To change the title from the website ranking process

had a website is to change the title, one of the title, header information change, snapshot full stop for 20 days, and slow to ranking. It is recommended that you change the title at best not to go to war, unless you have the patience to wait. This time I according to their own needs, the original content as a part of the site is not to move him, I want to be in the original site is now used for cosmetics information, add makeup tutorial.

, head of the title information more suitable for small

my site trial in prior information related to the former 2, 3 pages, and the snapshot is updated every day, basically the next day included. In considering whether to change the title is really struggling for a while. But the route for lasting development, even temporarily reducing power is necessary. On the other hand, although I change the title, but I changed is the same industry, so let me have more confidence to operate.

to end after the title or the content of the website. Because the content of the website directly affects the rate of exit site, if you change the title after a good position, but the user account and did not find the information he wants, out of the long-term accumulation, the big jump out rate, it will directly affect your site’s ranking. So the most important new content to enrich and title.

this is my operation, 2 weeks in the change of the title, keyword has to page fifth (my keyword competition is not very intense). For your reference, reprinted specify: htt>

has a new keyword, then the normal way to internal and external link building on the line, that is the anchor text link. Including new keywords do some Links. Notice of the new search engine to link your site should match the keyword.

website is the title is a manifestation of a website localization, so in the website or not appropriate when the site transformation, change site title is a must. However, change the website title to search engine drop right. Here is my website recently from the title to the rankings after. My makeup network originally is positioned in the free cosmetics trial information release, but because this kind of keywords to love Shanghai auction with the home page, and taking into account the needs of the development, decided to replace the location, location of the makeup tutorial part.

site must comply with the title information


The main operation of my The most important

is 3, the original title of the keyword retained 2, and then in front of 3 added new keywords. Although this title is a bit too long, but still in the acceptable length. Then the keywords operation with a similar title, description added directly in front of a word with new content contains the new words on the line.

Do the internal external links

The necessity for the title of the website The

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