Google received 250 thousand weekly to remove pirated link request

now began to record daily received requests, these requests are required to remove the protected content search results. The copyright holder will notify Google, the search results link to sites of violating their copyright, then Google will perform a Xiang Liucheng, execution results often lead to links to infringing website search results are removed.

for the first time since July 2011 will be asked to remove all the online search to transparent report, the report was originally meet the government’s requirements for display is removed from the Google server in content. But now the copyright holder request can also be added to the report, which makes the government’s request number is low. (Feng Xiao)


Google said that in recent years the demand to remove search link request showed a clear upward trend, now removed weekly received requests over 2009 all requests. Last month, Google received 1 million 200 thousand requests for 1000 copyright holders, asked to remove 23 thousand links on your site.

Beijing time on May 25th morning news, Google said on Thursday that they will receive a weekly 250 thousand request, asked to remove the link to pirated content.


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