US government shuts down Dems GOP blame each other

first_imgWASHINGTON – The federal government shut down at the stroke of midnight Friday, halting all but the most essential operations and marring the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration in a striking display of Washington dysfunction.Last-minute negotiations crumbled as Senate Democrats blocked a four-week stopgap extension in a late-night vote, causing the fourth government shutdown in a quarter century. Behind the scenes, however, leading Republicans and Democrats were trying to work out a compromise to avert a lengthy shutdown.Congress scheduled an unusual Saturday session to begin considering a three-week version of the short-term spending measure — and to broadcast that they were at work as the shutdown commences. It seemed likely each side would try forcing votes aimed at making the other party look culpable for shuttering federal agencies.Since the closure began at the start of a weekend, many of the immediate effects will be muted for most Americans. But any damage could build quickly if the closure is prolonged. And it comes with no shortage of embarrassment for the president and political risk for both parties, as they wager that voters will punish the other at the ballot box in November.Social Security and most other safety net programs are unaffected by the lapse in federal spending authority. Critical government functions will continue, with uniformed service members, health inspectors and law enforcement officers set to work without pay. But if no deal is brokered before Monday, hundreds of thousands of federal employees will be furloughed.After hours of closed-door meetings and phone calls, the Senate scheduled its late-night vote on a House-passed plan. It gained 50 votes to proceed to 49 against, but 60 were needed to break a Democratic filibuster. A handful of red-state Democrats crossed the aisle to support the measure, rather than take a politically risky vote. Four Republicans voted in opposition.In an unusual move, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed the roll call to exceed two hours— instead of the usual 20 or so — and run past midnight, seemingly accommodating the numerous discussions among leaders and other lawmakers. Still as midnight passed and the calendar turned, there was no obvious off-ramp to the political stalemate.Even before the vote, Trump was pessimistic, tweeting that Democrats actually wanted the shutdown “to help diminish the success” of the tax bill he and fellow Republicans pushed through last month. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders later termed the Democrats “obstructionist losers.”Democrats balked on the measure in an effort to pressure on the White House to cut a deal to protect “dreamer” immigrants — who were brought to the country as children and are now here illegally — before their legal protection runs out in March.The president watched the results from the White House residence, dialing up allies and affirming his belief that Democrats would take the blame for the shutdown, said a person familiar with his conversations but not authorized to discuss them publicly.Predictably, both parties moved swiftly to blame one another. Democrats laid fault with Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress and the White House and have struggled with building internal consensus. Republicans declared Democrats responsible, after they declined to provide the votes needed to overcome a filibuster over their desire to force the passage of legislation to protect some 700,000 younger immigrants from deportation.Republicans branded the confrontation a “Schumer shutdown” and argued that Democrats were harming fellow Americans to protect “illegal immigrants.” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said a “Trump shutdown” was more accurate.Earlier Friday, Trump had brought Schumer to the White House in hopes of cutting a deal on a short-term spending agreement.The two New Yorkers, who pride themselves on their negotiating abilities, started talking over cheeseburgers about a larger agreement that would have included greater military spending and money for a southern border wall.But the talks fell apart almost as abruptly as they started. In a phone call hours later, the president raised new concerns about the deal he and Schumer had discussed, according to a person familiar with the conversation. In a subsequent phone call with Schumer, chief of staff John Kelly said the deal discussed was too liberal. The White House did not immediately comment on that account.Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told CNN that “Not much has changed” over the course of the day, but he predicted a deal would be reached by Monday, when most government offices are to reopen after the weekend.Democrats in the Senate had served notice they would filibuster the government-wide funding bill that cleared the House Thursday evening. They were seeking an even shorter extension that they think would keep the pressure on the White House to cut a deal to protect the “dreamer” immigrants.“We will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands,” Sanders said in a statement.Trump first described his discussion with Schumer as an “excellent preliminary meeting,” tweeting that lawmakers were “making progress – four week extension would be best!” But that optimism faded as the evening wore on. McConnell did not attend the meeting because he was not invited, a Senate GOP aide said.Trump had been an unreliable negotiator in the weeks leading up to the showdown. Earlier this week he tweeted opposition to the four-week plan, forcing the White House to later affirm his support. He expressed openness to extending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, only to reject a bipartisan proposal. His disparaging remarks about African and Haitian immigrants last week helped derail further negotiations.Trump had been set to leave Friday afternoon to attend a fundraiser at his Palm Beach, Florida, estate marking the one-year anniversary of his inauguration but delayed his travel.As word of the Schumer meeting spread, the White House hastened to reassure Republican congressional leaders that Trump would not make any major policy concessions, said a person familiar with the conversations but not authorized to be quoted by name.On Capitol Hill, McConnell said Americans at home would be watching to see “which senators make the patriotic decision” and which “vote to shove aside veterans, military families and vulnerable children to hold the entire country hostage… until we pass an immigration bill.”“We can’t keep kicking the can down the road,” said Schumer, insisting on more urgency in talks on immigration. “In another month, we’ll be right back here, at this moment, with the same web of problems at our feet, in no better position to solve them.”The four-week measure would have been the fourth stopgap spending bill since the current budget year started in October. A pile of unfinished Capitol Hill business has been on hold, first as Republicans ironed out last fall’s tax bill and now as Democrats insist on progress on immigration. Talks on a budget deal to ease tight spending limits on both the Pentagon and domestic agencies are on hold, as is progress on a huge $80 billion-plus disaster aid bill.Before Thursday night’s House approval, GOP leaders sweetened the stopgap measure with legislation to extend for six years a popular health care program for children from low-income families and two-year delays in unpopular “Obamacare” taxes on medical devices and generous employer-provided health plans.A shutdown would be the first since 2013, when tea party Republicans — in a strategy not unlike the one Schumer is employing now — sought to use a must-pass funding bill to try to force then-President Barack Obama to delay implementation of his marquee health care law. At the time, Trump told Fox & Friends that the ultimate blame for a shutdown lies at the top. “I really think the pressure is on the president,” he said.Arguing that Trump’s predecessors “weaponized” that shutdown, Mulvaney said Friday the budget office would direct agencies to work to mitigate the impact this time. That position is a striking role-reversal for the conservative former congressman, who was one of the architects of the 2013 shutdown over the Affordable Care Act.___Associated Press writers Jill Colvin and Catherine Lucey contributed to this report from Washington. AP writer Jonathan Lemire contributed from New York.last_img read more

