Ultra billion glasses how to avoid the glasses when today finally understand the secret

when the need for glasses is very tangled, in the face of all kinds of glasses of the spectacle frame and various see my eyes, it is impossible to start. In fact, about the glasses, there are not too many professional knowledge, just remember every time to wear glasses, the clerk said that good, buy the glasses, but why is the price, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Wear glasses for ten years, before the habit of glasses is to go to the big glasses shop, the feeling is a brand, trustworthy, and later learned that the original glasses have so many secrets. It is a tragic history of read more

Twelve struck Ali again to create second-hand Carnival

When the double 11

electric smoke of battle has not yet dispersed, a new concept of the electricity supplier in the operation of Taobao was ready, twelve Carnival electricity supplier is a matter of immediate concern, second-hand products business model, once again win a lot of love Amoy business men and women, although the second-hand concept does not seem to double the one hand product concept to attract people however, second-hand products become the main electricity supplier that is the first time that this may again lead the new trend of the electricity supplier. read more

How to choose your domain name

with the rapid popularization of Internet and the rise of network marketing, e-commerce, website, domain name registration will become more and more popular, even all the future development of the enterprise must do, if there is not heard of enterprise website, it is to keep up with the development trend of the times. According to experts predict that in 2008 the Olympic Games, the number of domain name China can exceed the 6 million mark, to 2009 will reach 7 million 500 thousand, the visible domain name was once synonymous with high-tech in China has also begun to "ordinary people". With the rise of cybersquatting boom, people pay close attention to the domain name more and more, even some companies set up a special cybersquatting department, there is a good domain name for an enterprise is how important. Especially now, a good three characters a little domain almost are bad, is the daughter of hard to find good domain name. We must be the domain name to choose, but how can we choose a new, unique domain name?. read more

Tourism electricity supplier VS traditional travel agencies talk about subversion Too early

[small] Xinxin language Internet is a kind of tool, the electricity supplier is a model of tourism business with the traditional travel agency is more of a competing relationship, you have me, I have you, now is too early to talk about subversion


shortly before the end of the 2014 Power Summit, the same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang said: "in the context of mobile Internet, the next year and a half, was born in PC end Online Travel Corporation will be half dead, the same line of traditional enterprises will also be half dead." Indeed, the market is always in line with the development of enterprises and practitioners can not adapt to the times, especially for the tourism industry. But the author doubts is such a good stuff to make the Internet such a cult like " read more

Everything is possible to choose e-commerce success

e-commerce in China is in the initial stage, this is an indisputable fact, however, take the data to speak, there may be a lot of people to believe that e-commerce in Chinese for ten years, the explosive growth rate is beyond imagination. Now the electronic commerce market average per quarter revenue can reach trillion, in the entire GDP contribution of important components. From the development point of view, B2B business occupies the absolute dominant position, B2C and C2C are also more eye-catching performance, e-commerce has become the transformation of economic development, an important way to expand domestic demand and boost consumption. read more

Taobao shielding webmaster business opportunities

Taobao shield Baidu event caused the attention of most of the webmaster friends. Some people say Taobao silly, don’t let the white flow, and some people say that this is Taobao, Baidu is also the bright younger generation as it cannot be helped, because arguing with him in a job. No matter what the reason, regardless of who is right or wrong. Anyway, this is their business, we can not do anything, we can do is to seize the opportunity to fight for the opportunity.

remember Baidu included Taobao pages tens of millions, with shielding events continued, and what kind of impact? I think Taobao and rival pat, eBay and other traffic should have obvious growth, but also including Baidu has ah. But for Taobao’s withdrawal, Baidu was somewhat reluctant. Baidu is also worried about the tens of millions of data, of a sudden, netizens are not hard to find what you want? Are those who love Taobao users will slowly get used to not Baidu’s online life? I think this is Baidu does not want to see. read more

A draw detonated unspoken rule network lottery fraud door net is teasing you


claimed the internal processing, but both internal staff of the black box operation of micro-blog group purchase lottery issue is still in fermentation, at present and even to the whole industry and the spread of the network group purchase industry trends. "Draw" as bait, but in reality the behavior of ordinary consumers cheat behavior." An industry source disclosed, in fact, the entire Internet industry, similar or even more extravagant practices has become "the industry has long been known, everyone knows the" unspoken rule. read more

2016 Tmall grab 11 pairs of red envelopes Tmall red skills how to grab

when approaching double 11 we will have 2016: Tmall double eleven double 11 red envelopes, how to receive? 2016 Taobao Tmall double 11 double eleven Taobao how to grab the red envelopes? Eleven double entrance? How to use double grab Red Raiders? Eleven red envelopes? All kinds of questions that


small series will be through the article one by one to answer all the questions.

there are 20 days, once a year the "double 11" hand chop Festival is coming, Tmall also prepared red envelopes for everyone, the highest 1111 yuan, the general superposition. read more

Taobao providers are expected to be the biggest bottleneck on the eve of the Spring Festival online

investor news reporter Wu Peifeng

January 10th, Alibaba announced that the existing business structure and organization will be adjusted, the establishment of the 25 division, Ali split into more small business operations.

chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group, said, the big company into a small company operations, we give the market, to challenge our competitors more opportunities, but also to give ourselves a chance." He also said that the split Ali people want to work together to turn them into a small and beautiful, a significant role in the ecological development of the group". read more

The negative impact of false information registration domain name

network currently on the market, there is a part of the domain name is the use of false registration information, some webmaster can already consider the consequences for a long-term survival in the network on the network, business people, the use of false information or registration of the domain name space, will bring the negative influence of bad


webmaster hard to establish the station, traffic is up, when an email sent to your mailbox, were told to modify the domain name information as soon as possible; otherwise, the domain name will be deleted if you do illegal things with a registered domain name, it is not so easy to delete a domain read more