Collection sites to our warnings

collection website:

is included with a reduced anti chain, also love Shanghai weight dropped from 2 to 1, a large number of keywords ranking Not the least trace was found., but Misfortune may be an actual blessing., the author from the analysis found a website after optimization way. 1 is the site of YISHION acquisition can not form survival, this site no sense; the 2 is the pseudo original cannot be put into a paragraph, to the way of pseudo original. With such as pseudo original original collection with combination of form, at least this article and readability. This article from the original Shenzhen website 贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source.

in the front row are actually the same, this is called the acquisition. As we see the collected articles will not cause the punishment of the search engine, it can bring traffic. The weight problem while ignoring their website itself.

2: high weight website

Let us look at the weight of the general An article in

two, the search engine weight is not high site attitude towards

is not only a place there, so the search engine will not cripple the same article. Then the search engine will allow collection of articles can be top site is what kind of

during the Chinese new year, many people will leave, but the search engine is not a holiday. This leads to a problem, website content manually collected the update can not keep up, let us look at the search engine to deal with the website:

1: high authority website

The content of the

acquisition station can bring some visitors to us, then in the search engine algorithm has been progress, more and more by collecting station search engines love, however search engines treat acquisition station attitude also pointed to us some direction.


In the past


, a collection of the drainage, itself needs high weight

Gao Quanwei, the weight of the site can be collected in the top, but not the acquisition can make a web site the weight becomes high, this is not a sufficient necessary condition, while micro-blog is a search engine set specifically for the current hot micro-blog form algorithm.


3: high weight of micro-blog

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