Chizhou migrant workers enjoy the highest 150 thousand yuan subsidy

for migrant workers lack of funding problems, many local governments have introduced policies to grant subsidies. Recently, the Chizhou government introduced a new policy for migrant workers in Chizhou to provide special funds to support entrepreneurship, migrant workers in Chizhou can apply for a one-time subsidy of 150 thousand yuan.

"rules" clear, municipal business incubator operation subsidies: approved by the city and Social Council, the Municipal Finance Bureau and other departments of the Municipal Youth Business Park (including municipal Small and micro businesses, Pioneer Park entrepreneurial base) migrant workers can apply for a one-time 150 thousand yuan subsidies for operating funds, municipal private business incubators can apply for operating subsidies a one-time 50 thousand yuan. Initial one-time grant: small and micro science and technology, Graduate 5 years full-time college graduates and retired within 3 years of the initial ex demobilized soldiers founded the modern service enterprises, since the registration date of the normal operation of more than 6 months, by the individual business according to 5000 yuan subsidy according to the partnership; a number of 2000 yuan per person subsidies, the total amount of the partnership grants maximum not more than 10000 yuan; absorb more than 3 jobs to give 5000 yuan subsidy. read more

After joining the textile shop shop investment prospects

only the first time to grasp the market dynamics, in order to win more business opportunities. After the Spring Festival, the property market to pick up, directly led to the real estate industry derived from the economic development of various industries. Home improvement, home textile industry in the real estate warming trend, the most obvious benefit.

now "light decoration, decoration" concept gradually popular, and textile market continued these years higher, so it can be expected, the textile industry is very easy to get more rapid development in 2013. After joining the textile shop open investment, broad prospects, steady income.

2014, home textile enterprises should be more active in home textiles, home textiles to become a fast fashion life. read more

nvestment 100 Tamori fashion shoes fashion business

The best choice of

fashion, to choose to join the 100 Tamori fashion shoes? High quality shoes to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. Join the 100 Tamori fashion shoes, you are also very exciting?

16 year old girl in this game is to fly in the calm and quiet, quick thinking link and charming smile makes people have come to believe that "poetry and literature abdominal gas from China. As one hundred Tamori fashion brands: unique brand concept, correct market positioning and the fashion trend of the keen sense of smell, free beauty always walk in the forefront of fashion shoes, comfortable and elegant, noble, fashion, novel design as trendsetters leading China shoes are on the road of brand development to go more stable. read more

Decorative building materials stores how to deal with critical customers

open decorative building materials stores not only to have a good product, but also to provide consumers with good service, so as to get the recognition of consumers. Open decorative building materials stores, operators need to face a lot of problems, when faced with picky customers, master skills, in order to obtain customer recognition.

picky customers how to do? And the customer is old customers, new customers, these are the key problems, and develop ten new customers, maintain old customers as a "is the operator must fully understand the business rules, the operator to grasp the stable and old customers can not only make their own resources work to become more efficient, but also an important way to keep stable performance. read more

How to do a good job in jewelry store analysis

jewelry stores all over the market, for the public favorite. Investment in such shops, how to do a good job site? In fact, the location of the work contains a lot of content, the first step is the need to join the business circle analysis. Many novice on this issue is not familiar with nature, it requires a lot of learning, come and see.

the reasons to join a successful jewelry store has three aspects: first is the place; second is the third place or places. Therefore, before the establishment of the store must be selected for the analysis of the business district. Its content is: read more

Open jewelry store shop outside the shop is the focus of decoration

we all know that the jewelry industry profits, but the jewelry store is not open, to do a lot of preparation. If you have the intention to open the jewelry store, then you should first do a good job in the decoration of the shop. Open jewelry shop, shop outside the shop is the focus of decoration.


1, jewelry shop name to the novel, close to consumers, such as the overall style of the decoration in blue flower: Emperor, Airsun 58, 94boss is a good name.

2, shop: jewelry store store decoration to reflect the feminization of the feeling, to create a soft and delicate atmosphere of women, it is best to have lights, music, as well as some of the things that can highlight the feminization. read more

Small series for you to analyze the five types of entrepreneurs

now, many people choose to start a business, want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a precise positioning. The following are five types of entrepreneurs, take a look at what you belong to!

1. Super entrepreneur

2. Local entrepreneur

Driver’s arrival has had a profound impact on our local community, every day I can feel and appreciate these effects. They have taken root in people’s daily lives and the food they eat, they have quietly changed the lives of thousands of local residents. read more

What are the rules of the curtain cloth shop

curtain fabric is a lot of families need, if you want to open a curtain cloth store, then, what are the criteria for shop? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can make it easier to shop.

curtain fabric stores have a certain degree of professionalism to the clerk, but also a professional service model to be able to retain customers, open the curtain fabric stores need to pay attention to what criteria? The curtain cloth project assistants are more important than any one project assistant, because the curtain cloth projects mostly depend on consumer guide, you must let the customer believe you, first of all to allow customers to serve you! So, a clerk must have these factors: good affinity, was clear, proficient in product knowledge, have considerable sales knowledge, rich knowledge, grasp the curtain cloth curtain fabric knowledge read more

Shang Yi home life museum to make money

learn to enjoy the beauty of life, always very attractive. Shang Yi home living museum? Quality projects, the best choice for quality of life. With the continuous improvement of our living standards, we still have a constant demand for home living museum. How to join the home life Museum?

