be visiting, and I was welcomed by the principal to come in.  I wanted to check on my children’s progress, and wanted to ensure that the school was aware that I am very much interested in their wellbeing, in their learning environment there and so on. So I made those arrangements and upon arriving at the school on the day that was scheduled, I was greeted by the police and I was held to gunpoint and arrested and I was detained for about three hours.”Cannot blame policeThe Deputy Prime Minister said he later learned that there was a 911 call made to the police claiming that “I was going to the school to shoot, and in fact that I was a threat. According to the Henry County Sheriff’s office, they said that I was described by name and by features and so naturally I cannot blame the police for doing what they did.  They acted in a manner that I think we would act here in Belize if we received information that a school was threatened.“Naturally, the police later on found out that was never my intention, that the school was actually expecting me to visit.  It’s a normal situation for a parent to check in, especially if you don’t live in the country where the children are going to school.”Faber said that the police apologized “profusely and in fact told me that they would be investigating the 911 call.”last_img read more

CARICOM sends condolences to Cuba following plane crash

first_imgThe Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has extended condolences to Cuba after a Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed on take-off in Havana on Friday, killing at more than 100 people.“The Caribbean Community expresses its condolences and its solidarity with the government and people of the Republic of Cuba following the tragic crash of a plane carrying some 100 passengers shortly after takeoff from the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana on Friday,” CARICOM Secretary General Irwin La Rocque said in a message to President Miguel Díaz Canel.Related: More than 100 dead in Cuba plane crash“The Caribbean Community extends its deepest sympathy to the families of the victims and its sincere wishes for the speedy recovery of those passengers who were injured during this unfortunate aviation accident,’ La Rocque said.There are unconfirmed reports that among the dead could be nationals from at least one Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country.Cuban officials spoke of a “high number of victims” after the Boeing 737-400 on an internal flight from Havana to Holguin in Eastern Cuba crashed while taking off from the airport.Initial reports said there were 104 passengers and 8 crew on board, but that figure was later revised after it was disclosed that there were nine crew.Three seriously injured survivors had been taken to hospital after being pulled from the wreckage, but one succumbed to injuries.State-owned media reported that the 26-year-old Boeing 737-400 (I-BPAC), was being operated by Blue Panorama Airlines for Cubana. The aircraft was built in 1979 and leased by Cuban airline Cubana from a small Mexican firm called Damojh, according to the Mexican government.The authorities said they were seeking to identifying bodies. Wreckage of Flight CU972 was strewn over the crash site area, 12 miles south of Havana.President Diaz-Canel said the cause of the crash was not immediately known.In his condolence message, La Rocque said that the people of the Caribbean Community “share the grief of the People of Cuba at this moment of national mourning”.last_img read more

