Xiaobian for you to recommend the school entrance hot business

to do business at the school gate, geographical location choice 100 standard, people flow, consumer groups positioning accuracy, as long as the project choice, I believe we can become crazy, quickly among the ranks of the new rich.

The school gate

select the location for the school, usually residential streets and other personnel, The stream never stops flowing. high density area is divided into several types according to different crude properties: 1): the rental shop store characteristics mainly provide customer convenience book rental service, store decoration patterns tend to Gao Caiguang, book rental process is simple and fast, turnover allocation to books by the vast majority of customers, in reading consumption proportion is less. read more

Give advice to start-up companies boss must see

we all know that entrepreneurship is not going smoothly, startups will encounter various problems. Is there any way you can start a more successful business? Experts give the following five suggestions for startups is very helpful.

as 500  Startups and Lexity (by Yahoo2013 instructor year acquisition) before the CEO, I often ask myself, how to build a successful business. In many cases, I often meet some companies, in the initial stage, there are ambitious goals, want to change the industry, and even change the world. read more

Jewelry store location analysis

how to open jewelry store location? This is a problem plagued many businesses. In fact, the importance of shop location has gradually been known to everyone, but it is really difficult to implement it, I do not know where to start. Small finishing experience, I hope to help you find a suitable investment location.

jewelry stores a location in the main, the jewelry stores usually in dense traffic, how to open jewelry stores location? Such as the bustling commercial street, office building community gathered upscale business district, and the level of consumption in the transportation hub. read more

What kind of business is suitable for you in your neighborhood

want to do a profitable business, always pay attention to the surrounding business opportunities, and then decisively seize the opportunity to start a business to get rich. So, in the vicinity of your residential area, in the end what is suitable for business? Let’s take a look at it.

NO.1: second-hand real estate

which has never been a project such as the real estate industry is rich in a variety of billionaires, the richest real estate tycoons has occupied half of the country. With the introduction of a series of macro-control policies in the country, in 2011 the country began to loosen prices, but not the end of the era of real estate profiteering. read more

Entrepreneurship on the platform to solve all the problems solved

now, many college students choose to open the shop, in fact, this is a good venture to try. Many people believe that, for the novice to open shop, in the beginning there is no lack of credibility of the case, open shop to do virtual agent is the most appropriate, because the cost is low, do not need to purchase, inventory, cargo.

, analysis of novices confused us!

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Want a good business needs to be more careful

almost every shop business people want their business can fire up, however, business fire is not fire, but with many factors. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone to know how old horse business is hot, and see if his business experience will help the majority of operators.

enthusiastic, capable, is a consistent evaluation of the old horse.

horse opened a Wuliangye alcohol cigarette and liquor vendor in Melbourne logistics park, the beginning of sales is very general, but by virtue of his unyielding strength, uphold the integrity of management, product promotion work, and gradually put up quicker, bigger business, often sell cigarette brands more than 40, the annual purchase amount of about 2 million cigarettes, a the retail investors in the area. read more

Where is the supermarket

supermarket where good? I believe this is a lot of friends who want to open the supermarket have some questions. Supermarkets make our life more convenient, open a supermarket is also very profitable. The location of the supermarket is very important for the operators, different supermarkets have different site selection.

1) convenience store   1, located in residential areas, the main line of the road and the station, hospital, entertainment, organs, groups, enterprises and locations. 2, the business area of about 1OO square meters, the business area utilization rate is extremely high. 3, business hours are generally more than 16 hours, or even 24 hours. 4, the commodity structure: in order to fast food, small packaging goods, stationery magazines, with real-time consumption, less capacity, emergency and other characteristics.   5, target customers: residents walk shopping for 5 minutes to reach,   8O% customers for the purpose of shopping. read more

2016 suitable for entrepreneurship environment

2016 has come, you must also realize the ambition in the new year? For entrepreneurs, 2016 is destined to be an extraordinary year. We must particularly want to know in 2016 for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial environment in 2016 how? So today we come to the entrepreneurial environment in 2016 to analyze, come and see.

entrepreneurial space more professional

2016 suitable for entrepreneurship? Innovation and entrepreneurship have to find the right space. At present, China’s various types of public record space has more than 2300, and the existing more than 2 thousand and 500 accelerator technology business incubator, the 11 national innovation demonstration zone and 146 national high-tech zones, jointly form a complete business service and good ecological chain. On this basis, this year, I accelerate the construction of the Congress to create a professional community and the creation of a star world, which also means that entrepreneurs will have more and more suitable for their own entrepreneurial base camp". read more

Smart phone experience store let me harvest the first pot of gold

a month ago, 22 year old Xiamen boy Xu Tianxiang with a college diploma, with a net worth proud to bid farewell to his alma mater – Quanzhou Normal University School of software. Surprisingly, his wealth is not inherited from the ancestors, but in a year’s time to come to business. Today, he is the boss of the two smartphone store experience, the daily sales of about 40 thousand yuan. />

2009 />

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Lu Rui opened wide business good custom make plants

green plants are very common in our daily life of plants, plants in great demand, but also let more people engaged in such business, there is such a young man opened a can let consumers customized plants store, business is very good! Let’s go and have a look!

Huahuacaocao franchised store is not uncommon, but the museum has become an independent school custom creative plants: the sale of plants after design and taste a unique collocation, according to the requirements of customers customized, each pot of flowers have a character’s name and story. Earn two million years.

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Zhou Xinghai benefit management can enhance employee motivation

a shop if the business is always bad, even if the owner does not take effective management, I am afraid it is difficult to better retain employees. So, if you want to do a good job of staff management, may wish to benefit management, Zhou Xinghai is doing so. Now, let’s get to know how Zhou Xinghai does a good job as a clerk.

when I was in the supermarket is the beginning of reform and opening up, when the supermarket business is good to do, open the supermarket is also very profitable. After a few years, I opened another supermarket in another city. I know that some people know how to manage the enterprise, although my supermarket is very small, but also regarded as a business. I don’t like family business. read more

Commodity display should pay attention to new ideas

merchandise in the end how to display, every entrepreneur should have their own understanding of the nature of the reaction to the shops will have a specific approach. However, no matter how to display, in fact, the store also need to pay attention to the new commodity display, so as to really attract consumers.

shop operators must know that the display of goods is not static. The display of goods according to the specific situation, time to make the appropriate changes, to be able to maintain new ideas, rich changes. If the merchandise does not consider the change specific situations, always with a kind of display mode for the majority of consumers, it will become rigid, the shop will be lack of vitality, consumers will slowly feel tired and weary. read more

Bazhong to break the only score theory focus on comprehensive evaluation

in our exam oriented education, we pay more attention to the child’s test scores, it seems that only do good to prove their strength, especially in the key period of the examination, examination results directly on behalf of all. Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the "guidance" on further promoting senior high school exam enrollment system reform, following the introduction of the college entrance examination reform program, the majority of students in the senior high school entrance examination reform program has finally released the relationship. Bazhong to break the only score theory, pay attention to the comprehensive evaluation, we have a detailed understanding of the following. read more