Shanghai Longfeng blame website not blindly spamming

Shanghai dragon circles a master said: "do not worry about the Shanghai dragon program, we can use the open source code Never mind; do not understand, we can find the manual." Shanghai dragon seems to have no threshold, a lot of people swarmed into the flood! Take a variety of courses and lectures, in the end still confused! I think it’s very important that the nature of these people are still not clear Shanghai dragon. Don’t know what you want, do not know how to use the Shanghai dragon enterprise. A lot of enterprises that make a website set up several keywords, send the chain is Shanghai dragon, even the most important site of the products, are bluffed. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er also overlooked the website is the basis of Shanghai dragon, but while shouting why my website ranking is so good, or not to consult customers. Or blindly into the study of Shanghai Dragon technology, analysis of competitors constantly, constantly beyond the chain number of competitors, each corner of the site with keywords, anchor text, daily updated news; Web site keywords ranking, while ignoring the importance of the website content. Product description. I think whether individuals or enterprises are Shanghai dragon has two levels:

‘s move Shanghai dragon; positioning, in favor of the entire site layout planning.

many of the web site optimization outsourcing to a company or institution, then no, all attention is the ranking of words is not up? This may stock worse than you! Not that outsourcing can not participate, go, wait for a row. I recommended enterprises to participate in the first level of Shanghai dragon, grasp the direction and making big.

and they influence each other, indispensable, indispensable.


is now in the Shanghai dragon a skill we are very optimistic about the Internet, the Shanghai dragon training is rampant, like a raging fire. Shanghai is the Shanghai dragon dragon personal technology company by claiming Shanghai Longfeng professional good is beyond count as if, as the spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of pear trees! Buffett has such a sentence: "only when the tide to know who is swimming naked!"

is now a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are in the second level, so it is not the door, don’t just broke the seemingly low threshold to squeeze head. Because in the second level of the Shanghai dragon Er information is often the fault, the intermediate state of embarrassment. You can see clearly the Shanghai dragon mouth, is thinking of things, and to break the limit of thinking is often to pay unimaginable price

two is the hands of Shanghai Longfeng tend to perform.


is due to many websites lack the first layer, exist in the Internet, spam constantly, even if this website may.

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