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we must first understand what is the area of key words, for example "Beijing English exam, Beijing University of Beijing" a product named keywords at the beginning of the product names and other information, we call the area of key words. A few days ago we team took a guest site optimization cosmetics in Sichuan area, summarizes some about the regional keyword optimization experience, today bring to share with everyone, deficiencies still hope expert advice.

household service in Sichuan as an example. If we want to do such words, we should first understand some city sites have been doing these services. We are in the first place now and not information network and local talent net, we step down tells you how to do keywords nature area. The relatively large city sites have 58贵族宝贝 58 city provided the information from all over the country, whether it is selling, trading, trading and other personnel. The weight is very high, it can be said that the page is equivalent to a we do ZhengZhan. We should pick up some key words selective 58贵族宝贝 city without pages to choose. Generally a keyword can extend one hundred or even thousands of related keywords. Choose this, we look at the company website, the competition is always there. If we do not have enough money to do promotion competition with each other, you should do some other work.

after finishing, we call a level 2 directory in the WWW domain, a tabbed page here, the equivalent of the links that connect friendship pages. In the blank page to add some connection, these keywords inserted into each connection. Updated every day a new content. With the new instead of, long-term cumulative update, this page can use ten days to twenty days to make the weight. The weight of finished, this page will appear in all the key words adverbs of home page. The effect is remarkable. >

ranking, Shanghai love is like a river, down right back home only to say goodbye, I don’t have the same blood, see the ranking has dropped, in the most beautiful moments fade, who will remember this website appeared. The website is ranked number ER and Shanghai dragon are most concerned about the webmaster. The team today to regional keyword promotion and Optimization for the example, this paper introduces the optimization technique similar word optimization method.

Keywords Where are you ah

after the input love Shanghai Sichuan housekeeping service station, not much, but it is not easy to do. "We see the love of the bottom of the Shanghai Sichuan chuanmeizi housekeeping company, Sichuan housekeeping, housekeeping services, housekeeping service company, Beijing Sichuan Yuesao, housekeeping services, housekeeping service chain, AI Jun Beijing housekeeping service network, housekeeping services, Aijun housekeeping" really is not small, then we should be how to do it. In an article on the "Shanghai dragon techniques we can use the Demons and monsters danced like mad." mentioned stations to associate keywords. Today we talk about how to use the inside pages to do adverb, use an adverb to push the subject.

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