Shanghai Longfeng website data analysis should focus on several aspects

this is for our own websites, need long-term follow-up of some Shanghai Longfeng data. For example, included, especially the analysis of the characteristics of the directory, key column tracking; such as the chain, need of quantity and quality, and distribution were analyzed and summarized. To know the website optimization effect, or find a website problem.


through the analysis of some basic data on Shanghai Longfeng rivals, such as other included in the site, the chain number, the number of keywords and ranking and so on, can understand the competition website of Shanghai dragon. At this time, then through the contrast with their own website, you can find some competitors are doing better than us, we can learn from, or what we are doing better, to continue to maintain.


site traffic analysis in addition to our daily attention PV, IP and some other basic indicators, also should pay attention to down road, surveyed the page, so you can also know Shanghai Longfeng work. In addition, should also consider how to through the analysis of the data obtained some valuable information. For example, on page views of two common examples as follows:


4, web log analysis

website data analysis includes many aspects, in addition to the above listed flow analysis, log analysis, keyword analysis, and many other aspects, this is not a list, here are some key aspects of Shanghai dragon.

page views and >

need on a regular basis web site keywords ranking, quantity, efficiency, conversion rate and other aspects of tracking and analysis, through the analysis to determine whether the replacement of certain keywords, or reconsider keywords layout. For example, some keywords lined up in front of a few, but still can not bring much traffic, or bring traffic are not relevant, and this is the time to go to study the key words.

site data is Shanghai dragon an important part of the work, such as through traffic analysis will know the web site of the Shanghai dragon, want to know the spider on the site to grab Web log analysis, want to know the keywords have the effect to the performance analysis of key words and so on. Through the website data analysis we can know the work effect, also can let us find the web site problems.

1, competitor analysis

2, Shanghai dragon basic data

through the web log analysis can understand the health condition and the spider crawling the web site, for example, through the analysis found that some spiders crawl log directory, if a key directory has not the spider to grab it, then to analysis whether it is within the site chain is connected with a problem, lead to the spider can not crawl.




traffic analysis Analysis of

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