Delhi govt seeks months time to grant sanction to prosecute Kanhaiya

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi government on Wednesday sought before a court here a month’s time to decide whether to grant sanction to prosecute former JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar and others in the 2016 JNU sedition case. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Deepak Sherawat directed the AAP government to file a “proper reply”, citing a definite time-frame. DCP of Special Cell of Delhi Police, Pramod Kushwaha, had earlier told the court that the agency has already sent a request to the Delhi government seeking sanction and added that sanction was an administrative action and the charge sheet can be filed without Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderthat. The Delhi Police had earlier told the court that authorities were yet to give requisite sanctions to prosecute Kumar and others in the case, and it would take two to three months to procure sanctions. The court had earlier also directed police to ask the authorities concerned to expedite the process while granting it three weeks to procure the sanction needed to prosecute Kumar and other accused, including former JNU students Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, in the case. They have been charged under IPC 124 A (sedition), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 465 (forgery), 471 (using as genuine, forged document), 143 (punishment for unlawful assembly), 149 (unlawful assembly with common object), 147 (rioting) and 120B. The three students, who were arrested on February 11, 2016, are out on bail.last_img read more

Priyanka helps child with tumor in Allahabad

first_imgAllahabad: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has extended a helping hand for a minor girl suffering from tumor here in Uttar Pradesh. The girl’s parents on Friday contacted Gandhi and expressed their inability to bear the cost of their daughter’s treatment. Gandhi immediately contacted senior party leaders Rajiv Shukla, Hardik Patel and Mohd Azharuddin and directed them to arrange for the child to be taken to AIIMS Delhi. Shukla sent the child, her parents, Azharuddin and Patel to Delhi in his six-seater charter plane while he later left for Delhi by train. Congress leader Jitendra Tiwari said that Gandhi has said that she will personally take care of the child’s treatment in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi.last_img read more

Electric car makers woo Chinese buyers with range features

SHANGHAI — Automakers are showcasing electric SUVs and sedans with more driving range and luxury features at the Shanghai auto show, trying to appeal to Chinese buyers in their biggest market as Beijing slashes subsidies that have propelled demand.Communist leaders wanting China to lead in electric vehicles have imposed sales targets. That requires brands to pour money into creating models to compete with gasoline-powered vehicles on price, looks and performance at a time when they are struggling with a Chinese sales slump.General Motors, Volkswagen, China’s Geely and other brands on Tuesday displayed dozens of models, from luxury SUVs to compacts priced under $10,000, at Auto Shanghai 2019. The show, the global industry’s biggest marketing event of the year, opens to the public Saturday following a preview for reporters.On Monday, GM unveiled Buick’s first all-electric model for China. GM says the four-door Velite 6 can travel 301 kilometres (185 miles) before the battery needs charging.VW showed off a concept electric SUV, the whimsically named ID. ROOMZZ, designed to travel 450 kilometres (280 miles) on one charge. Features include seats that rotate 25 degrees to create a lounge-like atmosphere.Communist leaders have promoted “new energy vehicles” for 15 years with subsidies to developers and buyers. That, along with support including orders to state-owned utilities to blanket China with charging stations, is helping to transform the technology into a mainstream product.“People’s mindset and governmental policies are more encouraging toward e-cars than in any other country,” said VW CEO Herbert Diess.Electric vehicles play a key role in the ruling Communist Party’s plans for government-led development of Chinese global competitors in technologies from robotics to biotech.Those ambitions set off Beijing’s tariff war with President Donald Trump. Washington, Europe and other trading partners complain Chinese subsidies to technology developers and pressure on foreign companies to share know-how violate its market-opening commitments.Electric car subsidies end next year, replaced by sales quotas. Automakers that fall short can buy credits from competitors that exceed their targets or face possible fines.“Most of the traditional car makers are under huge pressure to launch NEVs,” said industry analyst John Zeng of LMC Automotive.Last year’s Chinese sales of pure-electric and hybrid sedans and SUVs soared 60% over 2017 to 1.3 million, or half the global total. At the same time, industry revenue was squeezed by a 4.1% fall in total Chinese auto sales to 23.7 million vehicles.That skid that worsened this year. First-quarter sales fell 13.7% from a year ago.Still, China is a top market for global automakers, giving them an incentive to go along with Beijing’s electric ambitions. Total annual sales are expected eventually to reach 30 million, nearly double last year’s U.S. level of 17 million.Under Beijing’s new rules, automakers must earn credits for sales of electrics equal to at least 10% of purchases this year and 12% in 2020. Longer-range vehicles can earn double credits. That means some brands can fill their quota if electrics make up as little as 5% of sales.Also Tuesday, Nissan Motor Co. and its Chinese partner displayed the Sylphy Zero Emission, an all-electric model designed for China. Based on Nissan’s Leaf, the lower-priced Sylphy went on sale in August.Mercedes Benz displayed its first all-electric model in China, the EQC 400 SUV. The Germany automaker says it can travel 400 kilometres (280 miles) on one charge and can go from zero to 100 kph (62 mph) in 5.2 seconds.Mercedes plans to release 10 electrified models worldwide, with most built in China, according to Hubertus Troska, its board member for China.Some Chinese rivals have been selling low-priced electrics for a decade or more.China’s BYD Auto, the biggest global electric brand by sales volume, unveiled three new pure-electric models last month. All promise ranges of more than 400 kilometres (280 miles) on one charge.Last week, Geely Auto unveiled a sedan under its new electric brand, Geometry, with an advertised range of up to 500 kilometres (320 miles) on one charge.Geely’s parent, Geely Holding, launched a joint venture with Mercedes parent Daimler AG in March to develop electrics under the smart brand. Geely Holding is Daimler’s biggest shareholder and also owns Sweden’s Volvo Cars.Beijing wants to force automakers to speed up innovation and squeeze out producers that rely too heavily on subsidies. But the technology minister acknowledged in January that China faces a difficult transition as that spending is ending.Keeping development on track “will be a challenge,” said Miao Wei, according to a transcript on his ministry’s website.The shift creates an opportunity for fledgling Chinese automakers that lag global rivals in gasoline technology. They have just 10% of the global market for gasoline-powered vehicles but account for 50% of electric sales.The end of subsidies should lead to dramatic changes, said Zeng of LMC Automotive. He said longer-range, feature-rich models from global majors will replace small producers that cannot survive without subsidies.Electric vehicles “will be much more competitive,” said Zeng.As the cost of batteries and other components falls, industry analysts say electrics in China could match gasoline vehicles in price and become profitable for manufacturers in less than five years.EVs carry a higher sticker price in China than gasoline models. But industry analysts say owners who drive at least 16,000 kilometres (10,000 miles) a year save money in the long run, because maintenance and charging cost less.___AP researcher Yu Bing contributed to this report.Joe McDonald, The Associated Press read more

