Peace webmaster analysis of stationmaster net weight change and snapshot abnormal problems

snapshot site keywords

has a point, is a snapshot of the problem, I personally think that the snapshot is divided into 3 categories,


the last peace stationmaster net is how to increase the weight, now have to discuss major issues under my website recently appeared

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my site is updated every day before. "

third: space stability, remember from 10 yuan to 30 yuan, the space, and then to VPS, because of the need to record, so buy VPS in Hongkong, has now replaced the country free record server, the money spent is soaring, but with a friend flat-share, feeling less pressure Oh,

fourth: go to some high weight site links, speaking of which, I have ah, I have a blog, fill the title, now also halo, please do blog, the only requirement is that the hair is left in my super link www.hep6贵族宝贝, ha ha, every month to give him of course, money, money, more than I can give not

analysis of peace webmaster stationmaster net weight change and snapshot abnormal problems < 2>

First class:

here, I this year is how to do it,

second: change links and some weight high site, of course, also spent money

: the first under the original articles from time to time, of course, is the best fixed time every day, but I really can not do, is probably not so much to drive

I do not know love SITE snapshot Shanghai ! 贵族宝贝hep6贵族宝贝 snapshotSnapshot !

fifth: the daily query website ranking, snapshot, if abnormal, the first time to deal with

! soaring!

third: direct input


imperceptibly, the website has been done for 2 years, 2 years in this time, she sour, sweet, bitter, hot this is as a webmaster, can feel it, remember just beginning to do a website is not to know what their own website, just do, what content there, then come into contact with. Many things, think or do a professional point better, and then do the peace station network, but also records the webmaster experience! And the process of construction of knowledge and experience, but also to facilitate other grassroots webmaster, can get more knowledge, fewer detours! Peace webmaster

peace Station 3 months ago or 1 weight weight, now rose to 2, feel very happy, but also have a lot of power, stationmaster net ranked in the top 10, individual stationmaster is in the top 30, thanks to the love of Shanghai gave me hope, ha ha, now from the domain name in the Hailailu has been increased to thousands, traffic is really

sixth: leave the people downstairs to add

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