Only clear understanding of their site, in order to get higher flow

it’s an attractive topic and one of the most difficult questions to solve. It takes some experience. Some people have tried many times to change, but found that 0 of the counter is still the most. Break through the boundaries you want. You need some kind of direction. Because some people walk in front of you, their success may be accidental, but more is that they continue to practice any idea. Even if failure, some experience will be accumulated. Success sometimes comes from those experiences, so I just want to talk about my experience, and here’s where it begins.

one. Revamp your site,

The design of the

home page need some technology, but more of a whole network of understanding, even if you put a lot of effort, but just get a failure, this is now a lot of very good personal homepage is unknown to the public. So we have to try our best to rebuild our site and make it more attractive, and this is the key to improve the traffic. No good site, no one will like it. When we started rebuilding our site,

please answer the following questions:

What’s the orientation of the

1. site?

2., those people should be your visitors,


3. what do you want people to get,


4. what makes visitors come again,

?Are there any visitors on the

5. site that will keep visitors


please take these questions into consideration.

we have our own website because we want to get the approval of others or look for some opportunities, and others just for hobbies. No matter what the purpose, you will plan the site into a certain type, such as news or literature, and choose the right type is the first step in the success of the site.

There are two types of

: first, for others, that is, most people like the content; second, for themselves, that is, they like to provide content to others. Of these two types, the first is more accessible to everyone.

when you’ve fixed your site type, consider those people who should be your visitors. In fact, the problems in locating the site type, have answered, if you choose the type of literature, so love literature will be your visitors, so want to know who is your visitors, because in determining the visitor preferences, can have the confidence to provide appropriate content.

someone said that it would be easy to get ten thousand people to visit your site, but it would be difficult for these ten thousand people to visit your site again. So, you have to think about what makes visitors come again. Updated daily, or unique content, the following is the author’s experience:

1. gorgeous page

try to use the latest WEB technology to design your page. Because even if the content is the key to the site, but not good visual enjoyment, will make visitors dry

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