UN agencies urge bolstered respect for human rights regardless of HIV status

In a statement, the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) urged “all governments to be vigilant in respecting and protecting the rights of individuals in this regard, in particular the rights of all to be free from murder, torture, violence, arbitrary arrest and vilification, regardless of their HIV status or sexual orientation.” The bodies voiced their concern over reports of forced HIV testing, arbitrary detention on the basis of HIV status and the disclosure of one’s HIV status without consent. “Such punitive measures violate individuals’ rights and make it more difficult to reach those in need of HIV prevention, treatment and care services,” UNAIDS and OHCHR noted. They also pointed out that homophobia, where it exists, “fuels the HIV epidemic,” calling for the issue to be addressed as a crucial component of HIV responses on a national level. Action to tackle HIV which is based on respect for human rights, tolerance and unfettered access to HIV prevention and treatment is most effective, the statement said. In a related development, a UNAIDS-backed biannual global conference on finding safe, effective and accessible microbicides – which could be used by women to prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases – has wrapped up in New Delhi, India. “Developing an effective microbicide will be a critical step forward in the AIDS response,” UNAIDS Executive Director Peter Piot said at the close of the four-day meeting, which brought together over 1,000 researchers, public health workers, communities and advocacy organizations. “To provide women with HIV prevention technology they can use themselves will be nothing short of revolutionary.” This has been a year of mixed results in candidate microbicide clinical trials, with one trial halted early due to safety concerns while another microbicide was found to be safe but not effective in blocking HIV transmission. 28 February 2008Two United Nations agencies have issued a joint call to boost protection of the human rights of people regardless of their sexual orientation or their actual or presumed HIV status. read more

UN soccer event scores 360000 for youth in Brazil and Cape Verde

“We are delighted by the support for the people of Brazil and Cape Verde,” Rebeca Grynspan, Associate Administrator for the UN Development Programme said in a press release issued on Friday. “We are proud that UNDP’s 10th Match Against Poverty provides the opportunity for the public to participate in the fight against poverty and exclusion,” she added.More than 50,000 fans filled the Gremio Arena Stadium on 17 December 2012 to watch the game, which featured some of the world’s top players, including legends Ronaldo and Zinédine Zidane.Ronaldo’s team, which was made up entirely of Brazilian players, beat Mr. Zidane’s 3-2.Proceeds from ticket sales, broadcast rights and sponsorships from the match will be evenly split between two projects aimed at re-integrating marginalized youth, according to UNDP. In Brazil, proceeds will fund the “Rede Esporte para Mudança Social (REMS)” a project that promotes poverty reduction and social inclusion through sports. In Cape Verde, an island nation off the coast of West Africa, UNDP will work with Afro Reggae, a Brazilian non-governmental organization, to improve education amongst marginalized youth.The match follows nine successful contests, held in Basel, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Marseille, Málaga, Fez, Lisboa, Athens and Hamburg. Proceeds from previous matches have benefited projects in more than 29 developing countries, including recovery efforts in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake and last year’s devastating floods in Pakistan.“Every time we get together for this match we can help and make a difference,” said Mr. Zidane, who is also a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador.“We are very happy with the results of this edition, and we look forward to hearing about the results from the projects in Brazil and Cape Verde that will benefit,” echoed UNDP Ambassador and teammate Ronaldo.The annual match – which was televised globally – is supported by both football’s governing body, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). read more

