The province’s overall land use planning adjustment and permanent basic farmland delimitation work c

8 19, 2009, the province held a master plan to adjust and improve the overall planning of the basic farmland and permanent work meeting, the deployment of related work. Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting pointed out, to carry out basic farmland designated permanent and perfect adjustment of land use planning, is a major deployment of the country, for the foundation, strengthening national food security and optimize land use structure and layout, accelerate the supply side structural reform, plays an important role in promoting economic and social sustainable and healthy development. All regions and relevant departments must unify their thinking, enhance understanding, grasp the key, and do a solid job in the overall planning of land use adjustment and permanent basic farmland delimitation. read more

Remember the general secretary told Qinghai tell a good story

February 19th, general secretary Xi Jinping went to the people’s daily and other central media research, chaired the press party will work forum and delivered an important speech on the news public opinion work status and role, responsibilities and mission, should adhere to the principles and orientation and must follow the basic principles and other aspects systematically.

in Qinghai, in Xining, both traditional media and new media editors and reporters to watch the news, speech, WeChat group in the relevant text, pictures and links frequently scraper…… Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important speech so that the majority of journalists feel excited, causing strong repercussions. Many front-line journalists in the study of speech, the mood be calm, we have said, the general secretary’s speech has a strong political, ideological and guidance, to remember the general secretary of the Commission, adhere to the correct political orientation, the performance of their duties, sing the main theme of the times, the party responsible for the news public opinion the duty and mission. read more

Xining children’s Welfare nstitute will start the new year to bring the child home activities

Spring Festival is approaching, festive. Xining children’s Welfare Institute in Qinghai province to "Fuwa" who prepared a variety of New Year activities, and strive to make "Fuwa" have a happy spring festival.
in the home for the new year is the greatest desire for life in the orphanage children. The Spring Festival this year, will launch the "brought the child home for the new year love activities Xining city children’s Welfare Institute, will arrange social volunteers to" Fuwa "home, the disabled children can experience the joy of the new year at home. Stay in the welfare of the new year’s "Fuwa" will be dumplings, firecrackers, vigil and other traditional ways to greet the new year.
"general home to have, how ever, as much as possible so that they feel the atmosphere in the home." Xining children’s welfare Dean Li Yonglian said. During the Spring Festival, "Fuwa" will also be held poetry recitation contest, see ice sculpture, watch the Lantern Festival activities.
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Twelfth Lake race news conference held in Beijing in the first round of the tournament through the p

distance from 2000 km total prize amount increased to $700 thousand entry team innovation high

in April 26th, the Organizing Committee of the lake around the world held the 2013 session of the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race press conference in Beijing. Has grown into the second round of the tour de France, Italy, Spain, the world’s top three World Cup tournament, this year will bring us more surprises.


of the tournament by the State Sports General Administration, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial People’s government, invited the Gansu Provincial People’s government, the people’s Government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to participate in organized Chinese Cycling Association, CCTV Sports Center, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau, Gansu Province Sports Bureau, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Sports Bureau and the event by government contractors. read more

Xining enterprise retirees pension adjustment has reached 1495 yuan per capita

1 from the Municipal Social Security Bureau, the Xining municipal retirement pension treatment work. According to statistics, this adjustment involving a total of 10 retirees?. 30 thousand, monthly pensions increased 20 million 340 thousand yuan. Before the adjustment, the city pension for enterprise retirees per capita level is 1297 yuan, after the adjustment, the city pension for enterprise retirees per capita reached 1495 yuan, increase 198 yuan per month, an increase of 15% compared to 2009, far higher than the national increase of 10% level. read more

Xining City District, the four City LAN city grade

this year, Xining City District adhere to the "creative city", "news", "year", "Sen" four City LIAN, focus on city planning, city appearance and environmental sanitation, construction and management of municipal facilities, residential management, construction site management, construction management, the establishment of the administrative law enforcement team in ten aspects of city the management mechanism of the assessment content of decomposition of refinement, effectively enhance the grade of the city. read more

