mpulse is the devil double 11 shopping beware of businesses play routines

each reporter Jiang Peifang

"impulse is the devil," the five words in the annual double when the performance of the 11 is particularly evident. Impulse shopping, a large number of goods, and even make a business dispute a few examples in. Of course, there are some problems of the business itself, so this year, 11 countries before the relevant ministries of the two countries to advance to the major electricity supplier platform to play a preventive, to remind them to regulate the operation. read more

Guangzhou cross-border electricity supplier ranks first in the country’s comprehensive test area

From February 16th

billion en network economic daily was informed that, according to Guangzhou customs statistics, in 2016 the annual cross-border electricity supplier in Guangzhou import and export value reached 14 billion 680 million yuan, an increase of 1.2 times, accounting for 3 of the total import and export of cross-border electricity into (29.4%), the cross-border electricity supplier in Guangdong continues to lead the whole nation!

For the convenience of

you get to quickly focus, Xiaobian summed up the four aspect: read more

Suning made 818 fever Festival play which recruit

"it’s just time to make money on 818/. I’m happy to spend the whole day……" When the "fever bar" full of rhythm melody sounded again, the annual 818 fever Festival again.

is like old friends, this year 818, in the home court will bring what kind of surprise to everyone? July 26th 818 landing ceremony on the planet have a fever, a variety of tricks are people too busy to attend to all emerge in its totality.

FBI to buy live, let consumers buy rest assured purchase fashion read more

Transformation of traditional enterprise e-commerce should not blindly step by step

e-commerce boom infected a lot of people, into the electricity supplier to share this delicious cake is also a lot of companies, including individuals are dreaming of things. But before preparing to enter into the industry, enterprises or individuals looking for access to export is very important, do not blindly.

understand the current situation of online shopping, mainly for enterprises to enter the e-commerce, published my proposal.

data show: more than 20% of the population in our country are in the Internet, in such a huge Internet users, more than 20% people will choose online shopping online shopping, 80% of consumers will choose to go to Taobao shopping, 82 principles which is a lot of people are familiar with. But the B2C market is still relatively small, only 1/1000 of the electricity supplier practitioners choose it. read more

When printing love e-commerce

today, e-commerce has been applied to all walks of life, such as online meal ordering, buy clothes online, buy cosmetics online. As for the centuries old history of the printing industry, after several times after the rapid development of shuffling, but also to keep up with the trend of e-commerce, open the door to the printing industry e-commerce. When printing meets e-commerce, whether they can really wipe out the spark of the printing industry?

printing industry bottlenecks encountered

the last century until the beginning of twenty-first Century 90s, Chinese printing factory is still in the era of violence completely, on the one hand and the opacity of the printing process was the overall price, boot, and paper prices to color printing quotation; on the other hand, the industry does not need too much manpower, material resources and capital, will save a lot of unnecessary costs and earn more profit, as when people say "boot print = printing money". read more

Societe Generale closed credit card online mall banks do electricity supplier deposit defects

customers, price, logistics, etc. are difficult to break through the bottleneck, the development of electronic financial credit platform is the future direction of

another four days, the Industrial Bank’s credit card online mall will be officially closed. Its website announced that due to business adjustments, will be officially closed in August 31st mall. For customers who have ordered goods, the normal treatment. This news, so that the industry once again pay attention to the development of traditional banks in the field of electricity supplier embarrassment bottleneck. read more

Back home Pat micro shop was WeChat two entrance


] January 17th news billion state power network, billion state power network exclusively learned that the Jingdong’s pat micro shop official in the Jingdong WeChat two entrance ("I" – WeChat Wallet – Jingdong featured "appearance). Once belonged to Tencent’s main electricity supplier pat Network is considered to take back home".

it is understood that the micro shop to get access to the entrance of the resource is actually relatively limited, only in the Jingdong featured home page has a focus map display. Through the entrance, pat micro shop chose to focus on the display of its distribution market products, users can choose agents interested in the market. read more

How did choose to open a shop in Taobao

this year I have graduated from University, has just entered the community of confusion and facing the brutal competition in the workplace, I choose the online shop business! And like most people, I don’t have a higher education diploma, just a girl, trying to enter a relatively good business that maybe is my hope but, I always try to. In looking for work experience repeatedly failed to tell me, no proficiency in a particular line is hard to stand in the society, on the condition, but now tell me, did not have much time to spend on learning, after all, have grown up and have left their parents living alone, should learn to be independent. read more

07 years of personal webmaster checkpoints, three roads lead to Rome

Faced with the pressure of copyright, SP business atrophy and alliance advertising downturn, in 2007 there is no way to personal website? The answer is definitely yes. At least for the time being, there are three relatively good way out for personal Adsense choice!

personal way of the station building, vertical industry website

    vertical industry site is built for a particular industry, and the industry of information, transactions and other aspects of the depth of integration and configuration of the site. Such sites do not need a huge amount of ordinary entertainment station, you can achieve a large profit.

    recently I log ten more familiar with the entertainment industry station and station are analyzed, the results found that under the same flow conditions, the vertical industry website profit ability is 5 to 12 times the general entertainment station. The difference is mainly reflected in the profitability of its profit model, general entertainment station profit pattern is the main use of traffic to make alliance advertising, the swap chain revenue, advertising revenue, click on the mobile phone SMS registered accounted for more than 80% share. In 07 years, with the establishment of mobile phone SMS registration downturn, click the K number, the flow quantity is not worth the money in mind advertisers, pictures, movies and other entertainment makes the ordinary station rely on for three ways to limit the income.

        in contrast, the vertical industry website membership fee + advertising + sales revenue profit model is much clearer. Vertical industry website profit pattern, membership fee is suitable to provide trading information industry as the leading industry vertical website; advertising for all vertical industry websites; sales revenue for vertical industry product oriented website. On the advertising fees, due to the vertical industry website professional strong, clear target audience, advertisers are more willing to teach a high price of its advertising to this station, chemical online advertising for a banner a year on one hundred thousand of the cost will fully support this point.

        of course, from an operational point of view, the operation of the vertical industry site is obviously more difficult than ordinary entertainment, because it is more emphasis on professionalism, timeliness, uniqueness. The characteristics, determines the mode of operation of the person standing alone does not work in this way, in this step before the threshold, personal webmaster to face at least a single operation to shift operations.

    the so-called interest community, that is, there are common interests of the Internet users of the community. Many types of communities of interest, such as driving, weekend party, community stock market forum, entrepreneurs salon, mountaineering enthusiasts, community swimming enthusiasts community, photography enthusiasts community, fishing enthusiasts community, community, community, many fans, many community sparrow chess community.

    Internet read more

The New Blue Ocean network marketing achievements of Wuhan Jianmin Longmu

network marketing achievements of Wuhan Jianmin Longmu "blue ocean"

in the fierce competition in the market China, traditional media advertising in the Red Sea, the famous brand product scene a few years quietly quiet a few, can be said to be "market own brand, leading the industry for years". The typical Wuhan Jianmin Zhuanggu Granule is one of the best remembered.

In the

era of development, improving living standards, consumer tastes are changing, competitors and some traditional enterprises not resigned to playing second fiddle, the old brand if you can not understand these new changes and new trends, quiet and even go bankrupt sooner or later. In a word: "survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest." read more