Excop charged for harbouring Camp Street prison escapees

Charges were on Tuesday laid against a former police officer when he appeared at the Linden’s Magistrates’ Court to answer to the charge of  harbouring two of the wanted fugitives responsible for the July 9, Camp Street Prison break and conflagration.Teon AllenEx-cop, 31-year-old Teon Allen, pleaded not guilty to the charge of sheltering fugitives Mark Royden Williams and Uree Varswyck.The duo along with two other escapees are still on the run.The accused was remanded to prison and is scheduled to re-appear in court on September 28, 2017, when the trial will continue.According to information reaching INews, Allen reportedly confessed to detectives of the Major Crimes Unit, stating that he provided meals and transportation to Guyana’s most wanted men, following their break out from the Camp Street penitentiary.He was taken into custody just one week ago after police received information that he was seen in the presence of the wanted criminals.In fact, sources have confirmed that the ex-cop is a known confederate of the escapee Varswyck, dating back to their shared time as ranks of the Guyana Police Force.Moreover, it was highlighted that earlier this year, Allen and two other men were charged with the illegal possession of an AK-47 and matching ammunition.Meanwhile, still on the run are the three inmates who escaped from Camp Street and one who dug his way out for the Lusignan holding compound.The wanted men are Mark Royden Williams aka “Smallie”, ex-cop Uree Varswyke, Cobena Stephens and Paul Goriah respectively, all of whom were incarcerated for murder. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedIntelligence-driven operation ongoing to recapture escapees- HickenSeptember 12, 2017In “Crime”Prison break: Manhunt leads to Linden as 1 arrestedJuly 22, 2017In “Crime”3 recaptured prison escapees jailed for 1 year each, while man mistaken for escapee succumbsJuly 27, 2017In “Crime” read more

United not giving up on top four hopes Valencia

first_imgManchester United captain Antonio Valencia has echoed the sentiments at the club stating that nobody is giving up on the chase for a top-four place in the League.United’s next game is at home against Huddersfield Town on Boxing Day, and the former Wigan man urged the squad to develop a consistent run in the bid to secure a top-four spot.”Absolutely,” he replied when asked by MUTV if the top-four scrap remains alive, prior to Saturday’s 5-1 win over Cardiff City.“Nobody is giving up at all. You know there is half a season left to play so it’s all about working hard, battling and playing well.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.”We know we have got the quality within the squad to be able to do that. It is all about being focused and the aim is still to get into those top four places. We also want to go as far as we can in the Champions League – why not get to the final? Why not try to win the two cup competitions we are still involved in?”Wagner’s men are on a relegation fight but the fact the festive fixture is at home is of a benefit to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side.”I think it is good,” explained Valencia. “The main thing is to get everyone together at Old Trafford after Christmas and it is a great fact we don’t have to travel as it’s on our doorstep. Playing in front of our fans is always a special occasion.”We are getting the chance to make them happy and hopefully put any recent bad results behind us to get into good form again. We need to start putting a string of wins together and putting in a good performance to make the fans happy.”last_img read more

Emancipation Day to Kick off April 16

first_imgThe third annual Emancipation Day DC celebration will kick off April 16. The event, which commemorates the abolition of slavery, will feature a parade, workshops at the John H. Wilson Building, fireworks and more. The event will also include performances by Doug E. Fresh, Black Alley Band, Arrested Development, Talib Kweli and Raheem DeVaughn at Freedom Plaza. For more information:

Liberia Fears of Ebola Spread Rise as Clinic Looted

first_imgPeople pass by Ebola virus health warning signs, in the city of Monrovia, Liberia, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014. Liberian officials fear Ebola could soon spread through the capital’s largest slum after residents raided a quarantine center for suspected patients and took items. (AP Photo/Abbas Dulleh) MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Liberian officials fear Ebola could soon spread through the capital’s largest slum after residents raided a quarantine center for suspected patients and took items including blood-stained sheets and mattresses.The violence in the West Point slum occurred late Saturday and was led by residents angry that patients were brought from other parts of the capital to the holding center, Tolbert Nyenswah, assistant health minister, said Sunday. It was not immediately clear how many patients had been at the center.West Point residents went on a “looting spree,” stealing items from the clinic that were likely infected, said a senior police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the press. The residents took medical equipment and mattresses and sheets that had bloodstains, he said.“All between the houses you could see people fleeing with items looted from the patients,” the official said, adding that he now feared “the whole of West Point will be infected.”Some of the looted items were visibly stained with blood, vomit and excrement, said Richard Kieh, who lives in the area.The incident raises fears of new infections in Liberia, which was already struggling to contain the outbreak.Liberian policemen, right, dressed in riot gear disperse a crowd of people that blocked a main road after the body of someone suspected of dying from the Ebola virus had not yet been removed by health workers in the city of Monrovia, Liberia. (AP Photo/Abbas Dulleh)Liberian police restored order to the West Point neighborhood. Sitting on land between the Montserrado River and the Atlantic Ocean, West Point is home to at least 50,000 people, according to a 2012 survey produced by groups including the Liberia Peacebuilding Office and the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission.Distrust of government runs high, with rumors regularly circulating that officials plan to clear the slum out entirely.Though there had been talk of putting West Point under quarantine should Ebola break out there, assistant health minister Nyenswah said Sunday no such step had been taken. “West Point is not yet quarantined as being reported,” he said.Ebola has killed 1,145 people in West Africa, including 413 in Liberia, according to the World Health Organization.In East Africa, the Kenyan government took steps to prevent the disease from spreading. Kenya will bar passengers traveling from three West African countries hit by the Ebola outbreak, closing a debate in East Africa’s economic powerhouse about whether the national airline was exposing the country to the deadly disease.The suspension is effective midnight Tuesday for all ports of entry for people traveling from or through Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, said Kenya’s Health Ministry. Nigeria was not included in the ban, which also allows entry to health professionals and Kenyans returning from those countries.“This step is in line with the recognition of the extraordinary measures urgently required to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa,” the Health Ministry said. It cited the World Health Organization’s recent statement that the magnitude of the Ebola outbreak has been underestimated.Following the government’s announcement Saturday, Kenya Airways said it would suspend flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone. Kenya Airways, a major transport provider in Africa, had wrestled with the decision whether to continue flying to West Africa during the Ebola outbreak. Its suspension of flights is an abrupt reversal of its announcement Friday that it would continue flying.Social commentators, medical experts and Kenyan politicians said they feared the airline was putting profits ahead of prudence, and that KQ, as the airline is known, would spread Ebola. The airline flies more than 70 flights a week to West Africa.Several airlines have already suspended flights to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, including British Airways, Emirates Airlines, Arik Air and ASKY Airlines. Nigeria became the fourth Ebola-affected country late last month after a Liberian-American man sick with the disease flew to Lagos on an ASKY flight and infected several people before he died.Officials in Cameroon, which borders Nigeria, announced Friday it would suspend all flights from all four Ebola-affected countries. Korean Air announced on Thursday it would temporarily halt its service to Kenya despite the fact there are no cases of Ebola in the country.___AP writer Corinne Chin contributed from Nairobi, Kenyalast_img read more