“Tappa” Whitmore not happy with Jamaica football officials

first_imgTheodore “Tappa” Whitmore, head coach of Jamaica’s Senior Reggae Boyz, who was recently contracted to lead the nation’s footballers back to the promised land of World Cup glory, is not a happy camper.That position became very clear in a recent newspaper interview when he lamented the apparent lack of support from his employers, the Jamaica Football Federation, in helping him solve some areas of concern he has identified in his pool of players.Need European-based players He had proposed to the federation that European-based players be engaged in an obvious effort to bolster certain areas on the pitch and his team set-up that he thought were of paramount importance.The new CONCACAF Nations League, a qualifier for the CONCACAF Gold Cup Tournament, is set to kick off next month and the proactive Whitmore had long asked that the JFF make arrangements for him to travel to Europe, primarily the United Kingdom, to meet with and discuss his plans for the future and the roles he envisaged these individuals playing.He wanted to visit these players prior to the end of last season and long before they would have penciled in their vacation itinerary with their families.Whitmore knew that despite engineering a fairly successful run to the Gold Cup final last year with a team comprising mainly locally based players, a few from Major League Soccer, as well as others from the lower leagues of American football, a number of key areas was void of real quality to take the team to the next level where it can consistently compete for top honors in the region.High frustrationHis frustration was brought to the fore as he’s now inside a month to kick off of the CONCACAF Nation’s League and he has not yet managed to meet with these players, much less arrive at a position to integrate them into the team.At the time Whitmore had expressed a desire to speak with Adrian Mariappa, Michael Hector among others who had not been selected to the Reggae Boyz squad since the forced departure German coach Winfried Schaefer nearly two years ago.The Reggae Boyz are scheduled to play two friendly internationals in the eastern Caribbean in the coming week – against Grenada on August 17, and Barbados three days later.With those games falling outside the FIFA-approved window for international games, Whitmore will have to rely on local-based players only to do the job then.The job the current players are expected to do against these weaker Caribbean teams, but, moreso, against the more seasoned Central American and North American teams enhances Whitmore’s view that these players would be inadequate to consistently execute the job.But can the obvious discord between the technical leader, Whitmore, and his bosses at the JFF survive?Only time will tell, but how did they get here in the first place, and is this a surprise?Impasse isn’t surprisingTruth be told it is not a surprise. One only needs to reflect on the long, drawn-out saga relating to Whitmore being contracted to a four-year agreement in the first instance.Jamaica’s Sport Minister Olivia Grange was forced to intervene and bring the parties together in order for common ground to be reached. This was after Whitmore had tendered his resignation from the post as interim head coach after he ran out of patience with the “nothingness” that the Mike Ricketts-led administration had employed.It had reached such a low point at one stage that the senior team journeyed to the eastern Caribbean for two games and Whitmore, who had tendered his resignation during the time the team was announced, was initially snubbed from the touring party, with assistant Jerome Waite and Donovan Duckie given the reins of the team.Compromise reached Though the parties had technically reached an agreement prior to the team’s departure, Whitmore was not reinstated as head coach. However, immediately after news broke that the man who would be tasked with selecting players had not been reinstated to guide the team for the two friendly games, a compromise was arrived at where Whitmore was booked to travel but not as coach of the team. That scenario gave a clear and unambiguous indication that Whitmore and the hierarchy of the JFF were at odds.Given basket to carry waterAnd now on the eve of the new CONCACAF Nations League there seems to be no amicable working relationship between the two, leaving Whitmore to believe that he is being given the proverbial “basket to carry water.”It is our view that the JFF has to lead from the front and indicate in no uncertain manner its policy regarding the use of European-based players, so that coach Whitmore and his technical staff can reasonably plan and strategize with the full knowledge of the pool of players at their disposal.But the JFF should be aware that if it does not lend support to the head coach, failure to advance to the Gold Cup under this new format or failure to progress in World Cup qualifiers could prove a political disaster.They had better think on these things.last_img read more

Caribbean leaders to address UN General Assembly

first_imgSeveral Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders are scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) this week as UN Secretary General António Guterres called for a “renewed commitment to a rules-based global order.”Guterres spoke of key themes for discussion during the 73rd session of the UNGA that started in New York on Monday.He said that with 84 Heads of State and 44 government leaders taking part in the debate this week, it showed the UN was still “the world’s indispensable forum for international cooperation.”According to the UN’s provisional list of speakers, the prime ministers of Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Barbados are expected to participate in the General Assembly Debate this week.The vice president of Guyana and foreign ministers from Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, Dominica and Grenada will do so in the absence of the president, as in the case of Guyana, and the prime ministers for the others.Most CARICOM countries will take part in the debate on Friday with Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Barbados expected to address the forum.Haiti and Jamaica will address the General Assembly on Thursday; and Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, Dominica and Grenada will do so on Saturday.The prime ministers of St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Barbados will also address, on Thursday, the General Assembly’s Third High-Level Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).Grenada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Peter David will also address that High-Level Meeting.last_img read more

St. Lucia PM’s administration easily defeats motion of no confidence

first_imgCASTRIES, St. Lucia, CMC – Prime Minister Allan Chastanet easily survived a motion of no confidence against him late Tuesday night after government legislators voted along party lines to defeat the measure brought by Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre.Chastanet himself did not make any contribution to the debate except on occasions when he sought to correct “misleading” statements by opposition legislators during the marathon parliamentary session. “I want to tell the Honorable Leader of the Opposition that what you have presented to this Honorable House is less than honorable,” said Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister, Guy Joseph.“It is something that will go down in the records, in the history as the worst resolution to have made it to the Parliament of this country and Mr. Speaker I pledge my unconditional support to the Prime Minister Allan Chastanet,’ Guy added.The 11 government legislators in the 17-member Parliament voted against the motion that Pierre had introduced earlier during the day. “It is a watershed moment for members of this House to answer the question. Should the member for Micoud South (Chastanet) be allowed to lead this country for the balance of Parliament given his dismal performance to date?” Pierre asked.Joseph said Chastanet “was the best prime minister St. Lucia has had in a long time.” He said the opposition should have been aware that the motion would not have succeeded given the fact that public opinion in St. Lucia had not shown any support for the initiative. “Based on my definition for madness, it is only mad people that will do that.” Joseph noted the government was not “even going to respond to the motion” butlast_img read more

