Small game leisure food down to earth by independent electricity supplier

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now to re-examine the 2011 in Beijing West network as the representative of the leisure food of independent business closures, I horse will come to the conclusion that if entrepreneurs do not know what they do, what do not rush to "down to earth", they are not good at doing logistics, warehousing and store business. Give yourself to create "cost black hole", not within, company failures are inevitable.

how many people will remember? In 2011, the electricity supplier industry has a round of leisure food independent electricity supplier closures. In that year, have fallen the sago net, Amoy network, love net, magpie, gebe picky seventy-two snacks, until now, there are 24 closed down one after another, do not eat snacks snacks, fruit bar, leisure bean ant sinks, other unnamed small website is beyond count.


sago network founder Liu source

snack food, also known as snacks, careful observation, will find that the sale of such products have several characteristics.

first, the south is better than the north. A lot of famous leisure food chain brand produced in the south, such as Shanghai’s "Hongkong laiyifen", "excellent yield" and "Okashi land".

second, snack franchise store developed well. Especially in the north of the city streets and lanes, you can find many nuts roasted seeds and nuts franchise stores, the road slightly better, but also to see people lined up to buy. In the south is needless to say, Hongkong is so small a tiny area, there are fifty or sixty "snacks Khaled" chain stores. The store is the real pursuit of real profits, if the profit level is not high, has long been closed down.

third, online, Tmall, Taobao and other platform stores than independent shop development is good. Casual food to move to the Internet to sell is not hopeless, at least on Taobao’s big platform, there are countless leisure food store, there are many good doing big business.

but why leisure food independent electricity providers can not do it? Once swept the office of white-collar circles in Beijing snack, electricity supplier sago network from birth to death story may explain some problems.

entrepreneurs do not become small, do not expand

was forced out of the sago net. One day in 2008, the entrepreneur Liu Yuan standing on the streets of Beijing, at a loss. He just got out of his last failed business and left 8000 yuan in the bank card. But what 8000 yuan can do? He looked at the crowd reminded him streams of people busily coming and going to work, but do not bother to buy habits in a bank in Financial Street the girlfriend eat snacks, suddenly have an entrepreneurial idea, it is better to put these snacks sold office.

this is a financial incentive to work. Take a website, for IT Men Liu source, almost no cost. > >

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