Woman Texts Falls in Fountain Threatens to Sue Mall

first_imgIt’s just the reality of the world we live in–fall into a fountain with cameras around, and you’re going to wind up on YouTube. That’s precisely what happened to one Cathy Cruz Marrero, who took a dip in a Pennsylvania mall fountain as she was walking while texting. The surveillance video surfaced on the Web and, naturally, the brief grainy video became something a viral hit, showing up everywhere, including a number of national media outlets.Marrero herself appeared on TV, telling the world precisely how embarrassed she was over that embarrassing video. “I wanted to roll up and stay gome in bed for days,” she told a local news outlet.” Marrero, it turns out, was texting a friend from church.Her lawyer, James Polyak, meanwhile, went on Good morning America, sounding a bit more threatening about the whole thing. “We plan to hold all responsible parties accountable,” the attorney told Good Morning America. Morrero, incidentally, has been out on bail since 2009 on theft charges surrounding stolen credit cards.Just for, um, reference, check out the video, after the jump.last_img read more