How to use the QQ (Tencent) micro-blog ranked Shanghai sex.

I come back to The process above is my micro-blog

why write this article entitled "how to use QQ today (Tencent) micro-blog ranked Shanghai sex" article? Because I started testing with micro-blog ranking in December 3rd, unfortunately I failed, only lasted only 8 hours or so, I don’t know how long the. The keywords are: Dongying Shanghai dragon

      December 7th morning search ranking results disappear!

12 5 I travel, where the path my friends, the way to use his computer to search the "Dongying Shanghai dragon", I was delighted to find that my micro-blog has been included, and the ranking has to page second.

optimization! It can be opened, in fact the micro-blog website and the gap is not large, as long as we find the factors we can use to optimize. Below I name a few keywords ranking related elements of

      the account named nickname, containing the best keywords. There is a user label, and personal introduction, the best use of.
      second, micro-blog’s best content and keyword related, even including keywords. It is best to continuously update the micro-blog content!
      the others forwarded comments (Interactive), I do not know whether it can affect the ranking! But can promote included, this effect should be some!

12 6 days after it has issued a micro-blog, and make friends forwarding, led him to search "Dongying Shanghai dragon " click on my micro-blog and forwarding. Here may be somewhat similar with the brush click. To 4 pm, Dongying Shanghai dragon the keywords have ranking! It was 10 p.m.!

said the first below micro-blog (Dongying Shanghai dragon Website Optimization: 贵族宝贝t.qq贵族宝贝/dongying Shanghai dragon) course.

12 3, I put all the micro-blog micro-blog previously deleted, because it is a private QQ so before is send a personal mood and other out of order, not associated with the Shanghai dragon, so I put all the content on the previous micro-blog delete all.

12 4 I revised a nickname, this nickname is similar to our website title, is a key factor affecting ranking. Then I made a related micro-blog keyword optimization and! Micro-blog’s content is a key factor affecting ranking! This is somewhat similar to the content on the website of the association. Then I will use the Tencent micro-blog reproduced on the micro-blog I optimized comments. Is not a little taste of recommendation.

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