Palm Beach County Issues Statement Regarding Homeless Individuals at John Prince…

first_imgPALM BEACH COUNTY – Palm Beach County has issued a statement regarding the removal of homeless individuals from the John Prince Park after reports that the county was removing such persons on the basis that they were homeless. The official statement reads:To set the record straight, Palm Beach County staff is NOT removing persons because they are homeless from John Prince Park on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, as has been reported by the news media. Homelessness is a prevalent issue in our county, and it is the intent of the Board of County Commissioners to work with our municipal, faith-based, nonprofit and business partners to ensure homeless persons receive the services they deserve.As soon as Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Palm Beach County’s Division of Human Services staff will be assessing the homeless population currently in John Prince Park to determine what services they may be eligible to receive.Palm Beach County has a long history of providing assistance to the homeless. In 2012, the Lewis Center was opened to transition individuals and families out of homelessness. A second homeless resource center was recently approved in unincorporated Lake Worth. Two recent outreach programs include the Parks-to-Work program by the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department that has employed 48 homeless people to work in John Prince Park. The 100-Day Challenge administered by the Community Services Department succeeded by assisting 121 homeless youth into housing.last_img read more

Jamaican Government Clarifies Travel Protocols As the Island Reopens for Tourism

first_img“The travel authorisation is not required to book your flight to Jamaica. It is however a requirement at check-in and boarding, and the airlines will not allow passengers to board without presenting their travel authorisation,” he warned. As for non-residents who are visiting Jamaica for tourism or business, they will need to apply for travel authorisation on, the official website of the Jamaica Tourist Board, or be denied the opportunity to board their booked flights on the day of travel. Visitors from North America, the United Kingdom, Central America and South America are classified in this category. “This includes non-nationals who live here, as I’ve said before, as a result of owning a work permit, marriage or being dependents of Jamaican nationals or just living here over an extended period,” Holness added. “Persons assessed as high risk will have their samples taken at the airport or other designated facility and await their test results at their hotels or resorts, under the Stay in Zone measure,” he explained. According to Holness, this determination will be made after health authorities ascertain whether the visitor is coming from countries designated as high risk for COVID-19 transmission. This is based on World Health Organization classification or other risk factors such as exhibiting of symptoms or exposure to persons in high-risk groups. Speaking at a digital press conference over the weekend, Holness said that tourists will only be subject to testing if they are assessed as high risk. “Residents of Jamaica, being both nationals and non-nationals, who are ordinarily resident in Jamaica should apply to obtain a travel authorization document on,” he said. After Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett announced that all tourists travelling to Jamaica will be tested, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has sought to clarify the travel protocols as the country reopens for tourism today. “If the test is negative, they would remain under the Stay in Zone measure. If the test is positive, however, they would be isolated, either at the hotel resort or in a government facility as determined by the health authorities,” the prime minister added. Holness said that tourists not assessed as high risk will be allowed to go to their hotels or resorts under the Stay in Zone measure, under which they are required for the duration of their stay in Jamaica, to remain within the COVID-19 resilient corridor, which spans West End Road in Negril and continues along the North Coast Highway to Port Antonio in the east. He added that all persons will be required to go through a sensitization programme that will advise them of the various infection prevention protocols within Jamaica, such as hand washing and sanitizing, wearing of masks, social distancing, gathering restrictions and curfew hours among others. As for reentry, Holness said two different portals for entry application have been set up on and on read more