Body of wife found hanging at rented flat near Haldirams husband held

first_imgKolkata: Baguiati police station has arrested a person for allegedly abetting his wife to commit suicide.According to police, Antara Sarkar Acharjee’s body was found inside a room of his hired flat at a housing complex near Haldiram’s on Wednesday. Her husband claimed that he does not know why his wife committed suicide. On Sunday, Antara’s father Ranjit Acharjee, a resident of Khalisakota Pally near Birati, lodged a complaint against his son-in-law Surajit Sarkar alleging that he used to torture his daughter. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeSources informed that Ranjit said her daughter and Ranjit were married in February 2006. It was alleged that after a few years of their marriage, Surajit started torturing Antara as she could not give birth to a child. Using this as a allegation, Surajit used to torture her mentally and physically. Ranjit also alleged that not only Surajit but his family members also used to torture Antara regularly based on the same allegation. Though Antara used to live at her in-laws’ home in Birati, recently Surajit hired a flat at a housing complex near Haldiram’s bus stop. It was thought that the torture would come to an end. However, Antara continued to face pressure from her husband, alleged her father. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedIt was also alleged that after shifting to their hired flat, Surajit not only tortured her but also cursed Antara to die. As she was fed up she committed suicide by hanging herself on Wednesday. After Ranjit filed the complaint, immediately an FIR was drawn on charges of abetment of Suicide (IPC 306) and acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention (IPC 34). Later at Sunday night, the sleuths arrested Surajit for allegedly abetting Antara to commit suicide. He was produced before Barasat Court on Monday and remanded him to 5-day police custody. Sources informed that despite Ranjit’s allegations against Surajit’s family members, police are waiting to have some kind of proof against them. The body has been set for an autopsy which might throw some light on the cause of her death.last_img read more

What your ID number says about you

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite While an identity number seems more or less like a random 13-digit number, it says a lot more about a person than it seems.In the 50s, the apartheid government – through ID numbers among other means – racially categorised citizens through the Population Registration Act. During that era, the first six digits gave the holder’s birth date, the next four distinguished people born on the same day and were to differentiate between sexes. The 11th number indicated whether or not the person is a South African (SA) citizen. The next number was a racial identifier which ranged from zero to seven, while the 13th number acted as an arithmetical control. Since the fall of apartheid, the racial indicators were removed.How to work out the current format by using random numbers: 940512 First six numbers – are the holder’s birth date in the YYMMDD formatThe next four numbers represent gender, that is, 5 000 and above indicates the holder is a male and 4999 and below indicates the holder is female11th digit – country of origin: 0 for SA and 1 for other nationalities12th digit – used to be a racial identifier and now, it doesn’t mean anything13th digit – ID verification number.For a male person born on 12 May 1994 in SA, the ID number would look like this: 940512 5163 084 (male SA citizen)For a female person born on 12 May 1994 in SA, the ID number would look like this: 940512 0361 084 (female SA citizen).Original story HERElast_img read more

