Are you happy please input the key word please enter the keyword index analysis

and I think, what is the meaning of the keyword search? "Please input the key word" in the end is what you want to see.


Since human beings have

this is an amazing time, creating a magical search engine, also created a generation of human magic. On the Internet at any time can have an unexpected surprise, just a surprise often, particularly this year. 2012 words is an apocalyptic year, blunt this rumor, all the people in the world are suddenly awakened, all what, all the clouds, all her talent, have emerged. And especially the Internet world, it is the birth of raging like a storm. Mobile phone IPAD flying all over the sky, the ground, apple take the old Joe, the paint is also normal. 2012 so amazing, the title is nonsense, but not without reason, because the author is the author. 2012 are you happy? I tell you where the name Xing Liu. In the face of love and happiness to you in Shanghai? Answer: Please input the key word

keyword index was more than 700, the query or yearly queries, the magic words, as can be imagined, the layout of the early people. The author has just happened, that the author of OUT, was enough to prove that the world is too much with it.

search engine, the director with a dramatic film, in the search engine in the world of words is a hero, so the protagonist is at the mercy of human beings in their hands, and thus gave birth to countless interesting words, is the protagonist. Today I am not, more careless search found a really interesting but also very magical words, that is: Please input the key word figure:

can be seen from the figure, the keywords related results about 3020000, an article on the front page of the Sohu and to "please input the key word" as the title of the. The author has turned a few pages, found the key words match exactly how many magic, do not let the author under the curiosity of the heart, then the author used the accurate search method is the keyword plus double quotes ("please enter search keywords"), find relevant results about 1140000. The author also inquired about "please input the key word" love Shanghai index of this key, the magic is everywhere, as shown in figure

! !


well, now beginning, originally the title should be "the love of Shanghai discovered magical words: Please input the key word", but wanted to think, I feel wrong, it is a magical love Shanghai, what keywords are normal. The keywords are generally man-made. Keywords third reflects a person’s happiness index. Fourth, CCTV recently visited folk "are you happy?" very good taste. So the title of the article becomes so.

"Please enter the

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