Xining to carry out food safety special rectification activities

From the beginning of September 20th, Xining launched a special rectification of food safety activities. September 21st, the reporter followed by the Xining Municipal Quality Supervision, industry and commerce, health, agriculture and animal husbandry and other departments of the joint inspection team conducted an interview.

market in the construction of the North Bridge, the inspectors were the focus of inspection of vegetables, meat, cooked food, in a sale of pork stalls before the inspectors asked the sales and quarantine. read more

September 27th to October 7th daily necessities market monitoring system started

Mid Autumn Festival and National Day coming for the holidays to expand consumption, the prosperity of urban and rural markets, to ensure market supply, to maintain market stability, to ensure that urban and rural residents spend a happy and peaceful holiday, the day before the provincial commerce department issued a notice, which requires the country to ensure supply two markets, expand consumption and start the daily necessities market monitoring system.

Provincial Department of commerce requires the local commerce administrative departments, guide the backbone of large circulation enterprises to open up supply channels, strengthen the production and marketing, focusing on protection of grain, oil, meat, eggs, poultry, vegetables, milk and other daily necessities mainly supply, we must grasp the key enterprises emergency products production, sales, inventory, and guide enterprises to properly the increase of important commodities temporary inventory, improve emergency goods on the network, make emergency delivery preparation, guidance of circulation enterprises for the holidays, consumption characteristics, organizational marketable products, meet the needs of different consumer groups. The country should seize the opportunity of the Mid Autumn Festival, national day two, encourage commercial enterprises to explore new ideas, bold innovation, and actively carry out various forms, rich and colorful, loved by the expansion of consumption activities, promote energy-saving appliances, water-saving sanitary ware and other low-carbon green consumption. read more

Xining City ndustrial and Commercial Bureau seized worth hundreds of million of counterfeit product

The evening of September 6th, Xining City West Branch Trade and industry department even bargain law enforcement officers in the west area of Shen Zhai town destroyed a large manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens, the scene seized various types of high-end wine worth 1 million 30 thousand yuan.

after nearly ten days of the months of waiting, even bargain division law enforcement officers finally in Shen Zhai Cun Shen Jia Zhai Zhen 5 lane houses, will purchase some of the suspects and the blending of counterfeit wines from the field caught. These were taken from the field to buy some fake high-grade wine, and wine with low hot field blending techniques such as Wuliangye, wantonly fraud and selling activities. From the field to buy fake wine because of fear away, will be split into small packaging, packaging, packaging boxes marked jelly cup, to escape the attention of law enforcement authorities. Found at the scene of the high-end wine wine, including Moutai Wuliangye, Shuijingfang and other 9 varieties, 336 pieces of high-grade counterfeit wines, involving up to 1 million 30 thousand yuan. This is the Provincial Department of industry and Commerce recently seized a large manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens, as the Mid Autumn Festival, eleven two coming again ready to concoct molecular business sector law enforcement officers, to remind consumers in the purchase of wine, must keep their eyes open, found that counterfeit wines can be reported to the Department of industry and commerce. (author: Xiao Shu) read more

Xining TV station and telecom Xining branch to carry out information technology strategic cooperatio

December 5th, Xining TV station and China Telecom Co Xining branch of information technology strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Xining tv. The two sides will be based on the basis of the original fixed network data communication cooperation, cooperation with their respective news resources and promotion service advantages, and actively promote and expand the depth in the network of integrated information services, wireless data value-added service, mobile phone new media business, 3G news broadcast and other aspects of cooperation. read more

Xining public street office, Kang Fu home action to benefit residents


as double female households, two days ago, once again came to the East District Public Street office to collect edible vegetable oil, flour and other gifts. She is a member of the public street office to carry out a number of beneficiaries of the blessing home action.