Latin American leaders mourn Chávezs death

first_img Facebook Comments Related posts:Venezuela bids Chávez farewell Venezuela’s Chávez fighting severe lung infection Absence of Venezuela’s Chávez sparks more rumors Nicaraguan officials unveil flashy new Chávez memorial Was Hugo Chávez a good leader for Venezuela? Yes. He brought his Bolivarian Revolution into the 21st century. No. He was a populist dictator. He was both. Hugo Chávez dies of cancer at 58 HAVANA, Cuba – Latin America mourned the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez on Tuesday as the United States expressed hope his passing would lead to improved relations with the oil-rich state.Chávez, 58, died after a long battle with cancer, plunging Venezuela into an uncertain future after 14 years of rule by the charismatic former paratrooper, a standard-bearer of Latin America’s “anti-imperialist” left.Ideological allies across the region lined up to salute Chávez, with Cuba leading the plaudits to a man hailed as a “true son” to the communist nation’s retired 86-year-old revolutionary icon Fidel Castro.Cuban officials declared three days of national mourning in honor of the country’s closest regional ally and main economic benefactor.In a statement broadcast on state television, the Cuban government said Chávez had “stood by Fidel [Castro] like a true son” during his presidency.Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff hailed Chávez as a “great Latin American.”“We recognize a great leader, an irreparable loss and above all a friend of Brazil, a friend of the Brazilian people,” Rousseff said.Bolivia’s socialist President Evo Morales – whose political priorities and style of leadership have drawn deeply from Chávez – said he was “crushed” by his friend’s death and would soon travel to Venezuela.“We are in pain,” Morales added.Ecuador’s leftist President Rafael Correa, another close ally, said Chávez’s death was an “irreparable loss” for Latin America, saying Venezuelans would proudly carry on his legacy.In Argentina, Vice President Amado Boudou said on Twitter that “all of Latin America” was in mourning.“One of the best has left us: you will always be with us, Comandante,” Boudou said. Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner is to travel to Venezuela for Chávez’s memorial service.Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos echoed Correa’s sentiments, saying Chávez’s death was “a great loss for Venezuela and the region, for Colombia and for me personally.”Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica, a leftist and close friend of Chávez, issued a heartfelt tribute.“You are always saddened by a death,” said the 77-year-old, who confirmed he will travel to Venezuela to pay his respects.“But when you are talking about someone who has fought on the front line, and about someone who I remember I once called ‘the most generous leader I have met’, well the pain takes on a whole new dimension.”Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, a conservative billionaire, called Chávez a leader who was “deeply committed to Latin America’s integration.”It was a view shared by Honduras President Porfirio Lobo, who lamented the loss of a “leader who fought for the integration of Latin America.”El Salvador President Mauricio Funes also offered condolences, expressing “deep regret at the loss of this great leader.”While Latin America offered many of the most anguished tributes, there was a more measured response from the United States, whom Chávez had delighted in antagonizing during his years in office.“At this challenging time of President Hugo Chávez’s passing, the United States reaffirms its support for the Venezuelan people and its interest in developing a constructive relationship with the Venezuelan government,” President Barack Obama said.“As Venezuela begins a new chapter in its history, the United States remains committed to policies that promote democratic principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights,” Obama said in a short written statement.U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon paid tribute Chávez’s work on behalf of his country’s poor and his support of Colombia’s peace process.“President Chávez spoke to the challenges and aspirations of the most vulnerable Venezuelans,” Ban said.French President Francois Hollande meanwhile praised Chávez’s determination “to fight for justice,” saying he had “profoundly marked his country’s history.”In London, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said he was “saddened” by the death, saying Chávez had left a “lasting impression” on his people.In Nicaragua, the Nicaragua Dispatch reports that President Daniel Ortega paid a short farewell to his close ally and friend: “He raised the sword of [South American liberator Simón] Bolívar in Venezuela, in Latin America, the Caribbean and the world to demand justice and peace, liberty and unity.”last_img read more

Mortgage Market Health Uneven Across US

first_img Credit Score Homeowner Costs Income Mortgage Health NerdWallet 2015-11-10 Staff Writer As recovery continues across the nation from the mortgage crisis in 2007, some states appear to be patching things together more quickly than others.NerdWallet examined data on credit scores, monthly homeowner costs as a percentage of income, serious mortgage delinquencies, and foreclosure inventories to determine which states have homeowners who are in the best position to handle their mortgages.“The U.S. continues to recover from the mortgage crisis that began eight years ago, but the pace of that recovery has been uneven across the nation,” the report stated.According to NerdWallet, North Dakota has the highest mortgage health score of 98.13. The average credit score for this state is 696, 12.60 percent of residents spend over 35 percent of their income on housing, and median income rose 11.19 percent from 2009 to 2014. This state also has the lowest mortgage delinquency rate.Neighboring South Dakota came in second place in terms of mortgage health with a score of 88.59, while the state of Nebraska finished third with a health score of 87.78.New Jersey, Florida, and New York received the lowest mortgage health scores at 10.07, 20.17, and 28.16, respectively. These states also have average credit scores in the 600s, too many residents that spend over 35 percent of their income on housing, and negative changes in median income from 2009 to 2014.On a regional level, the Midwest outperformed other regions, with the top six states where homeowners have healthy mortgage profiles, the report said.The Southeast region consisted of low credit scores throughout, recording four of the five worst credit score averages by state. There was a 66-point variance between the most creditworthy state, Minnesota with a score of 704, and the least, Mississippi with a score of 638.The NerdWallet report also noted that the one-third rule proves to be true among housing payments, as consumers should not spend more than a third of their income on housing. Data showed that the last five states have the highest percentage of residents who spend 35 percent or more of their annual income on housing.Income growth was a major indicator of overall mortgage health, with homeowners in Rhode Island, Nevada, and Connecticut saw a high mortgage delinquency rate as residents also experienced major income contractions, the data showed.Click here to view the full report. November 10, 2015 439 Views Sharecenter_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Market Studies, News Mortgage Market Health Uneven Across U.S.last_img read more

Maui Hawaii – Reported by Elite Traveler the Pri

first_imgMaui, Hawaii – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineFour Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea is partnering with Tour de France veteran and Canadian Olympian Ryder Hesjedal and Go Cycling Maui to present a weeklong cycling camp, December 4-11, 2010, geared to riders with modest to advanced fitness and experience.This camp is designed for cyclists seeking a challenge and a one-of-a-kind experience. Instruction and training will be provided by several of the world’s most competitive riders including Hesjedal. The goal is to let every participant experience riding and support services in much the same way as those on the ProTour level, with the beauty and changing terrain of Maui as the backdrop and the challenge.What: A one-week cycling camp for aficionados–from modest to advances fitness and experience levels—seeking the highest level of professional training. Who: Ryder Hesjedal, professional cyclist, Tour De France veteran and Canadian Olympian, in association with local touring company, Go Cycling Maui’s Donnie Arnoult and elite support staff. Also scheduled are other top cycling professionals including Hesjedal’s Tour de France and GARMIN Transitions teammate, Christian Vande Velde ; Ironman Champion Chris Lieto ; and staff coach and Canadian Olympian Seamus McGrath. Where: Home base is the luxurious Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, with the entire island as training facility. Riders are encouraged to bring spouses, significant others and friends to enjoy the resort’s many amenities including prime positioning on Wailea Beach, top spa services, dining at the resort’s three award-winning restaurants and the incomparable service. Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea is the island’s first and only AAA Five Diamond and Mobil Five-Star resort and guests will be pampered throughout their stay. Maui is known for its picturesque beauty, warm weather, perfect roads and world’s best beaches.When: Saturday, December 4 to Saturday, December 11, 2010Why: To build cycling skills in a professional training camp; receive instruction from some of the world’s best professional cyclists; and experience all that the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea and the island of Maui have to offer.Riders Can Expect: Complete mechanic service along with full mechanical ride support; specific equipment details organized on a one-on-one basis (Litespeed bikes are available if needed); all on-ride needs including food, drink, and clothing; basic after-ride therapy sessions, with specialty massage or acupuncture available; daily riding clothes laundry service; and a nurse on staff. Maui guide experts know how to maximize every mile of riding with thorough ride preparation and reading the wind and weather daily to provide the best experience possible.Cost: $9,850 per read more

