How to operate a chain of baby supplies to avoid mistakes

we know that the demand for baby products is still very fire, so we have focused on this piece of investment. But how can we better run the chain of baby supplies, it is necessary to avoid what is easy to make mistakes? Let’s get to know.

, a store full sketch: children join involves nearly 13 industries, no more than 150 square meters may not all varieties, the owner in order to make people feel full, not only do a few varieties, want, the result is: everything is, everything is not complete. Everything is not competitive. The results can only be seen some people, not many people sell.

two, reluctant promotion: season quickly always luck, think will sell some, is not willing to sale, not to the season to season Weicai to promotion, not consumers have long been buying products next season

three, will not deal with unsalable goods: any retail will be unsalable products, unsalable products can be bound to sell, can promote sell, can be dealt with in the auction form, if there are unsalable goods only to the manufacturers or inventory back, sooner or later have to be eliminated.

four, do not understand the season: will only look down at the goods, do not look up days, always in the summer when the heat of the goods, in the winter in the cold when the quilt. This is not conducive to the operation and development of children’s supplies store.


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