Using search engines to do internal links

so how can we judge the correlation between pages, it can give you an idea here, to link the most proficient is the search engine, here we take Shanghai as an example to illustrate the love, you can use your love to Shanghai page collection and correlation to do correlation between pages, for example you can use the site:admin5贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon to judge on the A5 website, with the most relevant keywords Shanghai dragon page, the page links between each other.

in some large and medium-sized website, the website of the internal links, sometimes significantly more than the role of external links, large and medium-sized website, web content are many, many pages simply rely on a large number of website page recommendation, often can improve the ranking page, if you pay attention, can be found the inside pages often in the show home page ranking is often good, this is due to the effect of the home, the first page of the weight is relatively high, links to the home page, the corresponding transfer will be more weight, of course, reasonable distribution of the site of the internal links, not only provided the front page of the site, and should be full web site. Then the internal links layout, we should pay attention to what


internal links, is the most important correlation, if no relevant content, forcibly arranged together, and the weight of the page URL page for itself was derived from the transfer, will not have a good effect, the most important search engine ranking rules is correlation, it has been hard to give users, showing the most relevant the contents of the web page, in the arrangement, we also must comply with the rules, whether import links, or links, this is very important. In addition to the correlation, another rule is natural, the content of the page to be natural, not forced to arrange some links in the link will appear what what links have done best in this area belong to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, when we browse the page, when confronted with unfamiliar words. There will always be a link to this strange words, to prompt the user role, but also to add anchor text links in the first time, do not appear to do keyword stuffing phenomenon, adding a chain by nature.


for some small sites, can be considered artificial add links that is more flexible, and easier to control the anchor text, and for some of the relatively large size of the site, not all by hand to add, usually form using the program automatically, automatically add the corresponding links on the page.

love Shanghai for this result, we can consider the development of an automated tool, the relationship between these collected related pages to love Shanghai, and then applied to our website. This is for all requirements will be higher, need some technical basis, in fact, Shanghai dragon to >

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