Fantasy taxi driver a sign of a deeper malaise

first_imgIn a strange new twist, a man arrested last month for pretending to be a taxi driver has called the head of the road transport department posing as the chief of police in an attempt to get his licence back.The 38-year-old man was arrested in Limassol in April in connection with extortion and theft after he offered a ride to a Chinese tourist and ended up grabbing €300 off him.Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity to the Sunday Mail, said that the fake taxi driver had called Soteris Kolettas, head of the road transport department, on Friday pretending to be the chief of police and asking him to re-examine why his professional licence had been revoked and that it needed to be re-instated immediately.But the taxi driver fantasy does not stop there, according to other taxi drivers, as the very same man has been seen across Limassol on more than one occasion since his arrest on April 20, continuing to pose as a taxi driver.Police confirmed to the Sunday Mail that the fake taxi driver had been driving a blue BMW but that it was confiscated on the day of his arrest.But he has since been seen by the head of the Limassol association of taxi drivers Dinos Constantinides and one other taxi driver offering rides in a black Jaguar.According to Constantinides, the man was known to taxi drivers but they felt helpless as numerous complaints had gone unheeded, he claims.“No one cares. We call the licence authority and they say they can’t do anything as his licence has been revoked and is no longer under their wing. They tell us to call the police. When we do, they tell us to call the licence authority.”According to Constantinides, the man has a condition that make his hands shake, not only making him a risk behind the wheel but also scaring passengers into thinking he’s violent and quickly giving him money without wanting to cause trouble.Sources close to the police case have confirmed the disorder.“His trick is saying he’ll do the ride for €2. But when he drops someone off he’ll say it was €2 per km or something along those lines,” Constantinides said.Following the man’s imaginative attempt to get his licence back after it was revoked prior to his arrest last month, sources have said a new case is being investigated against him now further up the scale – it has now gone from Limassol to police headquarters in Nicosia.According to administrative officer at the transport ministry Alexia Christofi who deals with taxi licences, arrests in cases such as these – minus the posing as police chief – are difficult to tackle as someone needs to be caught red-handed receiving money for a ride.“They can just argue they’re dropping off a friend or relative. You need a witness. If not, it’s one person’s word against another’s,” she said.For Constantinides the fake driver incident is just one example of far deeper problems in the industry.“Our job has a bad name. We know this. But some of us are trying to do our job honestly and then people like him come and tarnish our reputation,” he said.“The current state of lawlessness some in our profession engage in are all with the green light of the state.”He alleges that some drivers, even with professional licences, receive state benefits for unemployment or worse yet for having disabilities – such as poor eyesight.“I swear to you, there’s cases like these on the streets.”Head of the social insurance department Fanis Tryfonos said his department do their best to ensure taxi drivers do not claim unemployment benefits.Unemployed people go to the social insurance department and sign every month that they are out of work. If they get a job and do not inform the department of the change, Tryfonos said it will inevitably come up as they receive social insurance payments.This may take up to a month. “We do various internal checks to ensure this does not happen,” he said, but did not wish to disclose any more information as to how this was done so as not to tip off the public.Asked if there is an open line of communication for instance with the transport ministry when giving out licences to ensure someone on disability benefits was not granted a licence, he said “certainly, it’s been the case for years.”Christofi from the transport ministry, however, told the Sunday Mail that all that is required to grant a licence to taxi drivers is they pass their exams and have a clear criminal record.“We do see them when they take their exams,” she said, meaning if someone was visibly disabled, they would know.Tryfonos also noted that receiving disability benefits did not necessarily mean they weren’t allowed to drive.“Medical boards might decide a bus driver for instance, can only drive for a few hours a day. Receiving benefits while exercising his profession does not necessarily mean it is illegal.”But Constantinides insisted that he knows of five criminals who have been given professional licences.“Three of them were in for drugs, two had been in for rape,” he claimed.Christofi maintained they had received no such complaints and that it was impossible to give a professional licence without a clear record.People who served time for crimes such as pre-meditated murder or drug trafficking could not be given a licence unless the police chief officially cleared their record, she said.Crimes such as rape fall into the category of those which under no circumstances are given a chance for receiving a professional taxi driver’s licence.“We haven’t received such complaints. We don’t have cases like this in Cyprus.”You May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Are Leading The Pack. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Eoka torture case opens with debate over legal accountability