The main contents of "

Kangfu" action is to encourage the eugenics, advocating a family to one child, gender equality. Public street office to increase the area of double female households, the only child family care efforts, holidays, will send them some daily necessities and cash.
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Xining old bus C card annual notice

September 20th onwards, Xining old bus IC card annual work has begun. Recently, evening news weekly "hotline" community still received a lot of elderly people call, ask the bus IC card annual time until what time, every time the acceptance and other issues, the reporter once again consult the city bus group company, now related matters as follows:Location:

Xining Local Taxation Bureau regulate the three generation fee management introduced new deal

The day before, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau issued a "Xining City local tax withholding system, collect taxes fees management Interim Measures", defined the scope of extraction, fee payment proportion and source, unified examination and approval procedures, standardize the accounting data collection and archiving, at the same time the county tax bureau, accounting and financial sector cooperation regulatory system, improve the efficiency of clearing fees

the day before, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau issued a "Xining City local tax withholding system, collect taxes fees management Interim Measures", defined the scope of extraction, fee payment proportion and source, unified examination and approval procedures, standardize the accounting data collection and archiving mode, at the same time the formation of the county tax bureau, accounting and financial sector cooperation regulatory system, improve the efficiency of clearing fees. read more

The province’s 2016 annual city (state) Party committee government poverty alleviation target respon

12 month 16 days, reporters from the province’s 2016 annual city (state) government poverty alleviation target responsibility assessment and poverty exit provincial acceptance checks will start to understand, from now until December 31, 2016, the province’s assessment and acceptance will be divided into 8 groups, 8 city (state) were dispatched to the province’s development of assessment and acceptance, check around party committees and governments responsible for implementing the goals of poverty alleviation annual and annual objectives and tasks completed poverty exit. read more

Datong held special lantern festival attracts thousands of tourists

Datong in Shanxi during the Spring Festival held a lantern festival with local characteristics, to bring a new form of entertainment to people, attracted tens of thousands of people come to visit. 2016 Chinese Datong ancient festival "with unique charm to attract tourists from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Mongolia, Shaanxi and other places, the ancient city of lights and integration, create a magnificent festive atmosphere.

Lantern Festival with "Datong celebration, lanterns will be good dream" as the theme, more than a hundred large group of traditional lanterns, modern sound and Light Lantern set in the wall of the ancient city of Datong, also introduced the 3D dream light show, and the show, folk opera performances, theme photography and other rich and colorful activities, Datong City bright night light create a colorful nightlife, the ancient capital of the United States, show the beauty of Datong blend of traditional and modern beauty, harmonious beauty and humanistic history. read more

How to draw housing accumulation fund

province of Qinghai province housing fund management center and Xining housing provident fund management center, the current introduction of the housing fund management center in Xining, the way employees account withdrawal.


1 employees to carry out the relevant application materials to the unit, the unit audit reconciliation, fill out the "Xining area housing accumulation fund extraction transfer approval form" and seal;

2 employees (units) with relevant certificates and fill out the form to the Xining housing provident fund management center for approval; read more

3 to 5, our province will be windy dust weather

According to the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory latest meteorological data show that due to the cold air of moderate intensity, is expected in March 3rd to 5 in our province will be a strong wind and dust weather process, then the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the East, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the North Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Western Xining, 7 to 8 level wind. Dulan County, Wulan County, Gangcha County, tea card, Huangyuan County, Gonghe County, Guinan County, Xinghai County, Tongren County have dust weather.
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Global big in the eastern and Xining handshake – to celebrate the eighteen – to see the new changes

world retail giant WAL-MART, Malaysia Parkson group, the world’s largest will be located in the east of the city of the news, many people shocked, and some even questioned. With the specific projects contracted floor, east to the city with the practical action declared: This is no longer the concept of people in underdeveloped areas, but contains the infinite potential, with a "strong" a gorgeous new city in the development of the.

this Mengjin momentum of subversion of the traditional development speed? A set of data can prove that, in 2011, east area GDP of 12 billion 955 million yuan, an increase of 16%, belonged to the completed investment in fixed assets 2 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 37.84%. This year, the city’s goal set on the basis of a substantial increase over last year, are more than 10%, after the development of the obvious advantages of the city’s natural environment favored by investors. read more

Measures for the administration of the use of funds for the establishment of a joint venture in Huan

in order to further standardize the "military enterprises build a model village campaign funds management, Huangzhong County in accordance with the" special storage, special account accounting, earmarking "principle, to seriously study the development of the" military enterprises build a model village "activities and the use of project funds management approach", to ensure the safety of project funds, efficient operation, all kinds of build the project organization and implementation. read more