State Of The Matter! Nigerian Referees Miss Out On Russian Party

first_imgWorld football governing body, FIFA, have released a 36-man list of referees ahead of next year’s World Cup in Russia and Nigerian referees are conspicuously missing on the list in what is the perfect example to illustrate how the quality of Nigerian referees has sunk low.There were no Nigerian referees on the shortlist despite the fact that six of the 36 referees selected would be representing Africa at a seminar ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The seminar will take place between November 25 and 29 in Abu Dhabi.See Full List Below:AFC:Fahad AL MIRDASI (KSA)Alireza FAGHANI (IRN)Ravshan IRMATOV (UZB)Mohammed Abdulla MOHAMED (UAE)Ryuji SATO (JPN)Nawaf Abdulla SHUKRALLA (BHR)CAF:Mehdi ABID CHAREF (ALG)Malang DIEDHIOU (SEN)Bakary Papa GASSAMA (GAM)Ghead GRISHA (EGY)Janny SIKAZWE (ZAM)Weyesa Bamlak TESSEMA (ETH)CONCACAF:Joel AGUILAR (SLV)Mark W. GEIGER (USA)Jair MARRUFO (USA)Ricardo MONTERO (CRC)John PITTI (PAN)Cesar Arturo RAMOS PALAZUELOS (MEX)CONMEBOL:Julio BASCUÑAN (CHI)Enrique CACERES (PAR)Andres CUNHA (URU)Nestor PITANA (ARG)Sandro RICCI (BRA)Wilmar ROLDAN (COL)OFC:Matthew CONGER (NZL)Norbert HAUATA (TAH)UEFA:Felix BRYCH (GER)Cüneyt CAKIR (TUR)Sergey KARASEV (RUS)Bjorn KUIPERS (NED)Szymon MARCINIAK (POL)Antonio Miguel MATEU LAHOZ (ESP)Milorad MAZIC (SRB)Gianluca ROCCHI (ITA)Damir SKOMINA (SVN)Clement TURPIN (FRA) RelatedNigerian Referees Left Out of FIFA Women’s World CupDecember 5, 2018In “FIFA”Nigerian Referees Miss Out On Russia 2018March 30, 2018In “FIFA”CHAN 2020: CAF Shortlist Nigerian Referee after 2018 SnubJanuary 1, 2020In “CHAN”last_img read more

R.Franco purchases Mediatech Solutions outright

first_img StumbleUpon Submit Winamax maintains Granada CF sponsorship despite bleak Spanish outlook August 19, 2020 Related Articles Martin Lycka – Regulatory high temperatures cancel industry’s ‘silly season’ August 11, 2020 Share Seeking to boost its digital capabilities, Spanish gambling operator Grupo R.Franco (R.Franco) has moved to fully acquire industry omni-channel platform provider Mediatech Solutions outright.In February 2016, both parties entered an online gambling platform provisions partnership, which would see the R.Franco governance invest in Mediatech as the operator moved to launch its digital services for the Spanish gambling market.Confirming its full investment, R.Franco governance detailed that it was pleased to fully integrate Mediatech’s ‘high quality’ team within its operations. The tech investment would also service R.Franco ambitions of international expansion in the coming months.R.Franco Executive Chairman Jesús Franco backed the investment stating that Mediatech was “a transformative and promising project, this transaction consolidates us as one of the most important actors within the gaming industry, and will allow us to provide customers and operators with the widest range of solutions in the market.”At present, R.Franco governance has chosen not to reveal the sum of its investment in Mediatech Solutions. Share Andrea Vota – Jdigital’s challenge of Spanish restrictions is led by logic and rationale August 13, 2020last_img read more

Catena acquires legacy portal

first_img Share Related Articles Catena lauds ‘record’ Q2 as casino drives performance August 19, 2020 Updating the market, Stockholm-listed industry affiliate marketing network Catena Media has informed that it has agreed to acquire legacy poker resource portal PokerScout ( and all its related assetsCatena management details that its latest acquisition is ‘made in connection with the passage of gaming legislation in the US state of Pennsylvania, which will open a new market for regulated online poker and casino games’Detailing deal insights, Catena informs that it will acquire PokerScout outright for a purchase price of $350,000. The acquisition will be used to further Catena dynamics for online poker consumers, whilst growing its US market presence.The affiliate marketing specialist, further details that it will move to revamp PokerScout’s website and poker room comparison functions.Updating investors, Henrik Persson Ekdahl acting CEO of Catena Media stated that he was pleased to add an iconic poker affiliate portal to Catena’s expanding industry network.“We are proud of the acquisition of PokerScout, which is the leading traffic comparison site for the online poker industry. This acquisition is well-timed given that Pennsylvania is set to open their market for online gaming. We hope that more states will follow in Pennsylvania’s footsteps. We have been prepared for a long time and this is a milestone for our continued expansion in the US,” Share StumbleUpon TVBET passes GLI test for five live games in Malta and Italy August 25, 2020 Genesis to appeal UKGC’s ‘disproportionate suspension’ July 23, 2020 Submitlast_img read more