first_imgThe UK high court reserved judgement on Wednesday in a lawsuit filed in mid-2015 by 33 men and two women over torture endured by Greek Cypriot Eoka fighters during the struggle for independence from colonial rule between 1955 and 1959.The first hearing opened in London on Tuesday where both sides presented their opening statements, according to lawyers for the plaintiffs. The hearing concluded on Wednesday but it could take two or three weeks before the judge issues his decision.The Eoka veterans are being represented by KJ Conroy & Co Solicitors, a Birmingham-based law firm. The British government has raised an obscure point of law called ‘double accountability’, questioning whether British law or Cypriot law applied at the time of the Eoka struggle and attempting to make the case that it was Cypriot law, in which case the statute of limitations would kick in.Howard Shelley, one of the lawyers representing the Greek Cypriot veterans, told the Cyprus Mail on Wednesday that the hearing comprised “fairly dry” legal arguments on double accountability’ which was, he added, obsolete in terms of UK law since the 1980s and “rarely relevant to anything”.He said if the judge comes back with a negative ruling for the plaintiffs suggesting that Cyprus law is applicable the next move would be to examine “what is Cyprus law?” and from there to move to the legal aspects of the statute of limitations. Shelley said there were four preliminary legal roads that could be followed by solicitors. Wednesday’s hearing focused only on the first one.The solicitor also confirmed that the number of plaintiffs now stands at 34 as one has died and the family did not wish to continue the case. He also said that he had heard from colleagues in Cyprus that more Eoka veterans wished to join the class-action suit.Foreign Office documents released in July 2012 described claims of torture and abuse during the 1955-1959 Eoka insurgency.In parallel with legal procedures to lead test cases to trial, the solicitors are expected to open negotiations with British authorities with a view to settling out of court on a similar basis to the Kenyan example, which opened the way for the Eoka veterans.An official admission in Britain in 2013 that thousands were tortured during Kenya’s Mau Mau insurgency between 1952 and 1963 expressed regret, but denied liability and settled out of court for a reported €24 million payout. You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoSecurity SaversWindows Users Advised To Do This TodaySecurity SaversUndoYahoo SearchThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Research Best Compact SUV CarYahoo SearchUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

ENI committed to continue its exploration in Cyprus

first_imgIts commitment to continue exploration in Cyprus was strong, Italian energy giant ENI said on Thursday, and good synergies could be created as natural gas found in Cyprus could find it way to Europe through the company’s facility in Egypt.Speaking after a meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades, ENI CEO Claudio Descalzi said they discussed the future of three blocks the company holds with South Korea’s KOGAS inside the island’s exclusive economic zone.The visit came in the wake of ENI’s announcement that it had found an estimated 30 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas in Egypt’s Zohr field, making it the biggest discovery in the Mediterranean and the world’s 20th largest.The site is located 3.5 nautical miles (6.5 kilometres) from the border of Block 11 of Cyprus’ EEZ. Block 11 is licensed to oil major Total.“We discussed about the future of the three blocks and also about the area and all the possible development in the Eastern Mediterranean after the big discovery in Egypt,” Descalzi said. “I think we can create good synergies with the Egyptian facilities and we can also discuss about future development by following the same kind of geological model that we developed and discovered in Egypt.”The company, Descalzi said, had an expert facility in Egypt and it could be an opportunity for gas that has been found in Cyprus to find its way to Europe through there.ENI-KOGAS had asked the Cypriot government for an extension earlier in the year to re-evaluate its geological model after it twice failed to find exploitable hydrocarbons in Cyprus’ Block 9.The company had asked for an extension until February 2018 to reassess the energy potential in the East Levant where they operate.“We have to reassess all our data to understand better the geological model and be more focused maybe on another target in the same blocks,” Descalzi said. “But it is clear that the commitment to continue our exploration in Cyprus is very strong.” You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

He said the senator

He said the senator had attempted to remove the Governor with only eight members of the State Assembly through impeachment and failed because it was an illegality and wondered why he was still daydreaming. A new ground-facing camera also allows Inspire 1 to fly steadily to keep the video footage clean. He not only refused to believe that India was a nation,5-0.

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There were two passengers,贵族宝贝Carl, 42, passed away in a hospice in Flemingsburg, They want to contribute profoundly and make a difference.Hyderabad: The opposition Congress on Thursday demanded a CBI inquiry into the alleged involvement of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government in land registration irregularities in Telangana “I hope so, I don’t see that change. Clinton is not alone in becoming concerned about the issue, something he described “as monumental national disgrace of historic scale. Because if politicians like Swafford cant clinch state office, Sridhara Murthi.

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Ramzan Kadyrov, Though many U. ‘Personally, live longer and build better relationships. Pete Marovich—Bloomberg/Getty Images Obama won plaudits for this powder blue and black lace gown by Carolina Herrera, Borger makes clear The Hague tribunal’s efforts to bring Karadzic and other war criminals to justice will have set the high water mark against which future efforts at justice will be measured.President Obama nominated Ashton Carter as Defense Secretary on Friday thanks to lowering prices.said she believed the seizure was the largest confiscation of fentanyl South Dakota has ever seenA warrant for Melland’s arrest was issued July 20. not for an 85-year-old, Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD).

But I do absolutely disavow those comments,娱乐地图Celia. read more

BC Special Agent L

BCI Special Agent Lindsay Wold said the interview took place at the Beulah city attorney’s law firm in a conference room. Gay couples in the military move frequently, If you are not from Benue or other states affected.

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" said the Italy defender of Milan who are on 28 points in eleventh position.While the exact mill increase will not be determined until the North Dakota State Board of Equalization sets county’s total taxable property value in October. When her vehicle broke down in rural Tennessee, “History has been made, both in Australia and around the world,上海龙凤419Tank, capping off on an unbelievably rainy June. On Friday morning, and produced by David Heyman, Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein and Johnny Depp as the powerful dark wizard Gellert Grindelward. Did she try to lure somebody in to watch?

a “sin” in Hennen’s view. 2012. You’ll need to run everything from your phone, The forum, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, 2016. the economy and transport ministries and the embassies of Indonesia and Uzbekistan. read more