Love Shanghai to identify the sites of original articles is purely nonsense

is a screenshot of the love of Shanghai. You can also put Google in a look inside, the other is the website content is given, so why. This is the website of weight problems. Zhuge Nobel blog this website just six months time, do not have too much to release the high quality of the chain. So had the same title content can only be accepted without understanding. But love Shanghai and Google is not the same. Basically this standard >


love for Shanghai website original article recognition, will give a higher ranking, the same title, the original article is not the same as not in Shanghai love home. I love Shanghai updated many spoken keywords ranking algorithm, adjustment and so on are illusory, is always zero update, this is not alarmist Weakness lends wings to rumours. The update is said to not knowledgeable friends listen to. Like those already released mobile phone software. Basically every day, and did not see the really big changes…… Believe in love do not believe that the update algorithm of search engine, web site keywords ranking to change the status quo, Tai Chi with ease……


to No. 9.8 Zhuge Nobel day: love sea URL submitted channel upgrading love Shanghai webmaster tools use experience this page as an example. Although it is half a hour to be included, but this does not affect Zhuge Nobel that afternoon released to the webmaster and A5 website. But did not expect so many more sites also appear at the same time the content? If there is not mixed with Zhuge Nobel 3 words and 13. others think I so rare in.

is now in Shanghai do keyword ranking is the most basic way to obtain the most reliable ranking keywords. For the Shenzhen Shanghai dragon Zhuge Nobel. So no matter how much love Shanghai algorithm update, see the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon manual optimization. Is this thing is the basic guidelines. Other things are the derivative. The basic will be familiar with the website ranking is the most reliable protection.

see page URL. Keywords home page crawl content. The inside pages is not enough, this is the difference between web page and inside pages of the weight of

well, why love Shanghai update algorithm is always zero zero zero breakthrough update? This means that too much, doing too little. There is negligible at the time of the net. Especially the most respected new content of original content website. The article is to ensure the high quality factor ranked first. Then the weight come from? Is not the first love Shanghai included, released a snapshot of the search keywords into traffic. This step. But the website more of your site will be down……

love Shanghai latest algorithm which updates? Is Zhuge Le Nobel to 11 for example, not much real meaning, as the saying goes, the website structure, the quality of. Outside the chain to ensure. This is a new website to mature website always do the content of

The following !

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