Xiao Jun the rise of Shanghai Longfeng rank Shanghai Longfeng to quietly.

began to be the focus of the liweihui, better known as the circle, more students but was less sure of the Shanghai dragon training institutions, has been used and the Shanghai dragon WHY, but not recognized and affirmed, the reason I didn’t do more evaluation. This is after the ly second Shanghai dragon page ranking of the site is K, and the technique is similar to ly but less anchor text links before hearing the liweihui requirements of each student and the Shanghai dragon or Shanghai dragon training to the official forum, so quickly into the home page ranking, and stable for a long for some time, but due to some factors such as multi domain unified jump to the main station and the chain and other factors, caused by K.

recently this time Shanghai dragon ranking can be said to be fast, also let the quiet for a long time Shanghai dragon a circle raged, and a little change of taste as one falls, another rises one after another, the site of a fall in the search engine’s feet, is really a ping Yibo again. The Xiao Jun blog is on Shanghai dragon blog, so the Shanghai dragon’s concern and understanding is necessary, after all, Shanghai dragon is a quick update, constant attention and exploration still have, following through the recent fluctuations and changes in some hot and everyone to share some personal views and experiences.


blogIn fact, my blog is

yesterday began to appear to be right down the phenomenon, also simply write Xiao Jun Shanghai dragon blog appear inexplicable website right down, but after the writing occurred before Xiaohan blog also appeared in this situation, but also said he contacted me last night feather blog is the emergence of this situation, this time let me put this three blog together.

one or two hot Shanghai dragon fought

then K is ly site, because suddenly appeared in the first Shanghai dragon, followed by several times and then picked up the ranking drop, also really let the Shanghai Dragon into a circle of debate, because although criticized but the effect is very good for people, so the site suddenly the fire, perhaps because of this, after a few days to maintain the ranking is also determined by K.

1, Shanghai dragon ranked in the home page. The first ranking to the first page is Xiaohan blog, after all the weight of long time accumulation can also let his blog Shanghai dragon ranking on the home page, but some time ago disappeared from home, and then my blog Shanghai dragon ranking in the home page, maintained three days is also determined to disappear, and feathers according to my blog the observation seems to be in Shanghai after the Dragon ranking also decisive disappeared into the home.


two, a number of Shanghai dragon have been down the right

2, the original keyword ranking disappeared. In addition to >

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