have updated website content on-line at the beginning of the coup


operation and maintenance of the Shaanxi surname Association website online, from the initial planning, site design, to follow my own website program, the whole process some tangled, but also gradually see the website on-line smoothly done or easily solved, good love Shanghai has also included 10 articles, this time also feel very gratified, following the update on the association’s website and share their own processes.

in ancient times a saying that good, taolibuyan xiazichengqi, the quality is not only the quality of the content, the more important is that we should pay more attention to the user experience of reading, our association itself is the traditional site design simple style, so the content not only pay attention to the quality of it is more important to the content of this aesthetic feeling to our website readers, so when I asked in the typesetting tag must be for every details of the article are carefully selected words.

third, wine is also afraid of deep alley good articles must be timely to spread. Since the quality and experience of the website we are perfect, so, here is the problem of the publicity, the quality of the people did not read the not a pity, we spread through public platform to recommend, >

2) the punctuation you must check, some small details such as the error of double quotes only left no right, there are some Chinese guillemet character is English characters that must pay attention to be negligent.

1) the article typesetting must be neat, paragraph break must be clear.

first, editors must have the ability to analyze and synthesize. Surname culture for the author of such a culture for part-time white is two words for my own depressed, the industry itself is poorly understood, and the boss was in a hurry hurried as soon as possible to optimize, at least love Shanghai to search out the orders, they will start crustily skin ah, in this in case I try the first method is to own content integration capabilities, the surname culture itself is the category of culture and traditional culture Chinese similar but different orientations, this time they started fiddling, easy access from home, family China wind surname surname origin, on behalf of the direction of celebrities and so on, to find some relatively high readability the content, then two times the development of their own, and their cognition of the surname culture, content for the understanding of celebrity name The integration and collection, some professional articles in our previous time no start must have the aid of others, in the process of updating process is actually is learning, familiar with the nature will write better work.

3) picture size has strict requirements, can not open web pages, the paragraphs must meet people’s reading experience, the line of the line, the.

second, writing not blindly use " ".

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