How to look at Baidu search engine graphic signs appear


recently, the crown network Xiaobian as usual search engines for their own information, search results, suddenly found more and more graphic logo appears below the title. This is the latest revision of Baidu, " the era of reading pictures " officially come to search engines;

, such as search: how to improve the site included


can be seen from the figure, Baidu’s latest revision search results, there have been illustrations of search results, this is not a symbol of pictures and content, is the next favorite part of search engines. As we all know, sometimes there are more pictures and text than a pile of words, which can make the user understand the information more quickly.

"graphic" logo appears, many webmaster are beginning to itch, this is like last year "Baidu share" function just came out. Can "Baidu share" function out, it seems to site optimization doesn’t have much effect. Yes, when I first came out, the Baidu sharing logo was really shared. It was shown on the home page for a while, but it’s hardly ever seen today. So, is the "graphic" logo also short?. At present, from the major news sources, the emergence of "graphic" signs are more and more.

China News Network:




from the figure above we can see, Baidu is now more attention to the user experience, graphics and more user-friendly understanding, in order to enhance the user experience, graphic logo seems to comply with pomegranate algorithm. Baidu currently on the picture recognition ability is limited to text, not Baidu’s ability to identify promotion? "Graphic" marked out on the website optimization is beneficial or harmful? Xiaobian think if Baidu does not enhance the ability to identify pictures of words, then the "graphic" sign appears not yet in sight much effect, if the recognition ability has improved, it will greatly enhance the user as illustrated. If not, then we’ll just make the picture, so we’ll be fooled by the white Baidu engine. then crown net Xiaobian published prior to "understand web log analysis, web site more secure" inside the picture to see how the illustrated examples will be greatly beneficial to both the user experience, but also conducive to the website optimization.

the first kind, a picture with pictures and


second, each step of the operation will be split to illustrate

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