Yi Yi home living museum?

With the development of

Home Furnishing industry in China is more and more mature, consumer demand has increased, so, Shangyi Home Furnishing living museum agency fee? Investment prospects? Founded in 2004 is Home Furnishing Yi is a well-known brand Home Furnishing, always grasp the pulse of fashion, for consumers to provide new and fashionable products Home Furnishing Home Furnishing, jewelry, and Shangyi products with international standards, strong product development capabilities and supply system, not only let consumers trust, investors are relieved to read more

Sun Erniang hot pot needs to meet what conditions

"the Water Margin" is the story of the hero Liang known to every family, although most are men, but the sun and the niangs Hu San Niang impressive, is bravado beauties. Nowadays, many of our restaurants like to be named after famous characters in historical novels. Today to recommend Hot pot shop is concerned with Sun Erniang, called sun niangs Hot pot shop. Sun Erniang is set Hot pot delicious and healthy, fashionable and convenient in one, reflects the characteristics of modern fast food, consumers can choose their own bottom material, seasoning, can package can be a single point, fresh free collocation, Hot pot! Is a very popular with young people in the hot pot brand, so how to join the sun niangs Hot pot? read more

Share two tips for a quarter of the clothing discount promotions

clothing is an industry the number of many entrepreneurs choose entrepreneurship when more, the classification of clothing is more, such as buying season clothing, season clothing can not be sold again to the selling price, otherwise it really is not sold out, in order to attract a greater flow of people the businesses are the most common way is "discounts", then sell is not the price, quantity of clothing, but also has the skill of discount. Here’s a look at the skills of season discount promotions. read more

Learn how to do marketing catering

listened to a speaker who once said, "what is the smartest man in the world doing?." Yes, maybe he is not smart enough, but has been recognized by this era of smart people’s movements are in front of us why we do not learn, how much time can be saved for themselves. The food industry is the same, like sea fishing, and many other food and beverage industry big Banu people envy, many food are also want to do such a big restaurant, but few people can do in reality, since to do so, then they should learn is how to do marketing. read more

Online promotion skills analysis target population is the key

opened the shop, promotion is a big thing, if you do not know how to promote your shop, then this article should be helpful for you. Shop promotion is a gradual process of circulation, but there is no movement in a few months we have to analyze the subjective reasons. As a novice seller, you should consider the location of your target group is those people, your goal is to promote the crowd where you must understand.

read more

How to open a restaurant to quickly profit

has been much of a concern for the franchisee of a good industry inseparable from the food and beverage industry, the market has a high demand for food, food and beverage industry has unlimited business opportunities. Many franchisees to see where the business opportunities, want to share a cup of soup. Open a restaurant to want to make a profit, you need to have a good business.

from the street for the city to the shopping center, from the city to the core business community business, catering industry and the business community has become a pair of twin brothers, the data show that the sky is now catering support community shops. But also let many community residents miserable food. Catering industry in the end how to build a harmonious community and the commercial development of Haikou, the public concern.   how to manage food and beverage shops in order to make the harmonious development of catering and community business? For this reporter interviewed the real estate industry and catering industry. read more

2016 Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship competition is underway

if you are an entrepreneur in Tianjin, if you are satisfied with the results of their own business, then do not hesitate to sign up to participate in the 2016 Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship contest. Registration is in progress, look forward to your joining oh.

4 month 29 days, reporters from Tianjin city in 2016 and the fifth session of the Chinese innovation contest of innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Tianjin Division) work to promote the meeting that in 2016 Tianjin city innovation contest officially kicked off. read more

Cigarette business should pay attention to avoid

cigarette business, we need not only to do the work in place, while some taboo things we can not do, so that is a guarantee of the cause. In this article, the small series will introduce some of the tobacco business process of the taboo, summed up is four points. So, what are the cigarette business should pay attention to the "four"?

1, avoid informal channel purchase. We are here in order for Friday, Sunday tobacco car will ordered goods by car delivery, good service attitude, supply security. There is a line of lesbian Xiaoshuai business manager for our tutoring business, solve problems. This business Why not?? If the purchase of non tobacco monopoly channels, in violation of the tobacco monopoly law, heavy punishment, light punishment, it is The loss outweighs the gain. read more

ndustry and commerce departments to remind online shopping slimming health care products need to be

lose weight is the moment a lot of people’s attention, how to lose weight fast, how to gain a good figure is a lot of people want to know, so the weight loss health care products increasingly popular market! Industry and commerce departments to remind: online shopping slimming health care products need to be cautious!

The behavior of
read more

College students can not ignore the small opportunity

there are a lot of college students after graduation chose to start a business, but there are a lot of people have failed, there are still a lot of people still on the road. Here, I made a small collection of a number of college students entrepreneurial deeds, I know some of the reasons for the failure of college students, hoping to give some college students are about to start warning!

1, from the outside of the family and social adversity resistance to seek the support of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial prosperity. Many typical business news reports, seem to be breaking the secular concept of family, hinder, in people’s mocking words in adversity, this propaganda is one-sided. Only by obtaining the support of family and property, or the support of key business people, can the college students increase their chances of success. So the first task of College Students’ entrepreneurial marketing is to take their business plan to relatives and friends to sell out, get their approval. read more